September 4, 2013


  • $101,000- 1002 Douglas Street- Paul A. Cordes and Mary K. Cordes to Susan O’Connor

  • $149,000- 438 Bluff Street- Ronald S. Mason to Paul A. Cordes and Mary K. Cordes

  • $9,900- 557 Highland Avenue- Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to 557 Highland Trust and Keith Brown

  • $124,500- 4309 Chantel Dr.- Ali Lyn and Travis Robert Tarrant to Justin D. Smith


  • $302,200- 253 Sage Creek Dr.- Phillip Schneider to Benjamin E. Hedden

  • $223,000- 167 Heatherland Dr.- Stephanie J. Orr and Brian W. M. Orr to Edward D. Bacus and Marica R. Bacus

  • $250,000- 4736 East Golike Lane- William R. Stewart and Becky J. Stewart to Bryce Carson and Megan Stewart


  • $2,077,711- 1001 Belt Line Street- Gateway Bells LLC to National Retail Properties LP

  • $320,000- 7 Harmin Lane- Ronald Carron and Christina Carron to Edmund Roncka and Toni Roncka

East Alton

  • $109,900- 184 W. Haller Dr.- Janis K. Peach to Ronald D. Karpan and Suzette M. Karpan


  • $335,844- 3847 Ember Court- Remington Properties LLC to Michael Frank and Kathleen Frank

  • $200,000- 1901-1903 Esic Drive- Douglas A. Braly to Asim A. Qureshi and Amna Hayat

  • $158,500- 413 High Point Drive- Michael Wibben and Sherry Wibben to Justin Suhre

  • $1,848,117- 1710 Troy Road- Gateway Bells LLC to National Retail Properties LP

Glen Carbon

  • $243,000- 26 Rose Ct.- Brian and Carrie Owens to Benjamin and Stephanie Bullock

  • $258,500- 24 Lamplight Lane- Donna J. Mordis to Joseph D. Gordon

  • $235,000- 5 Ginger Bend- Charles Hatfield and Marcia Hatfield to Christopher S. Bollinger and Jennifer N. Bollinger

  • $47,500- 6119 State Route 162- Debbie L. Paganucci to Brian R. Meyer and Betty J. Meyer

  • $119,500- 2222 Bunkum Place- Matthew C. Wafler to Dolores Marciniak

  • $262,000- 180 Somerset Drive- Kevin Blankenship to Sisouphanh Deuanephenh and Melissa S. Deuanephenhg


  • $180,000- 1122 Robert Drive- John A. and Sarah J. Hanks to Richard A. and Machille A. Lloyd

  • $137,500- 116 Clarence Drive- Benjamin G. and Stephanie R. Bullock to Carla Maly

  • $96,000- 4917 Hill Dr.- Watkins Family Trust to Mary E. Wiedman

  • $160,000- 4914 Paris Drive- Andrew J. Woulfe and Melissa A. Woulfe to William S. Bryant

Granite City

  • $66,752- 2565 Ivy Lane- William McBee and Marilyn McBee to Amanda Wineburner

  • $70,000- 2574 Parkview Drive, Unit 12- Donna Phillips to Betty Joyce Bolt


  • $200,000- 1814 Poplar Street- Thomas E. Barker and Anita L. Barker to Alex Scholl and Lisa Scholl

  • $101,500- 2950 Candytuft Drive- Derek D. Gottwalt and Heather Gottwalt to David L. Church and Tina M. Church

  • $151,299- 115B Warren Manor- Steve A. Korte and Brenda M. Korte to Judy F. Kunkel

  • $118,500- 20 Crest Drive- Jason D. Cook and Lisa M. Cook to Cade Koelker and Kelley Koelker


  • $51,223- 133 North Windmill St- The Judicial Sales Corporation to John M. Haegele and Denise D. Haegele


  • $49,000- 134 Sterling Drive- Bradley D. Wells to Jeffrey Bruns


  • $8,000- 111 W. 2nd St- Kurtis M. Wrischnik to Herrin Construction Co.

St. Jacob

  • $350,500- 8791 Schmalz Road- Tottleben Construction Services INC. to James Barone and Jennifer Barone


  • $46,990- 1423 Bridgehampton- PM Office Park LLC to Construction Solutions 4U INC.

