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Mayors support stopgap budget to fund education, local government

GODFREY — A group of 41 mayors in Illinois threw their support behind a bill that was one of many proposed to temporarily fix the state’s budget.

African-American man accuses former employer of racial discrimination

EAST ST. LOUIS — An Iowa man is suing an Illinois company, alleging he was wrongfully fired due to racial discrimination.

Taxpayer accuses U.S. government of erroneous assessment

EAST ST. LOUIS — An Illinois man is suing the U.S. government, alleging an erroneous tax assessment.

Student alleges he was injured after fall from bunk bed

EAST ST. LOUIS – A student has filed suit against a St. Clair County academic institution alleging he was injured because of a bed provided by the defendant.

Cook failed to recognize prisoner’s claim for ineffective assistance of counsel, Fifth District rules

MOUNT VERNON – Former St. Clair County judge Michael Cook rejected a prison petition that deserved a closer look, Fifth District appellate judges ruled on June 29.   

Madison County voters will get to decide property tax cut referendum

Madison County voters can decide whether to cut their property taxes in November, the county officer’s electoral board decided on July 6.

Petitioner alleges company president breached fiduciary duty

EDWARDSVILLE — An Illinois man is suing a company president, alleging the defendant caused the plaintiff to suffer financial losses of more than $64,000.

Wife alleges trucking company's negligence caused husband's death

EDWARDSVILLE — A Madison County woman is suing a trucking company, alleging its negligence caused the death of her husband in a vehicle crash.

Motorist alleges another driver's negligence caused her injuries

EDWARDSVILLE — An Illinois motorist is suing another driver, alleging the defendant's negligence caused a vehicle crash that injured the plaintiff.

Mother alleges motorist's negligence led to crash that injured her children

EDWARDSVILLE — The mother of two children is suing a motorist, alleging his negligence led to vehicle crash that injured the plaintiff and her children. insufficient measures were taken to prevent injuries and negligence.

Mother, daughter blame Madison County motorist for causing crash

EDWARDSVILLE — A mother is suing a Madison County motorist, alleging his negligence caused a vehicle crash that resulted in injuries to the plaintiff's daughter.

Former Marine accuses asbestos manufacturers of negligence

BELLEVILLE — A former U.S. Marine is suing dozens of companies associated with the manufacturing and distribution of asbestos, alleging failure to comply with consumer protection laws.

Two SIU retirees among top 400 pensioners in the state, report says

Two Edwardsville pensioners, whose combined annual pension is almost $476,000, made the top 400 in Tax Payers United of America's 10th Annual Report of Illinois State Pensions.

Motorist alleges another driver's negligence caused crash

EDWARDSVILLE — A Madison County woman is suing a motorist, alleging his negligence led to a vehicle crash that caused injuries.

Visitor alleges apartment operator's negligence caused serious injuries

EDWARDSVILLE — A Madison County woman is suing an Alton apartment operator, alleging negligence caused the plaintiff to suffer serious injuries.

Woman alleges injuries after accident

EDWARDSVILLE – A Madison County resident has filed a suit against a driver alleging injures in an Edwardsville accident.

Rep. Kay: 'Just a little skeptical of half year budgets'

The state's stop gap budget deal that will cover the next six months helped avert disaster for schools, universities and other vital operations, but it also laid groundwork for another epic budget battle. 

Lawsuit claims plaintiffs law firm uses data from privacy app to file TCPA claims

Legal reform advocates think they’ve found a prime example of plaintiffs attorneys “gaming the system” to collect big awards under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act.

TUA: Retired state leaders living high off the hog at taxpayers expense

The $147,477-plus former Governor James Thompson receives in annual state pension payments shines a light on a pension system that's essentially bankrupt, eroding the middle class, and creating classes of retired ¨have's¨ and ¨have-nots,¨ according to Taxpayers Union of America's latest study.

TUA sees stopgap budget as temporary fix to CTU's demands

While the state's stopgap budget adopted on the eve of a new fiscal year has for now satisfied the Chicago Teachers Union (CTU), a taxpayer watchdog believes it's just a matter of time before more demands are made known.