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Former East St. Louis township officials diverted nearly $1M in youth program funds

Two township administrators took state grant funds intended for a summer youth program to cover up for illegal credit card purchases.

Study: Illinois home to highest overall tax burden in the nation

A recent study confirms what too many Illinoisans have discovered firsthand: that they’re among the most overburdened taxpayers in the country.

Your office March Madness pool is illegal, but these bills could change that

The illicit practice of gambling on sports in Illinois is enormously popular – and that might help spur change.

Progressive tax proponents display magical thinking

Advocates for a progressive income tax claim to offer relief for middle-class families. But that doesn’t jive with real proposals in Springfield or lawmakers’ spending habits.

Kiss-off: Too many Illinoisans breaking up with the state

Every relationship comes with some sacrifices. But for an alarming number of Illinoisans, they're opting instead to sacrifice their state IDs.

Giant sucking sound: Illinois lost $3.4B in income to neighboring states since 2010

Policy failures have resulted in a steady stream of income flowing to neighboring states.

IRS: Illinois saw net loss of 101,000 people to neighboring states since 2010

Illinois’ failure to keep and attract residents is driving the Land of Lincoln’s population decline.

Southern Illinois University chancellor urges administrative spending cuts

Despite objections from faculty, one university chancellor is pressing for a campus restructuring that includes curbing the tuition-heightening costs of administrative bloat.

Illinois flunks new nationwide fiscal report card

The Land of Lincoln received the lowest possible grade in budget forecasting and legacy costs.