Wood River

  • $36,000- 450 Dulaney Avenue- Wilmington Trust to Kelly R. Bohnenstiehl

  • $95,000- 103 E. Jennings- Ronald D. Karpan and Suzette M. Karpan to Casey Butler

  • $100,000- 5550 Park Lane- Delores M. Krpan and Diane Krpan to Edmund E. Eyster and Freida M. Eyster

September 5, 2013


  • $6,320- XXX Geiger Road- Wanda J. Knackstedt to Kimberly and Clayton Moore


  • $55,000- 322 Piasa St.- Architectural Associates INC. to Tony’s Downtown Alton LLC

  • $15,000- 1813 Myrtle Street- U.S. Bank to 1813 Myrtle Street Trust

  • $26,500- 2718 Grandview Avenue- Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Dorothy J. Hagen

  • $114,900- 6518 Alpha Drive- Rudolph and Valda Glazik to Earl Gray and Michelle Evans

  • $88,000- 716 Union St.- Richard J. and Deborah Sloan to William L. Sloan

  • $190,000- 2637 Dennis Drive- Cliff A. and Robert A. Mathus to Jackie Lee Hill and Donna Elaine Hill Revocable Living Trust


  • $80,000- 456 South Prairie Street- Melissa J. Hacker to Brenda G. Bell

  • $71,400- 526 Country Squire Street- Verna E. Schwear to Kevin and Jamie McGarvey


  • $102,500- 516 St. Clair Avenue- Robert Stevenson and Stephanie Stevenson to Ian Vandeford and Stephanie Ralston

  • $81,500- 123 Elliot Street- Julia C. Bayers to Kendra Gavlick

  • $68,000- 123 March Dr.- John Kevin Brundage to William P. Bourner

  • $117,000- 543 Pennsylvania Street- Tyria Riley to James Cole and Michael Cole

  • $5,000- 537 Norwood- Right Start Outreach Center to Festival Properties LLC

  • $22,000- 537 Norwood- Festival Properties LLC to 537 Norwood Land Trust

  • $31,000- 222 S. Chestnut St.- U.S. Bank to Scott Jackson

East Alton

  • $95,000- 601 North Drive and 407 Douglas St.- Alan Heathman and Shawn Hearn to East Alton Development LLC

Glen Carbon

  • $100- 324 Westminster Street- Kenneth W. Karouzos to David C. Kalert and Ronald S. Eberhar


  • $32,500- 612 Mercury Dr.- Federal National Mortgage Association to Regina Savage

Granite City

  • $1,553,733- 1261 Engineers Road- Gateway Bells LLC to National Retail Properties LP


  • $130,000- 117 Meyer Ave.- Robert U. Kline and Sharyn K.  Kline to Catherine A. Callahan


  • $185,000- 10811 Lake Rd.- Peggy Jean Allredge to Andrew L. Ross

  • $170,000- 51 Faith Dr.- Joann M. Michael to Leonard E. Daiber and Alice A. Daiber

  • $123,500- 2840 Orchid Court- Troy A. and Dana K. Hemann to Allen G. Schuck Jr. and Nicole A. Schuck

  • $199,500- 3315 Bush Dr.- David F. Koerkenmeier and Judith Koerkenmeier to Samuel M. Colburn and Nancy A. Colburn

  • $174,900- 3228 Giger Road- Paul and Karen S. Potthast to Brian L. Weiss and Christie L. Bleier


  • $174,900- 2089 Briarbend Ct.- Osborn Homes INC. to Donna J. Mordis

  • $158,000- 2324 Holiday Lane- Darrin L. Pearsall and Kari Pearsall to Michael S. McFarlin and Heather A. McFarlin


  • $50,990- 305 McClelland Drive- Vicksburg Development INC. to Construction Solutions 4U INC.

  • $1,460,000- 7334 State Route 162- Windsor Way LLC Gregory J. Grinter

  • $210,000- 7312 Graythorn Boulevard Unit A- CMG Custom Construction LLC to Janet Chapman

September 6, 2013


  • $35,000- 2715 Edwards Street- Fannie Mae to Matthew Brown

  • $18,900- 740 Spring Street- Prairie State Properties LLC to Santana McLemore

  • $40,000- Lake Drive- Roberts D. and Elizabeth A. Heiens to Bradford S. and Nilda E. Farrell


  • $120,000- Bethalto Rd.- Robert Lowrance to Stanley ad Marilyn Cisier


  • $80,000- 300 Pine Lake #15-Barbara J. Litzelman to Wendy P. Napp

  • $100,665- 891-893 Lester Avenue- The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Douglas Weiss and Judith Weiss

East Alton

  • $79,900- 280 Bender Ave.- Carroll Evans Trust to Andrew Wood

Glen Carbon

  • $233,500- 3159 Alexandria Drive- Troy and Renee Rutherford to National Residential Services INC.

  • $233,500- 3159 Alexandria Drive- National Residential Services INC. to Richard T. Larney III and Lindsay Larney


  • $125,000 Greenwood Lane- Dixon Real Estate LLC to SBA Towers II LLC

Granite City

  • $15,000- 2258 Iowa Street- The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to George Champion and Mary Ann Wolff

  • $7,501- 2814 E. 24th Street- Sec. of Housing and Urban Dev. to Ginger V. Wittmann and Richard W. Wittmann

St. Jacob

  • $130,000- 305 Meadow Dr.- Robert Lane to Lindow Contracting INC.

