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Lawyers Gone Wild

Are more lawsuits the answer to our sluggish economy? Certain trial lawyers seem to think so. They are working hard to make lawsuits a growing and thriving industry. They are exhibiting the same zeal, entrepreneurialism, and creativity as the small business innovators who are leading our economic recovery. The difference is that lawsuits undermine businesses of all sizes, our competitiveness, and our

A blueprint for regulatory reform

To ensure a more robust recovery, create jobs, and set the stage for long-term growth, we must make our flawed regulatory system smarter, less intrusive, and more accountable.

Free Enterprise Is Still The Answer

"Where's the recovery?" That's the question millions of unemployed Americans continue to ask. Unemployment still hovers near 10 percent, the economy is still sluggish, and poverty is on the rise. Washington's policy prescriptions—more taxing, more spending, and more government control of the economy—haven't worked. It's time for a change of direction. It's time to re-embrace the free enterprise principles