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St. Clair County real estate July 1-5

By Sarah Powers | Jul 12, 2013

For sale

July 1, 2013


  • $48,000- 7716 Myrtlewood Dr.- Mary V. Carpenter to Mary V. Carpenter

  • $40,000- 1229 North 17th Street, Unit 37- The Robert W. Mathes Revocable Living Trust to Terry Schmidt and Louise Schmidt

  • $57,750- 100 Lakeview- U.S. Bank National Association to KRJ Investments LLC

  • $79,500- 6 Elm Drive- Sarah Jackson to Julia E. Andria

  • $90,000- 3 Kircher Place- William Conrath, Jeanne Conrath Swain, Frank Conrath, Steven Conrath and Gail Conrath to Carol E. Miller

  • $33,000- 1706 Laurette Lane- Margaret A. Neff to JJSLN LLC

  • $34,900- 4114 West Main Street- U.S. Bank National Assocation to Drinco Properties INC.

  • $120,000- 15 North 35th Street- Regions Bank to L’s Rental Property INC.

  • $260,000- 100 Andora Drive and 1901 Mascoutah- Belle-Valley School District #119 to H & S Properties 001 LLC

  • $160,000- 64 Signal Hill Boulevard- Barbara E. Gliedt to Melvin Spencer and Glendia M. Spencer

  • $172,000- 57 Stratford Green Drive- Nicklaus and Elisha Nunley to David Vittetoe

  • $81,500- 104 Sheffield Drive- Christopher and Brandyn Lowe to Julie Williams

  • $73,000- 14 Manas Drive- Bertha Pauline Wester to Tracy A. Wester

  • $160,000- 2353 Greenfield Drive- Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Barry Richardson

  • $45,000- 37 North Delaware Avenue- Marian F. Wittenauer to Jennifer Barradas-Jimenez

  • $9,500- 8804 Prestwick- Southside Development LLC to Mark Ratliff Jr. and Vivian Ratliff

  • $100,250- 30 Woodhaven Court- Michael T. Deien and Andrea M. Deien to Twila R. Lewis

  • $102,500- 106 North 81st Street- Michael V. Yingst and Marcia W. Yingst

  • $45,500- 701 Saint Clair Avenue- Secretary of Veterans Affairs to John M. Durako

East Carondelet

  • $31,500- 213 Boismenue Avenue- Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Willis Mathes and Dale Mathes

East St. Louis

  • $1,080- 641 Post Pl.- City of East St. Louis to Dilbert B. Marion

  • $900- Brady Avenue- E & W Gateways INC. to Alfonso Reed and Belinda Reed

Fairview Heights

  • $125,300- 740 Wild Horse Creek Drive- Sovereign Bank to Residential Recovery Capital Holdings #2 LLC

  • $111,000- 35 Pine Trail- Christy Choate to Christopher Mitchell and Brittany Elbrecht


New Athens

  • $125,500- 713 Mari Lane- Scott A. Thies to Bryan M. White and Leigh-Ann White


  • $222,000- 6812 Norfolk Way- Brian and Sarah Harper to James and Tessa Ames

  • $25,000- 0 Simmons Road- The Parcs at Arbor Glen LLc to William J. Wangler and Elizabeth A. Koenig

  • $243,000- 1048 Oxford Hill Road- Paul Thomas Korwin and Elsa Aida Korwin to Clayton Peters


  • $176,100- 1251 Pheasant Ridge Ct.- David J. Arnold and Kathleen M. Arnold to Edward Laidley and Tara Laidley

  • $220,000- 2818 London Lane- TTW LLC to Howard and Shana Adler

  • $126,000- 2413 Coniferous Drive- Terry and Rashawn Choice to Christopher Burcham


  • $145,000- 732 Klein Drive- Joseph G. Page and Sheila M. Page to James W. LaChance and Shari L. LaChance

  • $110,000- 306 North Hickory Street- Donald and Nancy Becker to Adam Becker

  • $290,000- 4187 Cypress Oak Lane- Daniel Scott Arras to Mark Tampow Jr. and Katie Tampow


  • $57,000- 706 Gilbert Street- Allgire Sibling Trust to Jeffrey N. Beatty

  • $225,000- 3224 Rand Lane- Stephen P. Gundlach and Angela Gundlach to Nicole Peden

  • $170,000- 3112 Smelting Works Road- Tag Land Trust #1 to Timothy and Carleen Guthrie

July 2, 2013


  • $179,140- 213 Greenleaf Circle- Pulte Homes of St. Louis LLC to John A. Eachus

  • $196,000- 212 Greenleaf Circle- Pulte Homes of St. Louis LLC to James D. and Andrea Carroll

  • $55,000- 1833 West Main Street- Jill M. J. Mowry and Mark E. Mowry to Julie Orlet

