News from November 2016

Motorist accused of negligence following fatal collision

By Michael Abella | Nov 11, 2016

BELLEVILLE — A special administrator of a deceased woman's estate has filed a wrongful death claim against motorist Paula Schaefer, alleging negligence in connection with a vehicle collision.

St. Louis law firm Capes Sokol names Monsanto defense attorney as shareholder

By Dawn Geske | Nov 13, 2016

ST. LOUIS – Attorney Adam E. Miller has joined the law firm of Capes Sokol as a shareholder of the company.

Documentary “Madigan: Power. Privilege. Politics.” now available online and on demand

By Dawn Geske | Nov 13, 2016

CHICAGO – A documentary about Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan is now available for viewing by residents in Madison and St. Clair Counties as well as throughout Illinois.

Consumer alleges shower stool collapsed

By Michael Abella | Nov 14, 2016

BELLEVILLE – A woman alleges that she was injured when a shower stool she was using collapsed.

Collinsville residents claim they were injured in Fairview Heights accident

By Michael Abella | Nov 14, 2016

BELLEVILLE – Two Collinsville residents allege a Missouri driver's actions caused them injuries in an accident in Fairview Heights.

Freeburg motorist claims injures after Belleville accident

By Michael Abella | Nov 14, 2016

BELLEVILLE – A Freeburg man alleges he was injured in a collision with a Belleville resident.

Founders Insurance seeks damages following East St. Louis collision

By Michael Abella | Nov 14, 2016

BELLEVILLE – An insurance company is seeking the costs it paid to a Cahokia resident for damages after an accident at the intersection of state Route 3 and Eighth Street in East St. Louis.

Driver alleges injures in collision with FedEx employee

By Michael Abella | Nov 14, 2016

BELLEVILLE – A delivery service and its employee are accused of negligence after an accident in Caseyville.

Choosing judges in Illinois

By John Pastuovic, Illinois Civil Justice League | Nov 14, 2016

On a warm July day in 1970, Constitutional Delegate Wendell Durr, a respected attorney and future judge from Madison County, made some unique observations about whether the 1970 Constitution should continue the concepts adopted by Illinois’ voters in the Judicial Article of 1964.

Attorney Symank chosen unanimously as shareholder at Sandberg Phoenix

By Dawn Geske | Nov 14, 2016

ALTON – The law firm Sandberg Phoenix & von Gontard P.C. has named Associate Narcisa P. Symank to shareholder in a recent vote by its partnership.

Illinois considers adopting a more portable bar exam

By Taryn Phaneuf | Nov 14, 2016

The Illinois Board of Admissions to the Bar is looking for input on a proposal to adopt the Uniform Bar Examination — a multistate bar exam by the National Conference of Bar Examiners, which is becoming the standard of bar exams across the country.

Excel Bottling accused of negligence in connection with stairwell fall

By Michael Abella | Nov 14, 2016

BELLEVILLE — A man is suing Excel Bottling Co., a brewing plant owner, alleging that insufficient measures were taken to prevent injuries in connection with a fall.

Woman sues pet owners after dog allegedly bit her

By Michael Abella | Nov 14, 2016

A woman is suing two pet owners after a dog allegedly bit her.

November election results mean Illinois' neighbors likely to embrace worker freedom

By Mailee Smith, Illinois Policy Institute | Nov 15, 2016

The outcome of 2016 races in nearby states may result in all states surrounding Illinois becoming Right-to-Work states – leaving Illinois a lone island in a sea of worker freedom. To remain competitive for workers and business, Illinois must consider similar reforms.

Illinois continues to see a ciphoning of employees outside the state

By Kristin Danley-Greiner | Nov 15, 2016

The state of Illinois saw 5,500 employees leave its workforce this fall, prompting another decline for the fifth consecutive month in September. October brought additional jobs to eight metro areas, but it still isn’t enough to make a big difference.

The idea of limited government takes time (like 561 years) to sink in

By The Madison County Record | Nov 15, 2016

It took 561 years (from the Magna Carta to the Declaration of Independence) for the idea of limited government and political equality to infuse itself into Anglo-American culture. By 1776, enough people believed in the possibility, that they were willing to fight for it and organize a government based on it after a battlefield victory.

Construction company seeks to dismiss asbestos attorney’s suit alleging water infiltration in Troy home; Argues plaintiffs failed to answer discovery requests

By Heather Isringhausen Gvillo | Nov 15, 2016

Construction company seeks to dismiss asbestos attorney’s suit alleging water infiltration in Troy home; Argues plaintiffs failed to answer discovery requests Customary Construction seeks to dismiss an asbestos attorney’s lawsuit alleging mold and water infiltrated his $775,000 Troy home.

Madison County civil docket Nov. 21-23

By Carrie Gonzolaz | Nov 15, 2016

There are only two cases on the Madison County civil docket for the week of Nov. 21-23 in Circuit Judges Ruth and Mudge's courtrooms.

Clinton's unpopularity in southern Illinois may have dragged down Democrat appellate candidates

By Record News | Nov 15, 2016

MOUNT VERNON – Democrats Jo Beth Weber of Mount Vernon and Brad Bleyer of Marion campaigned fiercely for the Fifth District appellate court, but sank under the weight of rural resentment against presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Politics, case law complicate efforts to reform workers’ compensation law

By Amanda Robert | Nov 15, 2016

While Illinois business leaders and legal advocates continue to call for changes in their workers’ compensation system, they also admit that a few obstacles stand in the way of significant reform.

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