Eric Ahrens of Madison County claims he lost the use of his left hand after it was struck by a steel I-beam while working for Vendome Copper & Brass Works of Louisville, Ken. in Tuscola.

According to a personal injury suit filed Aug. 9 in Madison County Circuit Court, Ahrens is seeking at least $50,000 in damages for an incident that took place Aug. 14, 2004.

Ahrens was performing an inspection atop a bundle of tubes on a “wash rack exchanger” 25 feet off the ground. His left hand, resting on the tubes, was struck when a steel I-beam fell.

The company failed to use reasonably safe methods of securing the equipment being supported by the I-beam, putting him at risk of being struck, Ahrens alleges.

Ahrens also claims he suffered multiple fractures and lacerations requiring surgery and extensive physical therapy, great pain and suffering, became liable for medical expenses and has lost wages.

He is represented by Richard Sharrard of Edwardsville. The case has been assigned to Circuit Judge Dan Stack.

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