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Every Illinoisan must see these two charts

By Mark Glennon, Wirepoints | Apr 12, 2019

Whether you know nothing or everything about Illinois’ state and local fiscal crises, take a moment to digest these two charts below, recently published by the Wall Street Journal.

Appeals court: No rehearing for class action vs SEIU to obtain $32M refund of illegal fees

By Jonathan Bilyk | Jan 8, 2019

A federal appeals panel in Chicago has rejected the request by a group of home caregivers for a new hearing to reconsider the courts’ prior decisions denying them the opportunity to bring a class action to recover nearly $32 million they accuse a union of unconstitutionally taking from them under a state law invalidated by a U.S. Supreme Court decision.

At $3.4 million, Bristow-Babcock race in 111th is most expensive in state, report says

By Record News | Nov 5, 2018

Which House race in the State of Illinois has run the most expensive campaign this season?

Choosing a hat: Proposal seeks to ease home closing costs by rewriting rules for IL lawyers who sell title insurance

By Jonathan Bilyk | Sep 28, 2018

A new legislative proposal would force real estate lawyers in Illinois who also serve as title insurance agents to 'choose which hat they will wear' in a home sale transaction, in a bid to reduce the typical closing costs paid by Illinois homeowners, and bring those costs more in line with the national average. But the proposal has drawn fire from lawyers and their associations, accusing supporters of the bill of unfairly 'scapegoating' lawyers for Illinois' relatively more expensive title insurance costs.

Post-Janus Landscape: Decision will impact union coffers, membership; more litigation on its way, say lawyers

By Jonathan Bilyk | Jul 2, 2018

In the wake of the U.S Supreme Court’s landmark decision to declare unconstitutional forced union fees, the legal and political landscape will undoubtedly change. But precisely what will change, and how and when those changes will roll out, remains anybody’s guess.

Who does Illinois’ Civic Federation really champion?

By Ted Dabrowski, Wirepoints | May 22, 2018

Glance at the list of the Civic Federation’s Trustees and you’ll see a collection of Illinois corporate titans. Many of the 16 men and one woman are CEOs, heads of private equity, chairs of boards, investors or hugely successful entrepreneurs.

Rauner, state reply to school districts' opposition to dismiss funding dispute

By Heather Isringhausen Gvillo | Sep 19, 2017

In a response to several school districts’ opposition to their motion to dismiss, defendants named in a school funding dispute argue that it is the “legislature’s exclusive constitutional authority” to allocate state funds.

Rauner, state file motion to dismiss school districts' lawsuit over state funding

By Heather Isringhausen Gvillo | Jun 27, 2017

Attorney General Lisa Madigan argues that claims brought against Gov. Bruce Rauner and the state by 17 school districts must be dismissed, stating that funding for public education is controlled by legislators.

Rauner seeks court guidance on illegally hired patronage workers in wake of special report; Hoffman and Clayborne connected to 11

By Jonathan Bilyk | May 3, 2017

In the wake of a scathing report from a court-appointed “special master” empowered to investigate political hiring abuses under former Gov. Pat Quinn, Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan and other state officials and lawmakers, current Gov. Bruce Rauner has asked for the court’s guidance on whether those improperly hired, thanks to political connections, should now be able to use collective bargaining agreements to leverage the experience they gained in those positions to land in different positions or even move up in the state’s employment ranks.

Report urges asbestos trust transparency in Illinois; 'Disconnect' between asbestos trusts and asbestos litigation leads to 'double dipping'

By Heather Isringhausen Gvillo | Apr 24, 2017

A new study released Monday by the Illinois Civil Justice League discussing the need for asbestos trust transparency in Illinois argues that "disconnect" between the asbestos bankruptcy trust system and asbestos litigation creates an unfair atmosphere for solvent defendants.

Cahokia has highest percentage of low-income students in lawsuit, but endures one of the highest property taxes in IL; Superintendent: District seeks full funding for costly curriculum

By Heather Isringhausen Gvillo | Apr 12, 2017

Given that his district educates a high percentage of low-income students and Cahokia property tax payers already are among the most burdened in the state, Superintendent Art Ryan says District 187 cannot be expected to meet more stringent testing requirements without more state funding.

Several school districts sue Rauner, state for 'financial aid erosion;' They say they weren't provided funding to achieve more rigorous and costly learning standards

By Heather Isringhausen Gvillo | Apr 7, 2017

After two similar sales tax proposals benefiting schools failed in Madison and St. Clair Counties, several local school districts are suing the state for failing to provide the funding necessary to achieve the more rigorous and expensive learning standards required by in Illinois.

Let's review the review boards and get rid of some

By The Madison County Record | Mar 1, 2017

In his ongoing efforts to reform state government in Wisconsin and get costs under control, Gov. Scott Walker has proposed eliminating an independent review board that handles workers' compensation cases.

John Cullerton feeds the rumor mill to deflect blame for his failures

By The Madison County Record | Feb 8, 2017

Rumor has it that State Senate President John Cullerton (D-Chicago) is “frustrated” with the current Illinois budget crisis and is contemplating retirement.

Edward Blake named one of Illinois' top ten family law attorneys

By Sara McCleary | Jan 30, 2017

BELLEVILLE – Edward J. Blake Jr. of Blake Behme Law Group, P.C., has been named one of Illinois' top ten family law attorneys by the National Academy of Family Law Attorneys (NAFLA).

If it could, Illinois should declare bankruptcy

By The Madison County Record | Jan 18, 2017

Democrats and Never-Trumpers have had a lot of fun scoffing at Donald Trump's self-proclaimed business acumen by pointing to his multiple bankruptcies.

Illinois continues to see a ciphoning of employees outside the state

By Kristin Danley-Greiner | Nov 15, 2016

The state of Illinois saw 5,500 employees leave its workforce this fall, prompting another decline for the fifth consecutive month in September. October brought additional jobs to eight metro areas, but it still isn’t enough to make a big difference.

Illinois joins campaign seeking to reform court bail systems for lower-level cases

By Dawn Geske | Nov 10, 2016

The state of Illinois has joined the 3DaysCount campaign, a national campaign dedicated to reforming bail systems.

Ray Coleman: Accepted at White House but not in East St. Louis?

By The Madison County Record | Oct 4, 2016

I am not an easy guy to get along with if you are dishonest, corrupt, a leader who refuses to lead, a selfish or ineffective bureaucrat, steal from kids, steal from the government. Again, I am by no means perfect, but I try to wake up every morning wanting to do good.

Judge slaps down Illinois Election Day voter registration system, saying it dilutes rural citizens' rights

By Jonathan Bilyk | Sep 27, 2016

A federal judge has prohibited Illinois’ most populated counties from continuing to register voters at polling places on Election Day, saying the way the system is currently set up in the state violates the rights of people voting in Illinois’ more rural regions.

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