Moran's Sept. 28 crammed docket allows for 19 seconds per case

By Steve Korris | Sep 16, 2005

Judge Moran

Gary Peel

Mark Goldenberg

Gordon Broom

If all the attorneys in the cases show up for Madison County Circuit Court Judge George Moran's schedule Wednesday, Sept. 28, they will sorely test the strength of the floor in Moran’s courtroom--and the lawyers' ability to act quickly.

Moran plans to take up 114 cases in a single day--96 of them are set between 9 and 9:30 a.m. That allows less than 19 seconds per case.

He has set 16 cases for 9:30 a.m., and two for 11 a.m.

In nearly all the cases Moran has set management conferences. He has also set hearings on 16 motions to dismiss, three motions to transfer, and three motions to compel discovery.

Eight of the cases come from the last century.

In total, 232 notices have been sent to attorneys and many law firms notifying them of their day in court.

Some attorneys received notices for two or more hearings. Plaintiff attorney Jeffrey Millar and defense attorney Robert Shultz each got five.

Jeffrey Cain, Mark Goldenberg, Brad Lakin, and Michael Reda each got four.

Kevin Babb, Gordon Broom, Richard Burke, John Cunningham, Clifford Emons, Michael Hobin, William Knapp, Lance Mallon, Stephen Mudge, Gary Peel, and Jonathan Ries each got three.

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