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Fifth District says Farmers had duty to defend in case over gun shot injury

By Sarah Zavala | Jul 13, 2012

Chapman The Fifth District Appellate Court has ruled that Farmers Insurance Company had the duty to defend its policy holder in a four-year-old dispute involving a gun shot injury.

Confidentiality Act trumps absolute litigation privilege in case involving mental health records

By Sarah Zavala | Jun 28, 2012

Goldenhersh The Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities Confidentiality Act which protects communication of mental health records prevails over the absolute litigation privilege, the Fifth District Appellate Court has decided.

Fifth District rules for Norfolk Southern in latent injury claim; Plaintiff loses on statute of limitations

By Sarah Zavala | Jun 5, 2012

Stewart Norfolk Southern Railway is not liable for a worker's knee injuries after an appellate court ruled that the statute of limitations had expired by the time the man filed.

Fifth District rules for plaintiff who won $1 million at '09 trial; Allstate found to have acted in bad faith

By Sarah Zavala | May 31, 2012

Goldenhersh The Fifth District Appellate Court ruled early last week in favor of a man who sued Allstate Insurance over an incident that resulted in the loss of his leg.

Reporters who rely upon public officials are protected by fair report privilege, appellate court rules

By Sarah Zavala | May 10, 2012

Welch Reports given by public officials fall under the Illinois fair report privilege, the Fifth District Appellate Court ruled on Tuesday.

Summary judgment for Universal Underwriters on 'step down' provision upheld at Fifth District

By Sarah Zavala | May 10, 2012

Stewart Universal Underwriters Insurance Company does not have to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars on an under-insured claim, according to a recent appellate court order.

Flack to be sworn in May 25; Says experience will help on bench

By Sarah Zavala | May 10, 2012

Flack Madison County's newly appointed associate judge has for a long time wanted to serve on the bench.

Tillery responds to Philip Morris opposition brief in Price

By Sarah Zavala | Apr 19, 2012

Tillery Attorney Stephen Tillery argues that facts that led to the dismissal of his $10.1 billion claim against Philip Morris over "light" cigarette labeling have been proven false and that, therefore, his petition for relief must be granted.

Crowder fundraiser to be held at Lewis & Clark Community College

By Sarah Zavala | Mar 15, 2012

Crowder Madison County Circuit Court Judge Barbara Crowder's campaign committee is hosting a fund-raiser at the Lewis & Clark Community College on March 28.

More litigation follows Freed & Weiss dispute

By Sarah Zavala | Mar 8, 2012

CHICAGO - An outside business litigation firm recently joined the mix of parties taking legal action against named partners at Freed & Weiss LLC.

Cook County suits involve alleged takeover at Freed and Weiss

By Sarah Zavala | Mar 1, 2012

CHICAGO - An ongoing dispute between named partners at Freed & Weiss LLC has led to a couple of new lawsuits involving an alleged take over scheme.

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