Street Q&A: Has the medical malpractice crisis affected your healthcare in any way?

By Heather Anderson | Apr 14, 2005

Natalie Parr

Harold Jason

Frank Cockrill

Brett Seavers

Karen Menendez

Amanda Seger

Jamie Requarth

"Not me personally, but, there is a real problem with the doctors leaving the area. As a pharmacist, just this morning we tried to reach a doctor to get a refill, and the phone and fax were disconnected. Most times the doctors just -up and run. It’s bad for us, the patients and the doctors."
Natalie Parr, Greenville

"I’m positive my insurance rates will increase in the future. I don’t blame the doctors and lawyers. I blame the insurance and pharmaceutical companies, and they’re bringing down our country."
Harold Jason, Edwardsville

"I’ve heard a few doctors talk of leaving, but they haven’t yet. I don’t agree with the lawyers taking on the big suits. The lawyers can’t doctor on you -let’s keep our doctors here."
Frank Cockrill, Edwardsville

"Most of my doctors are specialist practicing in St. Louis, but, my general practitioner is located here. I realize things happen, but people have gone overboard, and the lawyers have become suit happy."
Brett Seavers, Edwardsville

"Because my doctors have always been in St. Louis, the crisis hasn’t affected me. But, I do know a lot of doctors here, and they’re wonderful doctors. I feel bad for them."
Karen Menendez, Edwardsville

"My doctor isn’t delivering babies anymore. He delivered me and my brother, but he feels there is too much risk involved. He’s my doctor, and he’s a good doctor."
Amanda Seger, St. Jacob

"My medical insurance increased, and so I found a cheaper plan, and I switched."
Jamie Requarth, Edwardsville

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