Jones and Schroeder face run-off for Madison County associate judgeship

By Ann Maher | Jan 28, 2013


Edwardsville attorney David Jones and deputy Madison County State's Attorney Neil Schroeder are final contenders for an associate judge position on the Madison County bench.

According to a release from Chief Judge Ann Callis's office, a second round of ballots is necessary to determine who will fill a vacancy that opened last month because "there was not a candidate who received the necessary majority."

Associate judges are appointed by the court's elected judges. In the Third Judicial Circuit there are nine circuit judges and a total of 13 associate attorneys.

Thirteen Madison County attorneys applied for the position which was created when former Associate Judge Kyle Napp was elected to the circuit in November.

Those vying for the position must receive at least five of the circuit's nine votes.

Others who applied for the seat included: Laura R. Andrews, Christopher J.T. Bauer, Larry A. Calvo, Elizabeth N. Carrion, Ronald J. Foster Jr., Philip J. Lading, Michael P. McGinley, Greg E. Roosevelt, Ronald R. Slemer, Marleen M. Suarez and Kelly C. Sullivan.

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