  • $26,500- 1834 Raab Avenue- Todd S. Siddle and Rachel A. Siddle to John L. Barger and Mary M. Barger

  • $96,308- 1827 West A Street- Intercounty Judicial Sales to Secretary of HUD

  • $25,300- 3529 Lorene Street- Bank of America to Brian Webb

  • $48,000- 9 Beykirch- Ronald Meyer to Nicole M. Harneck

  • $55,000- 313 No. 37th Street- Margaret S. Frelberg to Dennis E. Frelberg and Margaret S. Frelberg

  • $207,000- 43 Clover Drive- National Residential Nominee Services INC. to Thomas Krag and Christina Krag


  • $17,500- 306 Ellen Street- Lisa G. Sanford to R. Bryce Rowley & Associates INC. and Dt5Real Estate Holdings LLC

  • $60,000- 111 W. Second Street- A1 Satellite of Cahokia LLC to CBR Commercial LLC


  • $35,000- 214 S. Long Street- Donna Guentzel to Frank Netemeyer

East Carondelet

  • $7,500- 2148 Jesse Street- Federal National Mortgage Association to Vernia L. Hager

East St. Louis

  • $3,000- 1104 Quebec- Michael T. Battle to Gina G. Jackson

Fairview Heights

  • $117,500- 125 St. Clair Drive- Paul Williams and Stacey Owens-Williams to Mark Nicol

  • $125,000- 6 Chateau Drive- Kyong H. Kim to Jeffrey M. Tollefson

  • $42,150- 29 Circle Dr- The Bank of New York Mellon to Scott Jacob

  • $208,500- 5431 Baylor Drive- Derek K. Green and Charlotte D. Green to Eric A. Calhoun


  • $10,000- Carr Road- Barbara Logan to Bradley Vahlkamp

  • $34,500- 102 South Vine Street- CR Capital Group LLC to SMZ INC.


  • $230,000- 205 McKendree Park Road- Peter J. Palermo and Sarah S. Palermo to Lisa Studnicki and Paula Sutton


  • $13,500- 432 Joan Avenue Apts 1-4- FV-I INC. in Trust for Morgan Stanley Mortgage Capital Holdings LLC to Johnnie Hearty Jr.


  • $45,000- 204 Bernard Street- Paul S. Rongey Jr. to Randall S. Hamilton Sr. and Lola M. Hamilton

  • $280,000- 9726 Winchester Drive- Anthony D. Morris to Jason Forquer and Hedda Forquer


  • $322,000- 1434 Arbor Green Trail- Timothy M. Bergman and Cynthia L. Bergman to John H. Rauk and Lisa D. Rauk

  • $189,000- 1125 Creekside Court- John P. Longmire IV and Sylvia M. Longmire

  • $291,500- 612 Longfellow Drive- William A. Howland and Jennifer L. Howland to Robert M. Kalteis and Veronica J. Kalteis

  • $169,500- 607 Julia Drive- Michael E. and Gayle Simons to Benjamin N. Breitenbach and Lynette L. Newsom

  • $281,534- 1465 Arley Hill Drive- Kappert Construction Co. INC. to Ryan Gasaway and Jacqueline Gasaway


  • $330,000- 14 Raven Oak- First County Bank to Marla A. Obernuefemann and Kenneth J. Obernuefemann

  • $167,800- 18 Eagles Landing Drive- Secretary of Veteran Affairs to Chad LaMontagne and Pamela LaMontagne

  • $215,245- 805 Bluff Ridge Lane- Homes by Deesign INC. to Brendan and Marissa McIntyre

July 3, 2013


  • $37,100- 4901 W. Washington Street- Michael P. Cole to Barton Ferrell and Laura Ferrell

  • $43,000- 4300 Shirley Drive- PHH Mortgage Corporation to Russell McCullough and Tracy McCullough

  • $136,500- 2418 Coniferous Drive- Charles Shaffer and Kimberly Shaffer to Conner J. McGowan and Danielle M. Belobraydich

  • $32,500- 29 Dale Allen Drive- U.S. Bank National Association to Bruce K. Shapire

  • $26,000- 312 South 10th Street- Metro Property Partners LLC to Hestia Properties LLC

  • $137,500- 405/407 University Dr.- Guy A. Gamerdinger and Cynthia M. Gamerdinger to Delores Harris

  • $23,200- 2715 Godfrey St.- Federal National Mortgage Association to Jason E. Buss

  • $64,900- 130 South 33rd Street- Rhonda Patterson and Herbert Patterson to Vivian A. Lane

  • $57,000- 22 Scarlet Drive- Charles M. E. Hay to Devon C. Calloway

  • $213,000- 2432 Persimmon Wood Drive- Donald G. Vandenbussche and Melissa A. Vande to Stevan P. Feger and Kathleen A. Feger

  • $63,500- 103 North 37th Street- Renee L. Pipher to Barbetta M. Simmons


  • $16,000- 115 Melvin- Richard A. Brown to Metro Property Partners LLC

  • $70,000- 19 Leonard Drive- John T. McDermott and Deborah K. McDermott to K & E Homes LLC


  • $18,500- 8702 New Bunkum Road- Randy P. Talleur to Victor M. Betancourt

Fairview Heights

  • $122,500- 121 Debra Drive- Hobson H. Fizette and Marsha Fizette to Jon Sadler Jr.

