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Big win for tax hikes, big trouble for the middle class

By Ted Dabrowski, Wirepoints | May 29, 2019

On Monday, the Illinois House of Representatives voted to amend the Illinois Constitution by adding progressive income tax language. The amendment passed 73-44-1 on party lines. It will now end up on the ballot next year for all Illinoisans to vote on.

Toilets and skyscrapers

By Ted Dabrowski, Wirepoints | May 7, 2019

Chicagoland’s political elite know exactly how to pass the property-tax buck onto everyone else. They use their powerful connections to cut their own property tax bills and push the costs onto other unsuspecting residents. And that’s left many lower-income homeowners footing ever-larger tax bills.

What Illinoisans need to know about Pritzker’s progressive tax

By Ted Dabrowski, Wirepoints | Apr 9, 2019

If you’re an ordinary Illinoisan, you may be tempted to support Gov. Pritzker’s plan to change Illinois’ flat tax structure to a progressive one. He’s promised to lower your taxes if you’ll support the switch.

Oh the places the wealth will go!

By Ted Dabrowski, Wirepoints | Mar 11, 2019

Did Gov. J.B. Pritzker even see the top tax rates of other states before he released his new progressive income tax plan?

20 facts Pritzker doesn’t want ordinary Illinoisans to know

By Ted Dabrowski, Wirepoints | Feb 14, 2019

There’s no arguing that Illinois is a wreck. But read Gov. J.B. Pritzker's recent pre-budget report and you'll get the impression former Gov. Bruce Rauner alone caused that wreck.

Moody's warns tax hikes could accelerate exodus

By Ted Dabrowski, Wirepoints | Feb 11, 2019

Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker got a warning of sorts from Moody’s ahead of his first budget address. The rating agency’s most recent report highlighted the usual crises Pritzker must tackle: ballooning pension debts and chronic budget deficits.

The astounding reversal on Illinois’ pension crisis

By Ted Dabrowski, Wirepoints | Feb 7, 2019

Governor J.B. Pritzker has made his position clear on pensions: No reforms. Not necessary. Just pay them. Nobody in the Democratic party, which holds supermajorities in both the House and the Senate, has voiced any dissent.

$19 billion for education swallows more than half the state’s current budget

By Ted Dabrowski, Wirepoints | Feb 6, 2019

While the request is being downplayed as “symbolic,” it reveals just how out of touch education officials are from the realities facing Illinois and its residents, like the state’s crumbling finances, punishing tax bills and the increasing flight of Illinoisans.

Illinois’ lethal combination - property tax increasing three times faster than household income

By Ted Dabrowski, Wirepoints | Jan 22, 2019

A lethal combination of rising property taxes and stagnant incomes has forced many Illinoisans to rethink their relationship with their state. Families have done the math, whether they’re in the struggling south suburbs of Chicago or the affluent North Shore, and they’ve decided to leave Illinois behind.

Pritzker’s progressive tax plan will hit the middle class

By Ted Dabrowski, Wirepoints | Oct 30, 2018

J.B. Pritzker has staked his run for governor on a progressive income tax, yet he won't say a word about his plan.

Janus v. AFSCME and the truth about pensions in one graphic

By Ted Dabrowski, Wirepoints | Oct 10, 2018

One graphic perfectly captures the absurdity of Illinois pensions over the past three decades.

It’s the pension promises, stupid!

By Ted Dabrowski, Wirepoints | Aug 13, 2018

You can trust public pension apologists to deflect any critique that calls out the failure of defined benefit plans. Unsurprisingly, their response to a recent Wall Street Journal editorial highlighting Wirepoints’ research was just that – deflection via misdirection and victim playing.

Magicians: How Illinois politicians made $1.2 billion in budget deficits disappear

By Ted Dabrowski, Wirepoints | Jun 13, 2018

If you want to understand Illinois’ corrupt budget making process, take the example of how the legislature just “cleaned up” some of its unaccounted-for budget deficits.

A budget for lawmakers, not Illinoisans

By Ted Dabrowski, Wirepoints | Jun 1, 2018

Earlier this week, Wirepoints warned that the eerie silence in Springfield augured bad news for Illinoisans. Sadly, we were right.

No fight over the budget is bad for Illinoisans

By Ted Dabrowski, Wirepoints | May 30, 2018

Illinois media is widely reporting that no news on Illinois’ budget negotiations is good news – that a quiet battleground in the statehouse means all is well. Especially after a nasty near three year impasse between Gov. Bruce Rauner and House Speaker Mike Madigan.

Who does Illinois’ Civic Federation really champion?

By Ted Dabrowski, Wirepoints | May 22, 2018

Glance at the list of the Civic Federation’s Trustees and you’ll see a collection of Illinois corporate titans. Many of the 16 men and one woman are CEOs, heads of private equity, chairs of boards, investors or hugely successful entrepreneurs.

The insanity in Harvey, Illinois

By Ted Dabrowski, Wirepoints | Apr 17, 2018

It’s happening. We've written about this before. It’s not one big blowup like the subprime crisis, but it is happening, and Harvey is part of it.

Gubernatorial candidates hurling insults instead of addressing 10 trends driving Illinois towards insolvency

By Ted Dabrowski, Wirepoints | Mar 2, 2018

With Illinois’ decline in full display for the nation to see, proposals for fiscal and spending reforms should dominate the campaign and political landscape. After all, virtually every budget and economic trend in Illinois is pointing towards insolvency sometime in the near future.

Illinois pensions: Overpromised, not underfunded

By Ted Dabrowski, Wirepoints | Feb 6, 2018

For years, the state’s political elite has blamed ordinary Illinoisans for the state’s pension crisis.

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