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Towne sued by 15 out-of-staters arrested by SAFE; Long list of officials who participated in seizures also named

By Record News | Apr 10, 2018

CHICAGO – Individuals who served sentences and forfeited cash pursuant to arrests by a fake police squad on Interstate 80 sued the LaSalle County board and former state’s attorney Brian Towne in U.S. district court on April 5.

Peru attorney files malicious prosecution suit against former LaSalle Co. SA Brian Towne

By Record News | Feb 7, 2018

CHICAGO – Special prosecutor Brian Towne allegedly committed malicious and retaliatory prosecution as LaSalle County state’s attorney, according to a new civil lawsuit.

The fish rots from the head down

By The Madison County Record | Feb 6, 2018

In light of the infamous memo released last week in Washington, detailing the questionable tactics embraced by the FBI and the DOJ to convince a FISA court to authorize surveillance on the Trump team, is it any wonder that state and local law enforcement officials might conclude that they can use extralegal means whenever “necessary?”

Suspects detained 9 months under ‘SAFE’ program sue former LaSalle County SA Brian Towne, others

By Record News | Jan 30, 2018

CHICAGO – Two men who spent nine months each in LaSalle County jail under $1 million bond seek damages from former state’s attorney Brian Towne, creator of a fake police squad that arrested them.

Towne initiated felony charges against political foes while serving as state’s attorney

By Record News | Oct 11, 2017

SPRINGFIELD – Illinois special prosecutor Brian Towne who currently faces 17 misconduct and misappropriation indictments initiated felony charges against four political foes while he was LaSalle County state’s attorney.

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