The following attorneys have applied for an associate judge vacancy in the Third Judicial Circuit: (Location of practice)

- Laura R. Andrews (of Granite City)

- Christopher J. T. Bauer (of Greenville)

- Larry A. Calvo (of Granite City)

- Elizabeth N. Carrion (of Edwardsville)

- Ronald J. Foster, Jr. (of East St. Louis)

- David R. Jones (of Edwardsville)

- Philip J. Lading (of St. Louis)

- Michael P. McGinley (of Edwardsville)

- Greg E. Roosevelt (of Edwardsville)

- Neil T. Schroeder (of Edwardsville)

- Ronald R. Slemer (of Edwardsville)

- Marleen M. Suarez (of Collinsville)

- Kelly C. Sullivan (of Fairview Heights)

The vacancy is the result of the election of Associate Judge Kyle Napp to circuit judge in November. Applications had been accepted through Jan. 7.

The court's nine circuit judges will elect the new associate judge. In the Third Judicial Circuit, there are 13 associate judge positions. Details about the balloting process are traditionally not disclosed publicly.

At present there are two women and two African American men on the associate bench.

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