To the Editor:

Lloyd Karmeier hit the nail on the head when he said he was elected to the state Supreme Court because the people believe their judicial system “was not working right.”

Yes, it’s the people who pay higher prices, higher taxes and higher insurance bills when the courts lavish trial lawyers with huge awards in meritless cases. It’s the people who lose their jobs when businesses move out of state, and it’s the people who suffer when dedicated doctors shut down their practices because malpractice insurance is no longer affordable.

By joining the Supreme Court, Karmeier will not right those wrongs all by himself. But he will make a good start by serving the people better than the judges who take their cues from trial lawyers. Madison County’s trial lawyers and judges are responsible for much of the state's ruinous legal climate, and it is significant the people of this county backed Karmeier on election day over county resident Gordon Maag.

Legal reform is still in the distance, although Karmeier’s election to the Supreme Court makes the prospect seem closer.

Dalton and Linda Box

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