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Illinois House passes resolution encouraging tourism in the Bahamas

State representatives passed House Resolution 290, encouraging tourism between Illinois and the Bahamas.

Metro-East area taxpayers would pay an extra $117M if Democrats’ tax hike becomes law

Metro-East area taxpayers would see a total of $117 million in state income tax increases if a tax hike measure passed by the Democrat-controlled Illinois State Senate becomes law.

Illinois Senate Democrats pass $5.4B tax increase

Each Illinois household would pay an additional $1,125 in taxes each year, on average, under the Senate's tax-hike plan.

Metro East schools to get total of $14.4M less per year under state school funding proposal; Rauner vows to veto bill

Metro East area schools would be net losers of state funding under a bill that passed the Illinois State Senate Wednesday.

Congressmen recommend McCarter to serve as Kenyan ambassador in letter to Trump

Even though he has a long record of ministering to the needs of Kenyans, State Sen. Kyle McCarter (R-Lebanon) believes he would not likely be considered for an ambassadorship to the East African nation if not for the eight years' learning experience he's had in Springfield.

McCarter constituents seem to say 'read my lips: no new taxes'

A constituent survey conducted by State Sen. Kyle McCarter, R-Lebanon, found that voters are resoundingly against any new taxes and would rather see government cut its spending.

Judge Weber raises nearly $500K in Fifth District Appellate Court campaign; More than $100K raised day before election by Fair Courts Now contributors

Democratic Fifth District Appellate Court candidate Jo Beth Weber received more than $100,000 in campaign contributions just one day before Election Day.

Illinois Policy Action highlights issue of term limiting state lawmakers; State senator says he 'self term limits'

Citizens interested in learning more about how term-limit policy could change the political landscape in Illinois can observe debates and discussions via the Illinois Policy Action, the lobbying arm of the Illinois Policy Institute. 

Haine blames China, unfair trade for loss of manufacturing jobs

One Illinois lawmaker is blaming China for the state's massive job loss in the manufacturing sector.

The crazy cartoon world of Illinois public pensions

Strange things happen in cartoons – things that could never happen in real life, things that are physically impossible – but cartoon lovers know that and delight in the alternate “reality.” The absurd goings-on are an essential part of animated humor.

The Audacity of Arrogance: The Fresh Prince of Hot Air

Hopkins The problem, therefore, dear readers, is not that he is black, but that he's green.

QA: Anytime is right time for ADR, says specialist Kirn

Kim Kirn Kim L. Kirn is a trained mediator with US Arbitration and Mediation-Midwest, Inc. and graduate of University of Notre Dame Law School. Kirn, having authored a column in the Record in October, provided a more detailed look at her career in "ADR," alternate dispute resolution, in the following "QA."

Reality of Obama taking hold

Fred Thompson is not the only presidential candidate suffering under the weight of unrealistic expectations. It appears that exuberant Democrat primary voters are finding out that Barack Obama's appeal begins and ends with his personal story.

Senate candidates embody tort debate

Haine the trial lawyer vs. Sherrill the businessman.