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Alton tenant sues landlord over dimly lit hallway

An Alton resident claims she suffered severe left knee injuries, which caused her to undergo surgery, after she fell on stairs in a dimly lit hallway.

Centrue Bank seeks repayment on promissory note

An Illinois bank is demanding repayment of more than $550,000 from an individual who it claims failed to use a promissory note in a consumer transaction.

Madison County Civil Docket : 2/7 - 2/11/2011

Monday, February 7

Madison County Asbestos Jury Dockets: 2/7/2011

9 a.m.

Hartford man sues over Alton accident

A Hartford man allegedly hurt while riding as a passenger in a car is suing the driver he says caused a crash in Alton.

B&R Cavern owners sued over patron's injuries

A Madison County man wants an East Alton bar to pay for his injuries after he was allegedly attacked by another man who had been drinking there.

Fed-Ex sued over I-70 rear-end accident

A Missouri man who claims he was rear-ended by a Fedex delivery truck wants more than $50,000 from the company.

Sara Buske asks law firm to admit she gave pre-nup to divorce lawyers she is now suing

Beasley Sara Buske claims she gave the divorce attorneys she is now suing a copy of the pre-nuptial agreement she says the firm mishandled during her 2008 divorce suit.

No decision yet in Sears washing machine class action

Hylla Although a case management conference is now set in a class action brought against Sears Roebuck & Co., there is still no decision months after a September hearing on whether Madison County Circuit Judge David Hylla will stay or even dismiss the case.

Two more Yaz suits filed in St. Clair County

Denton Two more New Jersey residents have filed suits against the manufacturers of the birth control pill Yasmin and Yaz in St. Clair County Circuit Court.

Memorial Hospital, emergency physicians named in wrongful death complaint

The husband of a recently deceased woman blames doctors at Memorial Hospital and Belleville Emergency Physicians for causing his wife's sudden death.

Madigan sues Granite City marketing firm over customer lists

Madigan CHICAGO - Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan announced today that she has filed a lawsuit against a Granite City marketing firm that allegedly misrepresented potential customer lists it sold as being verified and screened.

Two suits filed over same Caseyville accident

A woman and man claim they suffered disability and disfigurement after a driver ran into the car in which they rode.

Man sues over trip on slippery substance at gas station

A man wants to be awarded more than $50,000 after he says he fell on a slippery substance at a gas station.

Plaintiff, two defendants seek to settle Olin conveyor belt injury suit

Mudge Several parties in a suit over injuries a man allegedly suffered when his right hand got caught in a roller conveyor machine at Olin Corporation in East Alton are asking for approval of a settlement in the suit.

Hylla set to hear settlement over man's, baby's death in Granite City tow truck accident

Hylla Madison County Circuit Judge David Hylla is set to hear the final pleas to approve a settlement in a suit brought by a woman who lost her husband and nine month-old son in a Granite City tow truck accident in 2008.

Sparta man sues over Belleville accident

A Sparta man is suing a Belleville woman who allegedly crashed her car into his.

Royal Bamboo sued over back rent

A St. Clair County property owner is suing tenants it says failed to pay rent.

Belleville nursing home named in wrongful death complaint

A Belleville nursing home is accused of causing the death of a woman living there.

Doctor and Memorial accused of negligence in tubal ligation

A St. Clair County woman is suing her doctor for injuries he allegedly caused during a tubal ligation procedure.