An Edwardsville attorney blamed for allowing a mother to withdraw funds from an account holding proceeds of her daughter's auto accident award has filed for an extension of time to respond to allegations. 

According to the complaint filed Aug. 16, Alexis Nichols, formerly known as Alexis Brueggeman, claims Edwardsville attorney David Fahrenkamp, doing business as Fahrenkamp Law Offices, was appointed guardian ad litem of her after she won money following a collision occurring when she was a minor.

Fahrenkamp asked for an additional 30 days to respond on Sept. 30.

Part of his duties as guardian were to protect Nichols’ money, according to the complaint. However, during his appointed time as guardian ad litem, Nichols’ mother was allowed to withdraw money from the account that held the funds Nichols was awarded following the vehicle collision, the suit states.

Nichols blames Fahrenkamp for allegedly causing her to lose money, failing to monitor her mother’s requests to ensure that the money was being spent for Nichols’ benefit and failing to report any irregularities to the court in order to stop withdrawals.

Nichols seeks a judgment exceeding the minimum jurisdictional limit of Madison County Circuit Court.

Madison County Circuit Judge Barbara Crowder scheduled a motion hearing for Nov. 8 at 9 a.m.

Charles W. Armbruster III and Michael T. Blotevogel of Armbruster, Dripps, Winterscheidt & Blotevogel in Alton represent the plaintiffs.

The defendant is acting pro se.

Madison County Circuit Court case number 13-L-1395

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