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Mudge rules against Syngenta in 'trade secret' document issue; Admonishes defendant for mislabeling emails for privilege sake

By Ann Maher | Mar 15, 2012

Mudge Madison County Circuit Judge William Mudge ruled that certain defense documents in a proposed class action against atrazine-maker Syngenta are not confidential trade secrets.

Fragrant 40 swine farm sued over strong odor; Neighbors say they can't sleep

By Kelly Holleran | Mar 14, 2012

The Macoupin County neighbors of a swine farm complained in recently filed court documents about odors emanating from the farm, saying they are unable to host family gatherings and to sleep in their home because of the smell from their nearby residents' land.

Tillery seeks raw water data from IEPA to support claims; Defense says evidence should have existed before lawsuit was filed

By Steve Korris | Jan 5, 2012

Murphy BENTON – Two years after Stephen Tillery filed suit alleging weed killer atrazine contaminates Greenville's drinking water, he has begun to look for proof.

ESL school board president sues Illinois Power claiming PCBs entered property

By Kelly Holleran | Dec 20, 2011

Cueto East St. Louis school board President Lonzo Greenwood has filed a lawsuit against Illinois Power Co. and a natural gas supplier, alleging they allowed carcinogens to contaminate his property.

Syngenta ordered to produce 'holy grail' database

By Steve Korris | Nov 23, 2011

Tillery BENTON – Syngenta Crop Protection must give Stephen Tillery of St. Louis a database about weed killer atrazine that Tillery associate John Craig called a holy grail.

Tillery: Atrazine removal is a common law issue for the Court, not EPA

By Steve Korris | Nov 18, 2011

Tillery BENTON – U.S. District Judge Phil Gilbert must cleanse water supplies of weed killer atrazine because the Environmental Protection Agency can't, Stephen Tillery argues.

Syngenta wants declaratory relief claim dismissed in federal atrazine case

By Ann Maher | Oct 13, 2011

Reeg Syngenta Crop Protection is seeking to dismiss a claim for declaratory relief in a federal class action lawsuit over the herbicide atrazine, arguing that only regulatory agencies can determine the weedkiller's safety.

Mississippi River Construction Co. owner pleads guilty to violating clear air act

By The Madison County Record | Oct 5, 2011

Wigginton Franklin A. "Al" Bieri, 52, of O'Fallon, pled guilty today in federal court in East St. Louis to violating the Clean Air Act.

Syngenta says Tillery's amended atrazine complaint seeks 'open checkbook'

By Steve Korris | Aug 19, 2011

Tillery BENTON – Stephen Tillery proposes that Corn Belt communities completely remove weed killer atrazine from water supplies not because they must but because they can.

Syngenta urges judge not to rule on atrazine's safety; Only regulators can make the determination, brief says

By Steve Korris | Aug 11, 2011

Reeg BENTON – Syngenta Crop Protection urges U.S. District Judge Phil Gilbert to resist Stephen Tillery's plea to declare weed killer atrazine harmful in any concentration.

Tillery: Heartland Institute research is 'propaganda'; Not entitled to First Amendment protection

By Steve Korris | Apr 29, 2011

Zigler SPRINGFIELD – Stephen Tillery of St. Louis argues at the Illinois Supreme Court that Heartland Institute of Chicago surrendered its right of free association by publishing research for the benefit of Syngenta Crop Protection.

Heartland Institute fighting Tillery subpoena; Says disclosing members would cost support

By Steve Korris | Apr 13, 2011

Bast CHICAGO – Attorney Stephen Tillery of St. Louis, seeking to ban weed killer atrazine and force its producers to build water treatment plants throughout the Midwest, could also end up destroying a research institute that favors free enterprise.

Tillery says 'cover-up'; Syngenta says 'colossal' waste of time in discovery dispute

By Amelia Flood | Feb 23, 2011

Tillery Madison County Circuit Judge William Mudge heard arguments in another of a series of discovery disputes that have dogged a class action brought by a local sanitary district against the makers of the weed-killer atrazine Wednesday.

Third party motion to quash defense subpoena in Syngenta atrazine suit moved

By Amelia Flood | Dec 20, 2010

Perica The parties in one of a series of proposed class action suits over alleged water contamination by the weed killer atrazine have pushed back a hearing on a move to quash a discovery request.

Appellate court receives Syngenta discovery order appeal in atrazine class action

By Amelia Flood | Dec 7, 2010

Crowder The appellate court at Mount Vernon has received the appeal of a discovery order targeted by both sides and third parties in one of a series of proposed class actions over the weed killer atrazine.

Discovery continues in Syngenta atrazine class action in federal court

By Amelia Flood | Nov 11, 2010

Tillery EAST ST. LOUIS - An order settling a dispute over discovery documents is the latest action in a federal suit brought against the makers of the weed killer atrazine.

Tillery asks Crowder to certify questions on atrazine discovery order

By Amelia Flood | Nov 10, 2010

Tillery Holiday Shores Sanitation District is asking that a higher court also hear its discovery-related questions after a defendant it is suing in Madison County was allowed to raise First Amendment issues with the Fifth District Appellate Court.

Crowder sends questions about discovery order in atrazine case to appellate court

By Amelia Flood | Nov 1, 2010

One of a series of proposed class actions against the makers of the weed killer atrazine is headed to Mount Vernon as defendant Syngenta Crop Protection Inc. won its plea asking that questions be certified for appeal.

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