News from February 2006

Home shopper sues after falling through deck

By Steve Gonzalez | Feb 1, 2006

No matter how much curb appeal the house at 206 Dogwood Ave. in Fairview Heights had, it probably would not have changed the mind of home shopper James Pope.

Schnucks' door breaks woman's rib, suit claims

By Steve Gonzalez | Feb 1, 2006

A Springfield woman claims an automatic door at the Granite City Schnucks grocery store malfunctioned as she was exiting, breaking her rib and bruising her pelvis and hip.

Schnucks sued for falling coffee cans

By Steve Gonzalez | Feb 1, 2006

Falling coffee cans from a Schnucks supermarket shelf were grounds for a personal injury lawsuit filed by Pamela Seales in St. Clair County Court.

100th civil suit filed in Madison County's 'L' Division

By Steve Gonzalez | Feb 1, 2006

In the court division where plaintiffs seek in excess of $50,000 in damages, Debra Dattoli-Bounds filed the 100th civil lawsuit in Madison County Circuit Court on Jan. 30.

Fate of pending class actions may rest on Price decision

By Steve Korris | Feb 1, 2006

If plaintiff attorneys succeed in restoring a $10 billion class action verdict over light cigarettes, they will also rescue other class actions.

Pepsi driver blames Super Value for slip on 'unnatural' ice

By Steve Gonzalez | Feb 1, 2006

A Pepsi Cola employee who slipped and fell on an "unnatural" sheet of ice filed a personal injury suit against a Collinsville grocery store.

Weber presides over first trial

By Steve Gonzalez | Feb 1, 2006

Judge Weber During his first jury trial, Madison County Circuit Judge Don Weber presided over a personal injury auto accident case that delivered a reduced plaintiff's verdict on Jan. 25.

Plaintiff says payment for upgrade is immaterial in 'cheap' rental vehicle suit

By Steve Korris | Feb 1, 2006

When attorney Lanny Darr sued Affirmative Insurance for trying to put him in a cheap rental vehicle, the insurer sent him a check for the nicer vehicle he ordered.

Asbestos defendant USG sees end in sight

By Steve Korris | Feb 1, 2006

Sheetrock maker USG of Chicago has faced almost 6,000 asbestos suits in Madison County, but company executives believe they will never face another.

Wal-Mart cites appellate court in motion to dismiss $1.39 class action

By Steve Korris | Feb 1, 2006

Wal-Mart has moved to dismiss a claim that it should give change on gift cards, in light of a new decision from the 5th District Appellate Court.

Plaintiff's attorney among customers suing Mexican restaurant

By Ann Knef | Feb 2, 2006

An East Alton personal injury attorney known for suing large corporations over customer slip and falls is among five plaintiffs suing a Mexican restaurant for bad margaritas and chips.

Venue reform revving up in Springfield

By Ann Knef | Feb 2, 2006

Republican legislators were joined by the Illinois Civil Justice League and Illinois Chamber of Commerce at the state capitol on Wednesday calling for more legal reforms in the land of reluctant Democrats.

Spitz featured speaker at 'Friends of Allison' dinner

By The Madison County Record | Feb 3, 2006

Olympic Gold Medalist Mark Spitz will be the featured speaker at the second annual Allison's Friends of Hope Benefit and Auction, to be held Saturday, Feb. 4 at the Sunset Hills Country Club in Edwardsvuille.

Where there's smoke...

By The Madison County Record | Feb 5, 2006

With $2 billion in legal fees at stake, you didn't expect Belleville lawyer Steve Tillery to go down with a whimper?

Orlando A Go-Go with Allegiant Air's first flight

By The Madison County Record | Feb 6, 2006

With sunglasses and flip-flops in tow, nearly 100 southern Illinois area residents took off for the fun and sun of Orlando, Fla. as low-fare airline, Allegiant Air kicked off the only nonstop, scheduled service from MidAmerica St. Louis to the Sunshine State.

Firehouse Gym specializes in 'explosive' training

By The Madison County Record | Feb 6, 2006

Firehouse Gym, located in a renovated turn-of-the century fire station, specializes in one-on-one training as well as sport-specific group training.

College scholarship applications available at First Bank

By The Madison County Record | Feb 6, 2006

First Bank has scholarship applications available for high school seniors.

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