September 9, 2013


  • $56,000- 1107 E. 6th Street- Joshua W. Coggins and Jamey L. Bollinger to Darius N. Chapman


  • $158,750- 1511 Saratoga- Brian L. Sampson to Hathor A. Dickerson

  • $155,000- 5579 Sugar Loaf Road- John W. Allen, Ethan A. Allen, Bonnie J. Logsdon, Kathy S. Giggins, Mark Carroll, Scott Carroll and Todd Carroll to John G. Humphrey

  • $168,000- 308 Jamestown- Timothy A. Ballard and Norma S. Ballard to Robert Stevenson and Stephanie Stevenson

  • $85,000- 202 Division Drive- Louise M. Busiere to Maureen O’Hallaron Foster


  • $100,800- Catholic Springs Road- The Clayton Family Trust to Danny J. Clayton


  • $84,000- 114 Springer Dr.- Federal National Mortgage Association to Eric T. McAfee

  • $520,283- Godfrey Road- Mary Ellen Tomkinson Koyn to Paul T. and Mary M. Bartlett

Granite City

  • $400,000- Fehling Road- Henderson Properties LLC to Crown Castle Towers 09 LLC

  • $37,000- 2415 Meadowlane Drive- Thomas R. Colbert to HOMEiNVESTORS LLC

  • $60,000- 2541 Lynch Ave.- William Watson to Kelly A. Meyer

  • $43,500- 4014 Central Lane- Rebecca J. Webb to Donald Hoodenpyle and Cynthia Hoodenpyle

  • $93,500- 4 Frontenac Lane- Estate of Marguerite J. Seitz to James J. Shambro and Nancy S. Shambro


  • $165,000- 2006 N. Briarbend- Benjamin J. Sidwell and Janna C. Sidwell to Gerald L. Trojahn and Karen S. Trojahn

New Douglas

  • $129,254- Kerin Road- Gerald Kerin to Dean L. Korsmeyer

  • $591,878- Alhambra Road- Gerald Kerin to Kent R. Bohnenstiehl


  • $64,000- 711 Gawain Drive- Fannie Mae to Gary Anderson Sr. and Gary Anderson Jr.

September 10, 2013


  • $214,000- 4633 Camellia Place- Tony and Zoe R. Chin to John J. Puent


  • $68,000- 305 Lee Street- Donald N. Stephenson and Janis K. Stephenson to Tanner Cope and Alyssa Rogers


  • $132,000- 311 Hartman Dr.- Definitive Home and Design INC. to Walter C. Michaels and Elizabeth A. Michaels

Cottage Hills

  • $62,000- 160 South Oak Street- Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Albert Muick


  • $137,500- 55 Boxwood Court- John F. Tigue Jr. to George Carpenter and Christina E. Carpenter

  • $87,990- 3308 Garvey Lane- Vicksburg Development INC. to Spencer Homes LLC

  • $90,990- 3312 Hershiser Court- Vicksburg Development INC. to J K Companies INC.


  • $287,000- 6528 Timber Ridge- Morris and Linda Deewall to Bernard J. and Theresa M. Hannekan

Granite City

  • $20,000- 1707 Sycamore Street- Claudette Cremer and Richard J. Unger to M. Chris Jones


  • $33,000- Water Lily Lane- Larry Hug to Brenda Sue Plocher

New Douglas

  • $238,875- Alhambra Road- Gerald Kerin to Michael Kessler


  • $215,627- 9100 East Mill Creek Road- Intercounty Judicial Sales to Secretary of HUD

September 11, 2013


  • $60,000- Pebble Creek Drive- Chicago Title Land Trust Co. to Declaration of Trust of Renee D. Manley

  • $137,500- 2106 West Dell Drive- John F. Theen to Wylie Purcell

  • $40,500- 242 Maurice Street- JPMorgan Chase Bank to Burlingame Property Group


  • $162,600- 156 Walnut Ridge Drive- Terry W. Egan and Rebecca A. Egan to Jeffrey M. Shank and Kimberly D. Shank


  • $101,000- 4833 Loop Road- U.S. Bank to Carl K. Stratman

East Alton

  • $49,000- 00 Oldenburg Road- Samuel J. Stassi to Michael R. and Staci M. Coles


  • $84,000- 3208 Hershiser Court- Vicksburg Development INC. to Timothy S. Hogan and Sue E. Hogan

Glen Carbon

  • $224,900- 42 Elmwood Drice- Jason Lunsford and Jennifer Lunsford to Shawn Cozart and Jennifer Cozart

  • $190,000- 90 Morningside Drive- John A. Moore and Kristie L. Moore to Christopher Earl Jackson and Meleva Lynn McCarter

Granite City

  • $102,000- 161 Arlington Drive- Patricia A. Swanson and Dale E. Swanson to James Steelman

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