August 26, 2013


  • $92,000- 14 Impala Court- Daniel and Amie Toberman to Lauren Schmierbach

  • $82,000- 124 Clinton Hills Drive- Estate of Marie J. Harrison to Kellie Troxel

  • $57,919- 3528 Summit Avenue- Frank Alan Majkut to Donovan E. Wilmer

  • $70,000- 2 Fenwood Drive- Taya M. Pfeiffer to Keith Kniepkamp and Suzette Kniepkamp

  • $66,500- 1036 Cool Valley Drive- Jason and Amy Abercrombie to Kenneth P. Varel and Inger E. Varel

  • $78,000- 501 Southgate Drive- Hamid Wedatalla and Amina Chambers to Adrienne Moore


  • $58,000- 109 St. Paul Drive, 313 Green Street- R & R Investment Properties LLC to Robinson Realty LLC

  • $22,000- 811 St. Matthew Drive- The Virginia L. Jeffery Declaration of Trust dated November 24, 2003 to Lance T. Harlan

East St. Louis

  • $10,000- 631 North 76th Street- Parke A. Smith to Tujay INC.

Fairview Heights

  • $85,000- 529 Union Hill Road- Vitas Luja to Michael G. McCollough


  • $171,000- 312 Telluride Drive- Amy Strong to Nathan A. Vosse and Abby M. Vosse

  • $219,200- 102 Woods Manor- Richard and Sandra Griesbaum to Janel M. Davinroy


  • $257,000- 127 McKendree Park Road- Bryan and Robin Warner to Kenneth Watson

  • $0- Faust Rd.- Sharon A. and Don L. Mueller to SLM Water Commission


  • $104,000- 35 Landau Drive- Jeffrey S. Anderson to Bradley Rolland

  • $507,870- 5666 Saxtown Road- Madonna R. Herrmann to Michael R. Farris Revocable Trust

New Athens

  • $235,000- 8847 New Athens Darmstadt Road- David M. Fiyak and Margarete E. Fiyak to Steven R. Bockhorn and Julie K. Bockhorn


  • $55,250- 252 Eagle Ridge, Unit 252- Sherry Myatt to Steven J. Schoendienst

  • $51,200- 1117 Hollander Court- Windsor Creek Developent INC. to Huntington Chase Homes Corporation

  • $153,000- 780 Emerald Green Drive- Robert and Kimberly Distler to Brian Brogan


  • $230,000- 3501 Bannon Ridge Court- Jason B. Avram and Andrea G. Avram to Robert Greg Distler and Kimberly Distler


  • $185,500- 320 Ridge Drive- Mark A. Wagner and Kathleen M. Wagner to Jeffrey Donathan and Amy Donathan

August 27, 2013


  • $23,500- 317 Abend St.- Federal National Mortgage Association to Carol Kuntzman


  • $48,000- 1400 Columbia Road- Neva Imogene Chism to Russell Walster

East St. Louis

  • $41,000- 1601 N 51- Raven Securities INC. to Hawk Properties INC.

  • $75,516- 838 North 23rd Street- The Private Sales Corporation to The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development

Fairview Heights

  • $171,500- 621 Wild Horse Creek Dr.- Terry G. Pries to Brian Kingston


  • $150,000- 29 Lakeview Drive- The Estate of Helen C. Gill to Burke and Mary Potter


  • $242,000- 405 Wiegerstown Dr.- Christopher Pickett and Rebecca Pickett to Simon M. Scoggins and Emma D. Scoggins


  • $162,018- 2633 Greystone Estates Parkway- Fulford Construction INC. to Janice L. Sheridan


  • $175,000- 4513 Barleyridge Drive- Dawn S. Maxwell to Nicole M. Yocks


  • $430,000- 1499 Pasteur Lane- Paul J. Huval and Rebecca S. Huval to Arthur Culver and Annetta Culver

  • $100,000- 9 Kenwood Drive- Pellagia Beckfeld to Traci Isom

August 28, 2013


  • $23,500- 21 North 37th St.- The Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Sonya L. Dandridge

  • $65,000- 7 Cedar Drive- Percy J. Puntriano and Michele P. Puntriano to Michelle D. Wills and Michelle Dawn Lovegrove

