October 21, 2013


  • $67,000- 1812 Jersey Street- Dennis Cramer to Shereece Wallce


  • $128,000- 358 Spencer St.- Steven L. and Rebekah N. Lyles to Samantha Arview


  • $234,500- 31 Sugar Lane- Joseph G. Rosauer and Amy B. Rosauer to Jordan M. Hults and Ashley R. Robison Hults

  • $58,800- 8 Canna Drive- Jo Carole Abert to Ann R. Gregory and Cyril A. Sturm

  • $115,000- 315 Rosemary Drive- William F. Hopper Jr. and Shirley B. Hopper to Tracey E. Armon

East Alton

  • $29,750- 429 Oak Street- Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Paul Schwendeman and Nancy Schwendeman


  • $217,900- 8300 Waters Edge- Brian Weiss and Christine Bleier to Darin F. Gries

  • $205,000- 219 Burns Farm Blvd- John W. Tippit to Christopher J. Schulte

  • $117,500- 5031 Springfield Drive- Kilby Tepen and Courtney Tepen to John A. Holtkamp

  • $190,000- 222 N. Buchanan- James R. Stotts to Courtney M. Goodwin


  • $163,000- 82 Rolling Meadows- Mark and Melissa Pruitt to David J. and Trina R. Martin

  • $95,000- 2828 Norwood Lane- Sherry R. Mancewicz to Alexander T. Honke

  • $149,000- 6519 Timber Ridge- Elizabeth P. Lugger to Timothy A. and Deborah J. Ogden

  • $395,000- 1106 White Oak Trail- Kenneth W. Morgan to David V. and Vickie L. Oberlink

Granite City

  • $170,029- 3128 Harvard Place- The Judicial Sales Corporation to The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development

  • $9,048- 515 Margaret Avenue- Kellie Moussette to Timothy R. Dobler

  • $241,500- 2009-2011, 2013-2015, and 2029-2031 Bryan- Clifford A. Yeager and Cheryl D. Yeager to Jassy Properties INC.

  • $5,000- 2645 Iowa Street- Lewis and Clark Habitat for Humanity to Stephen C. Wilson and Christone R. Wilson


  • $165,000- 55 Arbor Crest Dr.- Dorothy A. Gorman to Larry W. and Patrice C. Eason

  • $116,500- 805 12th Street- Michael S. and Nancy E. Peters to Matthew and Kathleen Gruen

  • $174,686- 525 West Pike Drive- The Judicial Sales Corporation to The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development

  • $116,000- 145 Keeven Dr.- Monty W. Barker and Angela M. Germagliotti to Ryan S. and Jocelyn Sautman

  • $44,000- XXX Tara Trail- Glory A. Ambuehl Living Trust to William J. Kusmec and Janet M. Kusmec


  • $272,000- 1908 Rhodes Street- Ler Properties LLC to Center Street Senior Living Corporation


  • $270,512- 1939 Wellington Lane- The Judicial Sales Corporation to The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development

  • $191,000- 2609 Fieldstone Drive- John Fiala to Forrest Olson

  • $173,000- 1000 Meadow Lake Drive- Fanny A. Byer to Patricia J. Edouard and Lesly G. Edouard


  • $212,000- 205 Fairington Drive- Norman F. Muelleman Jr. and Lisa J. Muelleman to Bradley F. Clanney and Donna L. Clanney

  • $286,200- 306 Meadow Drive- George A. Boston and Betty Boston to Danny H. Highlander and Cindy Highlander

  • $172,000- 72 Oakbrooke Road- Christopher L. Huffman and Brooke M. Huffman to Thomas G. Miner Sr. and Vilma E. Miner

  • $125,500- 408 Ackerman Place- Stephen B. Sabaini and Kari L. Garber to Sharon K. Bradley

  • $162,000- 1308 Bridlespur Lane- Robert L. Fulkerson and Barbara J. Fulkerson to Stephen Sabaini and Kari Sabaini

Wood River

  • $97,500- 776 Berry Rd.- George L. Hobbs and Mary A. Hobbs to Dennis and Sheila Angel

October 22, 2013


  • $20,000- 3509 Bloomer Dr.- Secretary of HUD to Taron Bryan and David O’Donnell


  • $40,703- 703 Illinois Ave.- Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Kristi Patrick

  • $177,500- 3 Klein Ct.- Carolyn F. Guilander to Ryans Wiggins and Kaitlin Wiggins

East Alton

  • $55,000- 327 Broadway- Fredrick A. Smith Jr. and Donnell E. Smith to Stephen R. Clark

  • $42,000- 404 East Airline Drive- Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Barbara A. Tepen


  • $335,000- 5206 Hazel Rd.- Patrick J. Lewis and Melinda J. Lewis to Richard J. Donner II and Sandra C. Donner

  • $49,500- 125 Fox Hill- First Collinsville Bank to Joseph R. Bukovac and Kristin N. Bukovac

  • $176,000- 251 Seminole St.- Christopher J. Schulte and Stacy A. Schulte to Travis Irwin and Tiffany Irwin

Glen Carbon

  • $181,100- 27 Jennifer Dr.- Federal National Mortgage Association to Michael Wibben and Sherry Wibben

  • $165,500- 17 Grainey Drive- CPT58 Homes LLC to Amie C. Reed and Kristopher E. Reed

  • $300,000- 11 Country Maples- Mark A. Loucks and Carolyn J. Loucks to Daniel Hepp and Molly Hepp


  • $355,000- 1200 White Oak Trail- Hammond Family Trust to Glenn and Margaret Porter

