May 20, 2013


  • $80,000- 510 East 11th St- Estate of Wilbur Bagby to Stephen Ricks and Richard Dona

  • $9,500- 2741 Hillcrest Avenue- HPIL LLC to Patrick Taylor

  • $34,100- 2222 Brown St.- HSBC Mortgage Services INC. to Karen Gaffney

  • $2,000- 1105 East 7th Street- Lavern Taylor and Gloria J. Taylor to City of Alton

  • $16,960- 2020 Country Club Drive- Home America LLC to Home America Fund I LP

  • $12,000- 620 Blair St.- SI Securities LLC to Prestige World Wide Investors LLC

  • $18,500- 3536 California- Federal National Mortgage Association to William A. Stack, Barbara Stack, Develyn Cameron, and Melissa Cameron


  • $133,800- 1284 Ridgewood Court- Tiffany A. Robbins and Scott Rushing to Justin Bingheim

  • $70,000- 320 Sycamore St.- Richard D. Grab and Glenna W. Grab to Donald G. Smith Jr. and Rhonda L. Smith

  • $120,000- 300 Pine Lake Road- Patricia A. Staley to Gloria J. Wagener

  • $83,000- 1217 Ridge Ave.- I.S.O. Acquisitions INC. to Kyle Touchette

  • $30,000- 1049-C Lafayette Court- Collinsville Building & Loan Assn. to Margaret A. Sanders

  • $2,425,000- 610 N. Bluff Road- Town and Tennis LP to 4128 Mississippi Street LLC


  • $17,800- 1350 and 1357 Gerber Road- Paul Hellrich to Alicia Roth

  • $186,750- 10 Timber Meadows Place- Daniel J. Midden and Kelly M. Midden to Shane K. Richardson and Jamie M. Walker-Richardson

  • $285,000- 1087 Prestonwood Drive- Daryel E. Buesking to Christopher Deweese and Rachel Deweese

  • $129,900- 514 Gueltig Avenue- WBC Development to LJC Partners LLC

  • $177,900- 1113 Cobblestone Drive- Christopher R. Deweese and Rachel M. Deweese to Charles E. Keller and Marlie V. Keller

Glen Carbon

  • $185,501- 128 Kingsbrooke Blvd.- Sec. of Housing and Urban Dev. to Ronald B. Johnston and Kate W. Johnston

  • $325,000- 163 Smola Lane- Christopher Schaeffer and Pamela Schaeffer to Ellyn Karcher and Greg Karcher


  • $162,000- 5017 Castlegate Lane- Liberty Banchares INC. to Kathleen A. Lewis

Granite City

  • $61,000- 1641 Venice Ave.- Shawnette Hagen to Leah F. Woodson

  • $200,000- 101 Bear Lane- David E. Schoolcraft and Denise D. Schoolcraft to Amy Schillinger

  • $60,000- 6 Mercer Drive- Genevieve H. Haddix to Herman W. Schoeber III

  • $225,000- 3317 Chain of Rocks Road- Canal Motel INC. to Mavani & Sons INC.

  • $21,000- 2317 Grand Avenue- Sec. of Housing and Urban Dev. to Charles A. Oettle and Christine M. Oettle


  • $54,000- 480 Park St.- Treva J. Chartrand to Matthew T. Crider


  • $5,000- 1105 Grand- Helen J. Meridth to David Bailey and Anita Bailey


  • $220,000- 110 Koala Cove- Lindow Contracting INC. to Chad Edwards and Jenna Edwards

St. Jacob

  • $148,900- 145 Jessica Drive- Anthony Keeley and Hye Kyoung Bae to Aaron Dalton and Samantha Taylor


  • $189,900- 8448 Hilltop Drive- Phyllis D. Courter and Kay A. Courter to Zachary C. Jones and Kristin L. Turner

  • $128,000- 349 Orchard Court- Neil Richard Brockmann and Angelia Brockmann to Danielle Dolosic

  • $255,000- 718 Troy O’Fallon Road- Adam Ryan Poletti and Lisa Poletti to Thomas Watson and Judy Watson

  • $115,000- 109 Mary Drive- Louis H. Simpson and Karen S. Simpson to Randy G. Frey

Wood River

  • $94,700- 152 Ash Street- Rita Parcel to Rita Parcel and Timothy D. Bryant

  • $50,454- 242 Eighth Street- April Christian Iler to Home Solutions 4 You LLC

May 21, 2013


  • $15,000- 1141 Harrison Street- Joan Clark to Donald and Kary Holliday and Joseph and Vina Holliday

