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Friday, November 15, 2019

Illinois Supreme Court

Recent News About Illinois Supreme Court

  • Stiff winds

    Madigan Is powerful Illinois House Speaker Michael J. Madigan—a trial lawyer himself and regular ally of plaintiff’s causes—cheering for Philip Morris in its pending Illinois Supreme Court battle over the Price verdict?

  • Will 'short listers' be doomed to short-term?

    Steve Stobbs For legal eagles and passionate politicos, the much-anticipated announcement of who will replace retired Judge Phillip Kardis in Madison County's Third Circuit is a real nail-biter.

  • Death of plaintiff interrupts landmark ruling

    Ola Austin would have made history, if she had lived a little longer.

  • Karmeier's 'plain English' opinion explains overturn of St. Clair County, appellate court case

    Justice Lloyd Karmeier The Illinois Supreme Court reversed judgments by the Circuit Court of St. Clair County and the Fifth Appellate District that denied American River Transportation Company a trial by jury in a Jones Act case filed by David Bowman.

  • Attorneys bound to keep clients 'reasonably' informed

    According to the Illinois Supreme Court, an attorney must keep a client “reasonably informed” about the status of a case.

  • Madison County bench waiting for new occupant

    Former Circuit Judge Phillip Kardis While there is no timetable for filling the judicial vacancy created by the retirement of Madison County Circuit Judge Phillip Kardis, an announcement could be made soon.

  • Sweet Home Alabama

    We’re not sure what’s more pitiful, what Gordon Maag doesn’t believe about free speech or that he does believe his reputation is worth $100 million.

  • QA: Publish judges' opinions, says St. Clair County Judge Stephen Rice

    St. Clair County Associate Judge Stephen Rice Editor's note: Associate Judge Stephen Rice weighs in this week as The Record picks up its dialogue with St. Clair County judges.

  • Maag casts much wider net, brings new $110 million defamation suit to federal court

    Gordon Maag Nearly four months after a state judge tossed out former appellate judge Gordon Maag's $110 million post-election defamation suit, he's taking the matter to federal court.

  • The more things change, the more they stay the same

    One of the definitions of "primogeniture" in Merriam-Webster's on-line dictionary is "an exclusive right of inheritance belonging to the eldest son."

  • Dreaming of Mt. Vernon

    Maag The private sector isn’t for everyone.

  • ARDC wants Record's report on Yates v. Hildebrand

    An Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission attorney has asked The Record for its report on the case of criminal convict Wiley Yates vs. criminal defense attorney Thomas Hildebrand.

  • Philip Morris decision in Supreme Court's lap

    Judge Nicholas Byron One of the most anticipated decisions to come from the Illinois Supreme Court is expected soon.

  • Appellate court affirms St. Clair County's decision to toss class action

    Justice Stephen L. Spomer The Fifth District Appellate Court upheld a St. Clair County Circuit Court decision to dismiss a class action suit that named the Lawyers Trust Fund (LTF) of Illinois and Illinois Supreme Court Justices over interest earned on client funds.

  • Bullseye?

    State Rep. Dan Beiser Madison County Democrat trial lawyers looking for a scalp as payback for their betrayal over medical malpractice reform have one in mind, Dicta hears.

  • QA with Judge LeChien: 'Behind' the scenes

    Judge LeChien Editor's note: The following is a conversation with St. Clair County Circuit Court Judge Robert LeChien about legal reform, politics and judicial qualifications. In a lighter moment, he describes one of the benefits of wearing a robe to work.

  • Judge Harrison seeks familial path

    Standing on the front steps of a Collinsville Hospital his great-grandfather founded, Madison County Associate Judge Clarence Harrison formally announced his plan to seek election as Circuit Judge in 2006.

  • Illinois Chamber chief pushes for more legal reforms

    The election of Illinois Supreme Court Justice Lloyd Karmeier, passage of medical malpractice insurance reform and recent high court rulings are signs the legal climate in Illinois is transforming.

  • Harrison to run for Circuit Judge

    Following a proud family tradition, Madison County Associate Judge Clarence Harrison will announce his intention to seek a higher office--the seat vacated by the retired Circuit Judge Philip Kardis.

  • Flaky suit v. Ford floats on

    Brad Lakin Two years ago, a lawsuit over paint flakes on Fords turned into a struggle over much tougher matters. That flaky lawsuit represents enormous changes that have taken place in Madison County: