EDWARDSVILLE – A Missouri couple is suing a St. Jacob motorist, alleging negligence in an automobile accident.

Jon Lewis and Sarah Lewis filed a lawsuit Feb. 3 in Madison County Circuit Court against Richard Niles of St. Jacob, alleging negligence.

According to the complaint, on June 6, 2015, Jon Lewis was driving his vehicle eastbound on U.S. Route 40 near Triad Road in Madison County while Niles was also driving that stretch of roadway. Niles' vehicle collided with the back end of the the plaintiff's vehicle, the suit alleges.

The lawsuit states the defendant was cited by law enforcement officers for driving at a speed greater than was reasonable and proper with regard to traffic conditions, endangering Jon Lewis' safety. The suit says Niles' negligent acts include failing to stop to avoid a collision, allowing the front of his vehicle to collide with the back of the plaintiff's vehicle, failing to yield right of way, failing to maintain a proper lookout, and driving too fast for conditions.

As a result of those negligent acts, the complaint says, the plaintiff sustained injuries to his neck, left shoulder and left arm, causing pain and suffering and loss of a normal life. The plaintiff alleges he has incurred medical bills and will into the future and has lost wages and will into the future. Sarah Lewis alleges loss of consortium.

Jon Lewis seeks at least $50,000 or another sum that may be fair and equitable to compensate for his injuries, plus court costs and other relief the court deems just. Sarah Lewis seeks an amount that exceeds the jurisdictional requirements of the court, attorney fees, court costs and other relief the court deems proper. They are represented by attorneys Joshua P. Myers and Aaron M. Vogel of Schultz & Myers LLC in St. Louis.

Madison County Circuit Court case number 16-L-167

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