Madison County real estate Oct. 15-18

By Sarah Powers | Nov 1, 2013

October 15, 2013

October 15, 2013


  • $22,500- 129 Elm Street- Nationstar Mortgage LLC to Janet K. Francis


  • $338,000- 941 Dackk Road- Eric Miner to William R. Elliott and Betsy A. Elliott

  • $189,000- 514 and 516 Delevan St.- Robert A. Mounts and Jo A. Mounts to Ryan R. Kneedler

  • $152,000- 499 and 501 Delevan St.- Robert A. Mounts and Jo A. Mounts to B & K Auto Sale and Services INC.

  • $110,000- 634 Tillotson- Bob Mounts to Ryan R. Kneedler

  • $54,000- 3319 West Paint- Burrell and Patricia Schneidewind to Reyes Del Rio

  • $50,000- Bethel Road, S Mulberry Road- Mildred I. Krawczyk to Jesse A. Byrd and Donna P. Byrd

East Alton

  • $22,300- 103 Bonds Avenue- CP-SRMOF II 2012-A Trust to Sue A. Williams


  • $325,000- 316 S. Buchanan- C. Vernon Carver to Mehmet Dinceroglu

  • $82,000- 3817 North Arbor Lake Drive- Arbor Lake Development Co. INC. to Boulder Holdings LLC

  • $42,000- 1350 Gerber Road- Alicia Roth to Lerch Homes INC.

  • $150,000- 1102 Grand Avenue- Alexander M. Steiger to Patricia T. Rudloff

  • $85,000- 1302 Troy Road- Blooming Violet Properties LLC to Michael F. Chamberlain Jr.

  • $18,000- Payne Street- Bert W. Steinhauff and Gabriele Steinhauff to J & K Moseley INC.

  • $386,000- 5 Jenn-Laur Drive- Thomas Kinsella and Barbara Boyne Kinsella to Nathan Vuagniaux and Deborah Vuagniaux

Glen Carbon

  • $53,990- 3162 Alexandra Drive- Savannah Crossing Development INC. to Remington Properties LLC

  • $153,500- 406 Carroll Lane- Robert T., Theresa E. and Matthew Budenholzer to Michael P. Budenholzer

  • $146,000- 406 Carroll Lane- Michael Budenholzer to Michael Hays

Granite City

  • $16,000- 2216 Orville Street- Shelly Preston to Michael Dobrynski

  • $100,000- 38 Georgetown Dr.- Edward P. Bodi and Annice L. Bodi to Kristin McKinney

  • $100- 2709 Buxton Avenue- Bryant Properties LLC to Sylvia G. Travis


  • $79,000- 13621 Bavarian Way- Stonemark Developments LLC to Joseph L. Roti Roti and Patricia L. Roti Roti

  • $94,400- 2127 Saint Raphael Court- Michael D. Lennen and Dorthea D. Lennen to Robert E. Bowman and Susan D. Bowman


  • $85,500- 322 W. Zupan- Harold R. Parker to Gary W. Oldham and Deborah L. Oldham

  • $196,500- 6828 Manchester Drive- Aaron L. Webb and Kristen L. Webb to Branden P. Griffitts

South Roxana

  • $53,500- 432 Southard Place- Justin and Kim Summers to Jonathan Wyatt

October 16, 2013


  • $40,000- 148 Lakeside Avenue- Judicial Sales Corporation to The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development

  • $39,600- 3850 Aberdeen- Judicial Sales Corporation to The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development

  • $15,000- 826 Spruce St.- Estate of Gold Weber to Robert and Sandra Northway

  • $1,000- 1712 Maupin Ave.- Robert L. Cousett to William Long

  • $18,500- 610 Marsh Ave.- Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Thomas A. Gipperich


  • $177,000- 3 Michael Court- George Randall Payne and Tracy L. Payne to Edward Bodi and Annice Bodi

  • $288,000- 129 Woodcrest Dr.- Howard Smith and Lynvigna Smith to Brian and Amy Koshinski


  • $100,000- 1121 Carraway Ct.- Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Sean Turner

  • $100,000- 117 Westwood Drive- Jeffrey W. Lacey and Catherine J. Lacey to Bryan D.A. Eggemeyer and Lesley A. Eggemeyer

  • $100,000- 100 and 102 Moffett Dr.- Dolores L. Doyle to L & L Sales and Leasing INC.

  • $205,000- 22 Grandbook Blvd.- Bradley R. Greer and Pamela R. Greer to Shane K. Blank and Kelli J. Blank

  • $153,000- 318 Northoak Drive- Jeannine M. Miller to Sanderson Palmer and Karen Palmer

Cottage Hills

  • $9,900- 1321 First Street- Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Ed Tidwell

  • $10,000- Lenora Street- George E. Smith to Michael D. and Lisa M. Witt

  • $67,000- 361 S. Oak St.- June Coontz to Jeffrey and Kristie Ochs

East Alton

  • $71,000- 412 South Main Street- Larry and Patricia Hellrung to Robert and Shirleen Maroon


  • $75,000- 804 Sherman Ave.- Darrel Schien to Misty Sherfy

  • $168,000- 638 Tamarach Drive- Edward L. Miller Jr. and Kathy M. Miller to Geroge R. Payne and Tracy L. Payne

