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What's a junk bond and why Illinois will be America's first 'junk' state

Illinois’ bonds are currently priced like they are junk-rated.

BLS report shows weak economy in Illinois, recovery in neighboring states

Illinois saw a 0.23 percent increase in jobs in the first quarter of 2017, the third-worst growth rate in the region.

Illinois has hurt its economy by piling on taxes since the great recession

State and local tax hikes in Illinois have hurt economic growth, lowered the standard of living, and contributed to out-migration.

Four reasons Illinoisans can't weather another tax increase

Lawmakers need to look at the state’s major spending drivers instead of increasing taxes, which will continue to drive more people out of the state.

Illinois loses 16,700 jobs in face of new tax proposals

Illinois lost 16,700 payroll jobs in December 2016, according to a Jan. 20 report from the Illinois Department of Employment Security, or IDES.

Illinois losing 1 resident every 4.6 minutes, could fall behind Pennsylvania population

Illinois has record loss of 114,000 residents to other states in 2016 as population shrinks by 37,500.

BLS September jobs report: Illinois has only shrinking labor force of all surrounding states

Illinoisans continued dropping out of the workforce in September, according to an Oct. 21 economic release from the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics, or BLS.

Illinois entrepreneurs deserve the right to earn a living

Illinois lawmakers should support a statewide law that limits government business regulations to only those necessary and carefully tailored to serve a legitimate public health, safety or welfare purpose.

Injured Illinois workers take 50 percent more time off than peers in surrounding states

Illinois law gives financial incentives to many injured workers to stay off the job and to doctors to prescribe more medications to workers’ compensation patients.

Illinois has worst personal income recovery in Midwest, second worst in U.S.

A new study by The Pew Charitable Trusts shows Illinois trails all states but Nevada in personal income growth since the Great Recession, with a growth rate half that of Illinois’ neighbors.

Illinois tax code punishes entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship is the embodiment of the American Dream, and through their creativity and hard work, entrepreneurs bring new ideas, products and ways of doing things to the marketplace, often building businesses generating significant numbers of jobs.

May jobs report: Illinois 2,500 payroll jobs, workforce shrinks by 9,100

Weak jobs numbers across the Midwest reflect the possibility of an oncoming economic slowdown. In fact, it would not be surprising to face a recession in the upcoming months, given that U.S. jobs growth has been weakening, and it has been seven years since the previous recession ended – a long period of expansion by historical norms.

Caterpillar CEO's warnings 4 years later: Illinois on downward slide as predicted

Illinois politicians ignored Caterpillar CEO Doug Oberhelman’s 2012 plea for pro-growth reforms, and Illinois is the only state in the region to have lost manufacturing jobs on net over the last four years.

Why Indiana's population grows faster than Illinois'

Illinois’ weak jobs growth is driving more residents to other states on net than Illinois gains from other states, from natural growth in births or from international immigration.