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Man blames friend and neighbors for stepping on nail

After stepping on a nail that protruded from a fallen fence, Ronald Seitz is seeking in excess of $100,000 from a friend he was visiting, and her neighbors.

Dissenting justice concerned that different standards applied to Fifth

Judge Goldenhersh Illinois Supreme Court Chief Justice Mary Ann McMorrow criticized the Fifth District Appellate Court so harshly in overturning a billion dollar class action verdict that two Justices arose indignantly to defend the appellate court.

Excerpts: Supreme Court confused by fraud claim in Avery v. State Farm

Last week the Record ran excerpts of the Aug. 18 Illinois Supreme Court decision overturning a 1999 verdict in Avery vs. State Farm Insurance that dealt with contract claim.

Olin employee sues for injuries over defective fire extinguisher

Olin plant An Olin employee who was injured in a fire on Jan. 10 filed a suit against the seller, provider, servicer and installer of a fire extinguishing system in Madison County Circuit Court Aug. 26.

New Lawsuits: Thursday, Sept. 1

Missourians sue Cassens for injuries sustained in auto accident

Two Missouri women who were injured in an auto accident on westbound I-255 in St. Louis County filed suit in Madison County Circuit Court Aug. 26 against Cassens Transport Company.

Moran sets trial date in Vioxx, but Walgreens wants out

Circuit Judge George Moran While it doesn't appear that a Vioxx trial will get under way any time soon in Madison County, a frequent Merck co-defendant, Walgreens, is asking Circuit Court Judge George Moran to be dismissed from a suit scheduled for trial in 2007.

Maag describes confusing correspondence in AT&T case as 'gobbledygook'

Judge Andy Matoesian, with an "e" In movies with absurd courtroom plots, the climax often involves a judge whose patient questioning draws him ever deeper into hopeless perplexity.

Post Kardis, Granite City Court will no longer hold "Ls"

As Madison County Circuit Judge Philip Kardis passes into retirement, a significant change is in store for his replacement.

Bullying thrives when bystanders do nothing

To the editor:

Public nuisance

Last week was a productive one for Madison County lawyer Thomas Maag, which is never a good sign for the rest of us.

Labor Day Pains

Not ready yet Sources tell Dicta that a prominent Metro East plaintiff's attorney who earns his living suing doctors is having trouble finding one here to treat him.

New Lawsuits: Friday, Sept. 2

Fresh from the courthouse:

McGlynn reverses Kardis decision on his last day

Appellate Judge Stephen McGlynn As Madison County Circuit Judge Philip Kardis enjoyed his last day on the job, a freshman appellate court judge--the position Kardis once aspired to--helped reverse a decision he made in a class action case against Dell Corp.

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