  • $11,660- 2613 Walter Street- Sec. of Housing and Urban Dev. to Kaja Holdins LLC


  • $29,500- 1123 Upper Cahokia Rd.- Metro Property Partners LLC to Sexton Property & Investment LLC


  • $57,500- 810 Kaestner Drive- Fred Cort to James R. Sheldon

East St. Louis

  • $19,900 4238 Market Street- Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Schnell Carraway

  • $31,000- 14 Vieux Carre- John Morgan to Tippie Barry and Cynthia Hunter

  • $12,496- 833 Pershing Street- Intercounty Judicial Sales to Secretary of HUD


  • $160,000- 1010 Harnett Street- Anthony H. Mueth and Julie C. Mueth to Frank Williams and Quinn Williams


  • $130,000- 4706 Centreville Ave.- Julie A. Gaffney and Rosemarie Strecker-Hamann to Robert L. Johnson Jr.

  • $98,050- 116 West Laurel- Marjorie Galle to Michael J. Kempf

  • $237,000- 6010 Prairie Drive- John and Michelle Frame to Kyle and Lori Rainbolt


  • $194,000- 918 Wood Lake Court- Regenia D. Haley to Harvey Gull and Dorothy Gull


  • $158,000- 3869 Winward Way Dr.- La’Toya L. Bosley to April Schult

  • $430,000- 1504 Goldeneye Court- Thomas J. Nollau and Lesa M. Nollau to Amit M. and MItal Patel and Parth and Payal Patel

  • $132,000- 632 Leighigh Drive- James C. Wagner to Scott W. Gauch and Jennifer M. Gauch

August 29, 2013


  • $134,900- 225 Boca Grande Drive- Ryan Holland and Julie Kohlberg to Matthew S. Cryer and Lindsay M. Cryer

  • $107,000- 2011 Tampico Drive- U.S. Bank to Kerry Baugher III and Dana Wiggins

  • $147,500- 14 Paulette Drive- Curtis and Chastity Hill to Sammie and Yolanda Fleming

  • $155,650- 209 Greenleaft Circle- Pulte Homes of St. Louis LLC to Andrew W. and Jennifer L. Byall

  • $290,000- 2416 Pro Tour Drive- Charles M. Frizzell to Libby Anne Moreton

  • $19,000- 1122 Olde Lantern Lane- Darrell W. Richardson to Steven G. Rowan


  • $35,000- 445 S. 6th Street- Federal National Mortgage Association to Sky Blue Development INC.

  • $119,500- 14 Orchard Lane- James L. Walker to Jake Tenberge

  • $77,000- 430 S. 2nd St.- Morco Investors LLC to Alexander B. Smith

  • $68,000- 3 Edgewood Lane- Carl Karibian and Wonda Karibian to Timothy W. Boeving and Catherine Boeving


  • $80,000- 149 Helen Place- Nicholas M. Delaney and Tonya M. Delaney to Kelly J. Murphy

  • $133,500- 203 Echo Wood Drive- Daniel M. Schell and Stephanie Schell to Michael Tate Merten and Angela Merten

East St. Louis

  • $5,500- 710 North 23rd Street- Robert Eastern III to Christine Radford

Fairmont City

  • $27,000- 2523 N. 32nd St.- Blanche Harris to Juventino H. Gomez


  • $30,000- 111 South Walnut Street- Wilmer J. Hoffarth and Annette R. Hoffarth to Dean H. Gauch Sr. and Denise M. Gauch Joint Revocable Trust

  • $123,000- 1 West Lincoln Court- The Estate of Patsy A. True to Michael Flake and Renee Hartman


  • $225,000- 1115 Linden Place- William G. Ray and Marsha M. Ray to Jeffrey Detering and Karen Detering


  • $245,000- 401 Traver Tine Drive- Mike C. Wilson and Cathy M. Wilson to Christopher Michael French and Stephanie Renee Neff


  • $108,500- 201 East 4th Street- Lise Maria Westfall to Janet L. Keistler

  • $302,000- 1116 Macintosh Court- Huntington Chase Homes Corporation to Joel A. Borders

