A legal malpractice lawsuit involving the handling of a decade-and-a-half old asbestos settlement that was to go to trial in Madison County on Feb. 3 has been continued due to scheduling conflicts among counsel.

The suit involves plaintiff Judy Buckles, a former Hopkins Goldenberg client who claims attorneys from that firm and later attorney John Simmons botched the settlements of her husband’s mesothelioma lawsuit.

Her suit is currently against Goldenberg, Heller, Antognoli, Rowland and Short – the successor to the Hopkins Goldenberg firm.

Buckles originally sued in 2001 over the handling of her claim filed in the late 1990s, but dropped the case and re-filed it in 2006.

Circuit Judge William Mudge presides.

Roy Dripps represents Buckles.

Daniel Konicek and John Papa represent the Goldenberg firm.

A new trial date will be scheduled at a case management conference on Feb. 26.

Madison County case number 06-L-588

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