  • $2,500- 9512 Holy Cross Road- Mark S. Clark and Lillie B. Clark to American Goldfinch Preservation Trust


  • $34,900- 420 Silverthorne Drive- Roas Developers LLC to Jonathan G. Kinard and Melissa D. Kinard


  • $40,000- 2350 Beckmann Road- Leonard and Joan Vasquez to David C. and Brenda L. Otten


  • $51,500- 47 West Green Street- Fannie Mae to Dennis Poettker

  • $165,000- 704 North Independence St.- Otto J. Grab Declaration of Trust to Jason Douglas Milner and Cassandra E. Milner

  • $200,000- 1264 Antique Lane- Tomas L. Wilmoth and Roberta A. Wilmoth to Nicholas and Danielle Kimmle


  • $40,000- 4163 Upper Saxtown Road- Nancy M. Steele to Chad A. Steele and Stacy E. Steele

New Athens

  • $84,613- Ruh Road- Mary E. Isom to Carol C. Casperson


  • $147,500- 409 Amy Drive- Heirs at Law and/or Legatees of Raymond Kimball to Christopher R. Orwig and Katherine N. Orwig

  • $132,000- 901 Dartmouth Drive- Lloyd Craig Marchbanks and Georgie M. Marchbanks to Kirk A. Wills and Michelle D. Wills

  • $36,000- 18-5 Creekview Drive- Ronald Buxton to Larry Darnall

  • $276,000- 1053 Oxford Hill Road- James Phillips Sr. and Freda Phillips to Derik W. Harris and Marlene A. Harris


  • $96,000- 419 South Hickory Street- Ryan M. Converse and Christy M. Converse to Glen Whitworth

  • $127,000- 761 Klein Drive- Mark S. Sweeney and Courtney D. Sweeney to Ryan M. Converse and Christy M. Converse

  • $205,000- 4544 Baederwood Court- Scott Niemann and Jennifer Niemann to Renee L. Pipher

St. Libory

  • $107,000- 802 Darmstadt Street- Brian B. Linkey and Kara M. Linkey to Nathan Lewis


  • $215,000- 178 Papillon Drive- Gary A. Meadows and Christi A. Meadows to Josey J. Baker and Ann E. Baker

July 5, 2013


  • $209,179- 2047 Harvest Meadow Drive- McBride & Son Residential Illinois LLc to Elizabeth E. and Cortney A. Dooley

  • $76,919- 1530 North Charles Street- Ryan and Rebecca Crader to Rudy P. Riva Jr.

  • $24,950- 3913 N. Main Street- Sec. of Housing and Urban Dev. to Paul Dale Jackson and Christi Lyn Lewis

  • $80,000- 1118 Patterson Court- Wilmington Trust to Frank L. Baecht Jr. and Anita K. Baecht

  • $206,091- 3020 Harvest Meadow Drive- McBride Stone Briar LLc to Ronald E. Powers Jr. and Ana Powers

  • $253,892- 2429 Fourlakes Drive- McBride & Son Residential Illinois LLC to Arnold Stauder LLC

  • $156,500- 317 Edbrooke Drive- McBride Eagles Landing LLC to Erin McMullin


  • $43,800- 1445 Suttle Court- Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Gale Mims

  • $22,100- 247 St. John Drive- Metro Property Partners LLC to R. Bryce Rowley & Assoc. INC.

East St. Louis

  • $7,500- 3010 Forest Ave- Righteous Capital LLC to Jerome Jackson

  • $1,000- 5810 State Street- Justine Petersen Housing and Reinvestment to Shelly and Toi Branson

Fairview Heights

  • $196,000- 809 Staffordshire Lane- McBride and Son Residential Illinois LLC to Queen V. Barber


  • $8,900- Lot 7 Hagist Subvision- Sabre Group LLC to Cheryl A. Rasch


  • $258,430- 7032 Milburn Estates Drive- Homes by Deesign INC. to Lance G. and Gretchen M. Critchley

  • $302,026- 908 Briar Meadow Court- McBride Stone Briar LLC to Ryan G. and Jennifer L. Echele

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