  • $200,000- 314 W. Deer Creek Rd.- Yun Hen to Yong Moon Park and Melinda Park


  • $197,000- 619 Glen Mor- Daniel H. Miller and Rebecca J. Miller to Franz R. Chenet and Jomary B. Chenet

  • $139,000- 1440 Manchester Drive- Fannie Mae to Patricia Porter


  • $324,000- 1031 Barteau Drive- Roman Myrna C/O Sulzer and Shopiro  to Gail J. Taylor

  • $67,000- 6 Clinton Hill Drive- The Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Dominic J. Santomassimo

August 30, 2013


  • $140,000- Route 460- Harkness Properties LLC to Shawn Williamson


  • $22,300- 1651 North Church Street- Fannie Mae to Karl T. Gilpin

  • $24,000- 111 Lois Court- Edward Childers Sr. to Donald Lee Jr.

  • $116,266- 3000 Mill Springs Road- Lawrence E. Settle and Tonya M. Settle to United States of America

  • $6,000- 3825 Rentchler Station Road- Jennifer Schempp to Benchmark Title Company LLC

  • $33,000- 25 Periwinkle Circle- Dorothy Klein to Kimberly M. Schewe

  • $163,000- 961 Blue Heron Court- Alan J. Scharf and Kristin Scharf to William T. Showers and Jenna E. Showers

  • $147,500- 208 Fieldstone Court- First National Bank of Staunton to Juan Villa and Christine K. Villa


  • $8,000- 2338 Carol St.- Estate of Constance L. Dunlap to Walter J. and Barbara A. Schmid


  • $5,000- Vacant Ground, George Street- Richard Lee Standridge and Joyce D. Standridge to Ronny Johnston and Patricia Johnston

  • $68,000- 817 Hollywood Heights Road- Ralph Aaron Martinez to Joseph Douglas Bourland


  • $83,000- 313 N. 3rd Street- Joshua B. Noffsinger to Trevor A. Settles

East St. Louis

  • $62,900- 8517 State Street- Raven Properties INC. to Anthony Nicholson

Fairview Heights

  • $28,000- 9920 North Road- Judicial Sales Corporation to The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development

  • $160,000- 5194 DePaul Drive- Douglas Weaver and Deborah Collins to Russ and Diane Schwoebel

  • $120,000- 314 Fountains Parkway Drive- TSJ-Sites, LLC-Seires Fountains Plaza to Taylor Investments Series LLC- 3Fountainss

  • $85,000- 9711 Clifford Terrace- William R. Chappel and Kimberly K. Chappel to Ryan J. Missey

  • $101,000- 9802 Bunkum Road- Jenna E. Showers to Jennifer J. Straub

  • $175,000- 218 Brittany Drive- Ronald D. Hines and Eileen M. Hines to Mandy M. Williams


  • $165,000- 10018 Buddy Funk Lane- Gary H. Erb and Barbara A. Erb to Justin Schmidt


  • $70,000- 416 South Horner Street- James A. and Karen Sprakties to Rebecca L. Fromme and Karen Fromme


  • $195,450- 833 Moorland Circle- Pearce and Tracy Vazquez to Troy and Michelle Medvick


  • $221,500- 604 Manor Lane- Brandon J. Gravot and Cheri Gravot to Jeffrey S. Constance and Lisa K. Constance

  • $180,000- 7118 Walnut Lane- Barbara J. Reagan to Scott M. Johnson and Sheila Johnson

  • $190,000- 36 Adderly Lane- Christopher D. Haas and Nichole L. Haas to Brett Anderson and Carli Francis


  • $1,250,000- 1100 Eastgate Drive- Wells Fargo Bank to SAI Hospitality LLC

  • $227,456- 1121 Merriam Parkway- Pulte Homes of St. Louis to Wan Gil Joo


  • $352,558- 1504 Olroyd Drive- Fulford Construction INC. to Curtis Hill and Chastity Hill

  • $180,500- 3924 Michael John Drive- Joyce R. Perkins to Michael J. Budnicki and Kathleen F. Budnicki

  • $158,000- 1708 Lombardi Court- Pulte Homes of St. Louis LLC to James A. Buckels Jr.

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