Granite City

  • $23,000- 2263 Iowa St.- Elaine Deshasier to Catherine Williams

  • $31,500- 2434 Edison Ave.- Fung Wong to Anna Potts

  • $96,500- 22 Cambridge Drive- Nancy Wilkinson Bryant to Zachary B. Albatt and Ashlie K. Albatt


  • $143,000- 253 Hamel Avenue- Megan S. Knetzer to Donal Lynn Chappell and Gerri Lynn Chappell


  • $80,000- 45 Chase Way- Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Steven J. Richter


  • $224,900- 2404 Calico Lane- Dustin Simaytis and Tallie N. Simaytis to Robert Stuckey and Linda Stuckey


  • $71,000- 225 Maple Avenue- Jeffrey L. Lange to Ashlynn G. Baggett

St. Jacob

  • $50,440- 8816 Wendell Creek Dr.- Wendell Creek Estates LLC to Larry Ulrich


  • $232,400- 280 Sunnybrooke- Penn Builders LLC to Suzann Rizzi

  • $234,000- 30 Claybrooke Ct.- Sundance Home Development INC. to Brian Patterson and Tessa Patterson

Wood River

  • $73,000- 555 Wilson Avenue- Michael McGuiggan and Christina McGuiggan to Waymon Taylor and Jennifer F. Taylor

October 23, 2013


  • $82,791- 3852 North Arbor Lake Drive- Arbor Lake Development Company LLC to Mark R. Call

  • $260,000- 7607 Jerusalem Road- Mark A. Armon and Tracey E. Armon to David H. Bauer and Claire A. Bauer

Granite City

  • $23,000- 10 Briarcliff Drive- The Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Michael C. Jones


  • $16,275- Tina M. Hart to Edward Beyer


  • $185,000- 10961 Pocahontas Road- Robert L. Rehg and Marie H. Rehg to Clay Iberg


  • $2,079- Hedge Road- Village of South Roxana to Garland Zimmerman Jr.

  • $3,774- 4603 Hedge Road- Garland Zimmerman Jr. to Village of South Roxana


  • $185,000- 107 McArthur Drive- WHR Group INC. to Shirley A. Flinn

Wood River

  • $247,000- 540 Old Saint Louis Road- Page Trucking INC. to Wood River Acquisitions LLC

October 24, 2013


  • $15,000- 20 E. Elm St.- HUD to Matthew A. Brown

  • $40,000- 2632 Randolph St.- Daylinda Clayton to Barton R. Olney


  • $208,000- 2627 Keebler Road- FFO Investments LLC to Jerry P. Gammill and Harlene Gammill


  • $235,000- 779 Chancellor Dr.- Blake J. Schwalb and Natalee E. Schwalb to Bedrije Hamiti

  • $120,800- 688 Boulevard DeCannes- James M. May to Robert O. Ruehl, Kelly E. Ruehl, Roy Ruehl and Judy Ruehl

  • $220,000- 6809 Quail Walk- Nathan Karlas to James R. Patterson

Glen Carbon

  • $154,500- 34 Joel Dr.- Kevin D. Pontious and Lisa D. Pontious to Jeremy Bond and Caitlin Van Pelt

  • $272,706- 132 Meridian Oaks Drive- L.M.V. Homes INC. to Timothy R. Hargett and Amy M. Hargett

Granite City

  • $96,000- 3032 Edgewood Ave.- Jason R. Imboden and Erin M. Imboden to Alex D. Flynn and Amanda D. Whitaker

  • $1,200- 2135 Edison Ave.- Yeager Properties INC. to L & S Residential Rentals LLC


  • $37,500- 143 East Maple Street- Donald L. Stanley and Debra D. Stanley to Hartford LLC

  • $40,000- 117 East Dale Street- Donald L. Stanley and Debra D. Stanley to Hartford LLC


  • $43,000- 1711 Elizabeth Street- Francesca Ferrentelli to William Wachtel and Beth Wachtel

  • $16,000- 1547 A and B 6th Street- Emmitt Loving to Charlon Loving and Valenica Crockett


  • $207,000- 1860 Crimson Oak- Remington Place LLC to Nicholas C. Klenke

South Roxana

  • $56,000- 213 Pennsylvania Avenue- Ryan P. and Jennifer L. Chestnut to RnW Properties LLC


  • $125,000- 102 Viola Dr.- Margaret M. Lee to John Schmerbauch

October 25, 2013


  • $6,300- 410 Piasa Street- CR Holdings INC. to Gaming and Leisure Properties INC.


  • $80,000- 116 Hampton- Gene Babcock to Tyler A. House and Stephanie Irvin


  • $32,000- 510 Spring St.- Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Joseph S. Kudelka


  • $169,950- 205 Banner St.- Brian K. Yap and Ann L. Yap to James Keller and Cheri Y. Keller

  • $2,000- Cabernet Lane- Arbor Lake Development Co. LLC to Thomas R. Miller

  • $60,900- 4840 Street Car Road- Carrie Bachman to Jack H. McKinney


  • $35,000- 5904 Dogwood Lane- U.S. Bank to Blue Mountain Homes LLC

  • $83,344- 7741 Humbert Road- Bank of America to Secretary of HUD

  • $225,000- 1820 Sycamore Hills Unit 6St. Peters Homes Co. to Jane H. Schweickhardt

Granite City

  • $9,013- 3112 Edgewood- Federal National Mortgage Association to Harbour Portfolio VII LP

  • $70,000- 2650 Adams St.- Dea M. Martin to Jacob Wilson

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