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Husband and wife from St. Clair County sue over asbestos exposure

By Lhalie Castillo | Jul 16, 2018

A. St. Clair County mechanic accuses several companies of exposing him to asbestos during his employment.

Couple alleges John Crane, others failed to warn of asbestos hazards

By Lhalie Castillo | Jul 6, 2018

BELLEVILLE – A husband and wife allege the man's lung cancer was caused by exposure to asbestos during his life and employment.

Widow blames husband's lung cancer on asbestos exposure from Warner Morse, others' products

By Lhalie Castillo | Jun 27, 2018

BELLEVILLE – A widow alleges her husband's lung cancer was caused by asbestos exposure during his career.

Dana Companies, others accused of negligently exposing man to asbestos fibers

By Lhalie Castillo | Jun 8, 2018

Two individual are suing Dana Companies, Genuine Parts Co., Maremont Corp. and several other companies for alleged negligence.

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Trial lawyer panel: Plaintiffs' lawyers adapting strategies to fit post-BristolMyersSquibb legal landscape

By Jonathan Bilyk | May 30, 2018

While the U.S. Supreme Court's Bristol Myers Squibb ruling has resulted in some big wins for businesses targeted by the plaintiffs' bar, new strategies and theories deployed by plaintiffs' lawyers may be blunting the further impact of that decision, despite high hopes from some it would largely thwart the ability of out-of-state plaintiffs to sue out-of-state defendants in a favorable court forum.

Man claims Riley Power, others should have known about asbestos' effects on human health

By Lhalie Castillo | May 15, 2018

BELLEVILLE — A former mechanic claims he developed mesothelioma and that it is an asbestos-induced disease.

Man's cancer was wrongfully caused, suit filed in St. Clair County alleges

By Lhalie Castillo | May 15, 2018

BELLEVILLE — A lawsuit alleges a man's lung cancer was a result of asbestos exposure.

Cleaver-Brooks, others didn't detail asbestos risks, complaint alleges

By Lhalie Castillo | May 15, 2018

BELLEVILLE — A couple have filed a lawsuit claiming the husband's lung cancer was wrongfully caused.

Southern Illinois mayor says cities across the state face insolvency from pension debt

By Cole Lauterbach, Illinois News Network | May 14, 2018

The Metro East city of Alton is growing. Businesses are expanding or buying new locations. The local hospital is expanding. Alton has been selected as the site for a new reality show that will invest in small businesses there.

Former laborer seeks more than $50,000 from Honeywell, others after cancer diagnosis

By Lhalie Castillo | Apr 2, 2018

BELLEVILLE — A former laborer has filed a lawsuit against a number of companies after he was diagnosed with lung cancer.

Couple accuses Honeywell, others for husband's cancer diagnosis in asbestos exposure claim

By Lhalie Castillo | Mar 25, 2018

BELLEVILLE — A couple is suing a number of companies, citing alleged failure to warn and negligence over asbestos exposure.

Dow Chemical, others alleged to have exposed man to asbestos

By Lhalie Castillo | Mar 22, 2018

BELLEVILLE – A couple alleges exposure to asbestos caused the husband to develop lung cancer.

Couple blames husband's lung cancer on asbestos in Honeywell, other companies' products

By Lhalie Castillo | Mar 5, 2018

BELLEVILLE – A couple is seeking damages from several companies over allegations that the husband's lung cancer was caused by asbestos exposure.

Daughter names Copes Vulcan, others in asbestos suit over father's death

By Lhalie Castillo | Feb 21, 2018

BELLEVILLE – A woman alleges her father's cancer was caused by his exposure to asbestos during his career.

Man alleges asbestos exposure from DAP Products, others' products caused cancer

By Lhalie Castillo | Dec 8, 2017

BELLEVILLE – A man is seeking more than $50,000 over allegations his cancer was caused by asbestos exposure.

Widow sues Dana Cos., others over husband's cancer death

By Lhalie Castillo | Dec 6, 2017

BELLEVILLE – A widow of a press operator/foreman alleges that exposure to products containing asbestos caused her late husband to develop lung cancer.

Judge halts soybean harvest for Monsanto inspection of alleged dicamba damage

By Record News | Oct 24, 2017

BENTON – U.S. Magistrate Judge Stephen Williams halted the harvest of a farmer who claims weed killer dicamba damaged his soybeans, so that defendant Monsanto could inspect the crop before it disappeared.

Chicago Bridge & Iron Co., others accused of using asbestos in products

By Lhalie Castillo | Oct 16, 2017

BELLEVILLE – A former laborer and farm hand alleges exposure to asbestos caused him to be diagnosed with cancer earlier this year.

Rosenstengel denies dismissal and arbitration in putative class action over automated text messages

By Heather Isringhausen Gvillo | Sep 27, 2017

EAST ST. LOUIS - District judge Nancy Rosenstengel denied SI Wireless’s motion to dismiss a putative class action alleging it wrongfully sends automated text messages, holding that the defendant failed to prove an arbitration agreement binds the parties.

Supreme Court puts hold on Cook Co. judge accused of abusing authority in pursuing sanctions in asbestos case

By Jonathan Bilyk | Aug 2, 2017

The Illinois Supreme Court, acting in response to a request from lawyers who claim they and others have been targeted by a “rogue” Cook County judge, has stepped in to slap a hold on potential sanctions proceedings against lawyers and litigants on both sides of an asbestos personal injury case, blocking the judge, for now, from continuing his bench investigation of what he said resembled an improper “grand bargain” between plaintiffs’ lawyers and those for defendant gasket maker John Crane Inc.

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