  • $81,000- 209 Brentwood- Charles M. Scheer and Marsha S. Scheer to Sue Ann Buchanan


  • $269,500- Darin R. Biesk and Tammy T. Biesk to Scott W. Combs and Shanna Combs


  • $160,000- 5600 Old Keebler Road- Mary Frances Reinagel to Lutheran Senior Services

East Alton

  • $135,000- 553 Mallard Drive- Charles J. Wilson and Peggy M. Wilson to Richard E. Phipps and Gloria L. Phipps


  • $207,000- 6409 State Route 140- Ronald L. Goldsmith and Mary A. Goldsmith to Brian K. Hemmer


  • $160,000- 5106 Little Creek Lane- Amy Fruitt to Jeffrey and Cindy Alderman

  • $160,000- 1810 Paris Dr.- Mark and Susan Jehle to Joseph K. Claflin and Kristen L. Pranger

Granite City

  • $26,300- 2929 Willow Ave.- The Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Barry Maulden

  • $29,000- 4110 Kaseberg Lane- Wells Fargo Bank to Lynnetta S. Spiroff


  • $222,000- 405 Trotter Drive- Martin R. Springer and Janice R. Springer to Gary Brasfield and Heather Brasfield


  • $208,000- 2012 Pinehurst Way- Scott Lucas and Michelle Lucas to Cynthia Kolda and Angel Appel


  • $203,600- 605 Wood Thrush- Robert E. Davis and Lois A. Davis to Matthew McCain

  • $180,000- 113 Westbrooke Road- Mark Perkins and Frances E. Perkins to Bret T. Milan and Desirea A. Milan

Wood River

  • $37,000- 320 Elble- Robert W. Butz Sr. to Anthony K. Nalley

  • $49,900- 315 Pershing Avenue- Sam Property Management LLC to Amy K. Devening

  • $35,000- 72 E. Jennings Ave.- Nationstar Mortgage LLC to Jeffrey B. Land

May 22, 2013


  • $44,275- 3854 Horn Avenue- Intercounty Judicial Sales to Secretary of HUD

  • $840- 639 Olmstead Way- Barbara A. Hoaglin to City of Alton

  • $304- 3200 Duco Street- Lucas T. Hellrung to City of Alton

  • $422- 3300 Lincoln Street- Timothy L. and Gayla J. Baze to City of Alton

  • $570- 3200 Duco Street- Timothy L. and Gayla J. Baze to City of Alton

  • $125- 3204 Duco Street- TB Holdings LLC to City of Alton

  • $125- 3202 Duco Street- Robert B. Bettorf to City of Alton

  • $125- 3210 Duco Street- Robert B. Jr. and Rose Mary Carter to City of Alton

  • $125- 3206 Duco Street- Dorothy J. Hagen to City of Alton

  • $125- 3212 Duco Street- Dorothy J. Hagen to City of Alton

  • $125- 3216 Duco Street- Robyn L. Hamlin to City of Alton

  • $125- 3214 Duco Street- Robyn L. Hamlin to City of Alton


  • $92,000- 206 Walnut Street- Marjorie A. White to Lucian L. Schmidt

Cottage Hills

  • $146,250- 27 Midway and 111 Blair Ave.- James E. Schwabe to Charlotte Hunt

East Alton

  • $180,092- 7 Carol Lee Drive- The Judicial Sales Corporation to The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development

  • $52,790- 3140 Birmingham Drive- Savannah Crossing Development INC. to Elite Homes INC.

Glen Carbon

  • $195,000- 19 Alta St.- Kevcorp Construction INC. to Robert A. Harling

  • $284,000- 201 Sierra Pt.- David A. Levy and June M. Levy to Chad Boeving and Diana Boeving

  • $169,000- 823 Wilson Dr.- Jonathan Fowler to James G. Fowler

Granite City

  • $52,000- 2819 Indiana Avenue- Maurine Lewallen to Kimberly S. Pauley

  • $193,500- 146 Emerald Way East- Nagendar K. Surapaneni and Lori A. Surapaneni

  • $27,577- 3031 Mockingbird Lane- Sec. of Housing and Urban Dev. to Eric Hill and Kenneth Shipp

  • $55,000- 527 Thorngate Road- James and Nina Cookson to Randall and Paula Payne


  • $26,555- 1021 Reynolds Street- Sec. of Housing and Urban Dev. to Julian Wallace


  • $125,000- 503 East Perry Street- Matt Lanahan and Cristina Lanahan to Jennifer M. Zimmerman