  • $111,500- 650 Thomas Street- David P. Gaylord and Ann Deja to Alana E. Weber

Glen Carbon

  • $382,500- 100 Waterfall Court- Magel A. Debo to Vincenzo W. Deleonardis and Judy A. Deleonardis


  • $96,721- 1514 Autumn St.- Darren Freshour to Michelle L. Dyer Declaration of Trust

  • $46,000- 230 Minnie Ave.- Home Guardian Trust to Riley W. Kuithe

Granite City

  • $80,000- 10 Tulip Ave.- Crystal Matthews to Jose Ochoa and Sarah Ochoa

  • $87,500- 5112 Old Alton Road- Charles G. Taylor to Terry E. Talley and Sherry A. Taller

  • $83,000- 3270 Franklin Ave.- Bradley J. Borror and Kathryn E. Borror to Christen M. McClintock

  • $8,500- 2435 State St.- Michael L. Hill and Linda D. Hill to Amy Deconcini and Lisa M. Ferguson


  • $72,500- 409 North Olive Street- Laura Lawrence to Harford LLC


  • $112,000- 57 Kay Drive- Kory Ray and Linda Marie Chesser to Lisa A. Winkeler

  • $33,000- 10854 Lake Road- Adelbert E. Elliott and Edith N. Elliott to Jean A. Sheets and Harlan E. Villers

  • $67,500- 402 S. Mulberry Street- Donald E. Hediger to Kyle and Carla Riva

  • $67,500- 402 S. Mulberry Street- Darren D. Hediger to Kyla and Carla Riva


  • $24,500- 198 Madison Ave.- Arlene P. Tadlock to Jason E. Henry


  • $172,500- 130 Roger Drive- Joseph L. Friederich and Jennifer J. Friederich to James F. Vivian Jr. and Tina M. Vivian


  • $148,000- 216 Remington Court- Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Kimberly A. Chiarottino

Wood River

  • $56,000- 79 East Jennings- Justin and Jennifer Sanbach to Laura M. Lawrence

  • $73,000- 535 3rd Street- Paul L. Roberts and Peggy A. Roberts to Andrew R. Stratton

October 17, 2013


  • $33,000- 3731 Berkeley Ave.- U.S. Bank to Joseph Baze


  • $35,000- 106 W. Country Lane- Donald E. Wilson and Vickie M. Wilson to Harold Ray Parker

  • $440,500- 704 North Liberty Road- Gerald Montroy to Daniel Gunter and Heather Gunter

  • $86,000- 100 E. Church St.- C and J Properties of Madison County LLC to Joseph Lochmann

  • $81,500- 311 Garesche St. Donald Wilson and Vickie Wilson to Yvonne D. Thomas

  • $146,000- 105 Dewey Drive- Dax Malter and Jennifer Malter to Leslie A. Patterson and Stephen Patterson


  • $160,000- 6377 Manix Road- Ronald Carter to Clay Gusewelle

Granite City

  • $52,500- 2604 Reveres Route- Federal National Mortgage Association to Eric S. Falbe

  • $69,900- 2805 Oregon Avenue- U.S. Bank to Lakya J. Hill

  • $29,000- 1407 Venice Ave.- Ora Irene Swigert and Theodore William Swigert to Theodore William Swigert and Lois J. Swigert

  • $1,200- 2137 Edison Ave.- L & S Residential Rentals LLC to Yeager Properties INC.

  • $1,200- 2137 Edison Ave.- Douglas W. Smith and Jean M. Causey to L & S Residential Rentals LLC

  • $22,000- 1417 19th Street- Liekey INC. to Michael R. Meyers and Nancy G. Meyers


  • $6,870- 8034 Washington Ave.- Gregory Kayich to Vernell Glasper


  • $275,000- 4940 Autumn Oaks Drive- Thomas N. Tillman Jr. and Barbara L. Tillman to James L. Phillips

  • $178,000- 2306 South Center Street- Gary and Rosa Willmore to Joel and Francine Luckett


  • $86,000- 5877 State Route 140- The Bank of Edwardsville to Mathew Meyers

Saint Jacob

  • $211,000- 2012 Richview Drive- James M. Nudd and Kristina P. Nudd to Samuel C. Keck and Jo A. Keck


  • $70,000- 485 Tyler Drive- Threesum INC. to Foreman Homes INC.

October 18, 2013


  • $43,000- 413 Lampert St.- Barbara Jean Gomer to CBMarketing INC.


  • $63,900- 413 Sanner Street- Michael E. Hildebrand and Adria C. Hildebrand to Christopher A. Veath and Dianna J. Veath

  • $130,000- 1220 Madison Avenue- Estate of Charles Zinkhon to Marc Taillon

Glen Carbon

  • $46,000- 6033 State Route 162- Rene Bassett Butler to John J. Grisolano


  • $145,000- 3405 McKee Lane- James Ryan Waltz and Jessica Waltz to Dakota J. Smith and Jamie E. Smith

  • $97,000 1359 Normandy Drive- Jean Grames to Carole J. Springer

Granite City

  • $19,900- 5102 Rapp Road- Kim Brown to Kirk Schade

  • $116,900- 413 Wilson Park Lane- Dale F. Moseley and Kelly E. Moseley to Ronald F. Mueller Jr. and Brandy J. Mueller


  • $67,000- 500 N. Lange Street- Rene Basett Butler to James Michael Melton

Wood River

  • $117,000- 235 South Central Avenue- Marc E. Wolfe to Precious Hart

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