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Company accused of fraud can compel arbitration with plaintiff for some matters, appellate court says

By Tabitha Fleming | May 13, 2017

&&&An investment gone awry and whether or not defendants could compel arbitration for various disputes were at issue in the Fifth District Appellate Court of Illinois ruling which ordered parts of the dispute back to the lower court. In Lakho v. Nisar, the court found that a St. Clair court erred by granting the defendants arbitration for several counts in the case.

Man serving 10-year prison term for shooting has claim of ineffective counsel denied

By Tabitha Fleming | May 5, 2017

The Fifth District Appellate Court has agreed with the postconviction trial court that Perkins had effective legal counsel and was therefore not entitled to a new trial.

Insurance company's suit to recoup costs of covering restaurant fire will go to trial

By Tabitha Fleming | May 4, 2017

EAST ST. LOUIS — An insurance company's lawsuit against two business it says are responsible for a restaurant fire contained just enough possible evidence to go to trial, a District Court judge decided on April 21.

District court ruling denies defendants' motions to dismiss counterclaims in truck-stop injury case

By Tabitha Fleming | Apr 3, 2017

U.S. District Judge Nancy Rosenstengel has denied defense motions to dismiss counterclaims in a case involving a truck-stop accident where a semi-truck driver ran over a pedestrian's leg.

Illinois Chamber: 'Business Opportunity' tax would be job killer; State needs to constrain spending, accelerate growth

By Tabitha Fleming | Feb 1, 2017

SPRINGFIELD – If lawmakers adopt a “Business Opportunity Tax Act.” it would make Illinois one of the few states in the nation that taxes payroll, and would return personal and corporate tax rates to near record-high rates that residents were subject to during the term of Gov. Pat Quinn.

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