  • $17,500- 136 W. 4th Street- Sec. of Housing and Urban Dev. to Steven Cobbel

St. Jacob

  • $145,000- 413 East 2nd Street- Ann M. Jackson to Leslie A. Jackson


  • $230,000- 517 Arkansas Road- Donald and Jane Eilers Revocable Trust to Travis D. Eilers


  • $98,000- 410 Bargraves Boulevard- U.S. Bank to Dennis Barnett and Andrea Barnett

Wood River

  • $100,000- 112 Shawnee- Sec. of Housing and Urban Dev. to Troy Schmidt and Betty Schmidt

May 23, 2013


  • $15,900- 813 College Avenue- Federal National Mortgage Association to Donnie Watt and Dorris Watt


  • $30,000- 1313 Vandalia Street- U.S. Bank to Gregory M. Whitehead

  • $209,000- 207 S. Jefferson Avenue- Blue Leaf LLC-207 Jefferson to Chad A. Sparks


  • $134,000- 912 Vera Cruz Ct.- Bret W. Ahring and Christine M. Ahring to John Crotty III

  • $108,000- 4350 State Route 159- Charles H. Kovarik and Rosalie Kovarik to Aschley Wayne Mathew and Lindsey Lee Mathew

  • $39,500- 225 Pine St.- U.S. Bank to American Home Lending USA LLC

  • $203,000- 1804 Partridge Place- Gregory G. Stanley and Debra D. Stanley to James B. Duey and Carol L. Duey

  • $145,000- 20 Shell Lane- James Duey and Carol Duey to Daniel L. Amilian and Stacey R. Brown

Granite City

  • $112,500- 2522 Pontoon Road- Ida M. Frost and Adam Dunn to Mindy M. Faraone

  • $110,000- 2471 Waterman Avenue- Joyce R. Hill to Terry Cook and Pamela Cook


  • $39,000- 13412 Wildlife Trail- Great Land Development to Feldmann Homes INC.

  • $85,000- 2425 Lake Drive- Evelyn Waldron to Bart R. Alexander and Sherry L. Alexander

  • $44,000- 13407 Wildlife Trail- William W. and Sharon T. Lewis to Feldmann Homes INC.

  • $85,000- 1512 Washington Street- Michael L. Stahlhut and Lisa C. Stahlhut to Andrew and Constance Stahlhut

  • $155,000- 1701 Lindenthal Avenue- Eric C. and Leah M. Nanney to Dustin Schallenberg and Amy Norman

  • $320,000- 2788 Water Lily Lane- Kyle L. Ribbing and Britny D. Ribbing to Eric C. and Leah M. Nanney

  • $54,727- 4483/4487 Hill Road- Mark B. Reaka and Heidi S. Reaka to Eric Duff Wrobbel and Tammy Jo Wrobbel

  • $282,500- 3058 Bella Vista Court- The Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Timothy D. Schuette

  • $98,000- 36 Lexington Lane- Frederick R. Goforth to Matthew M. Mowe


  • $186,045= 1936 Third Street- Philip M. Sheridan and Ester B. Sheridan to Gateway Rail Services INC.


  • $326,000- 11 Seasons Ridge Ct.- Kyle P. Shepperson and Graca Shepperson to Andrew J. Poole

St. Jacob

  • $165,000- 116 Jessica Drive- Timothy A. Thompson and Timothy J. Mackley to Michael B. Burrow and Shonda Burrow


  • $269,900- 1231 Wentworth Ct.- Osborn Homes INC. to Scott G. Lucas and Michelle C. Lucas

Wood River

  • $72,000- 291 13th St- David W. James and Donna L. James to Betty L. Fluck

May 24, 2013


  • $75,000- 3200 Agnes Boulevard- Bethany Weber to David and Robert Eichen


  • $113,000- 435 North Morrison Ave- HOMEiNVESTORS LLC to Nickalas Tedrick and Robert and Judith A. Oller

  • $34,298- 115 West Juda Avenue- Fannie Mae to Velta L. Futrell

  • $600,000- 473 S. Mulberry- Emma J. Meyer to Larry D. Bevirt

  • $182,000- 501 Western- Center Point Real Estate Services LLC to KCI Land Trust


  • $265,000- 1607 Maplewood Ct.- Jamie Bradshaw McLain and Daniel McLain to Linda M. Spencer and James E. Spencer

  • $360,000- Three 157 Center- Marilyn J. Traw to Brauer Properties LLC


  • $37,900- 328 Saturn- Debra Koontz to Larry E. and Matilia P. Stark

Wood River

  • $73,351- 776 Berry Rd- The Judicial Sales Corp. to George L. and Mary A. Hobbs

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