Shop & Sue

by The Madison County Record |
Aug. 3, 2013, 7:44am

Okay, kids, our guest this year for Career Day is local attorney Thomas Maag. I want you to pay close attention to what he has to say. Remember, if you apply yourselves here in high school and then do well in college and law school, you could wind up with a law practice and exciting cases just like his. Here’s a sample of the challenging cases Mr. Maag has worked on in the last few years:

In 2007, Mr. Maag represented a fellow attorney who sued the Pizza Hut in Troy after allegedly being assaulted by the restaurant’s automatic front door.

In 2009, he represented a film buff in St. Clair County who sued Redbox for charging her the late fees it said it would charge if she didn’t return rented videos on time.

In 2010, he represented a client who claimed to have been charged fifty cents more than she should have been when cashing a check at the Shop ’n Save in Edwardsville. (Mr. Maag’s brother Peter specializes in this kind of suit.)

In 2011, Thomas Maag represented another fellow attorney, also in Edwardsville, who sued a telemarketer for directing a few prerecorded phone calls to her law firm.

In 2012, he represented a Kaplan University student of criminal psychology in her suit against a towing company that removed her car from the highway without her permission, after she’d been arrested by Caseyville Police for running a traffic light and having an outstanding warrant.

Right now, even as we speak, Mr. Maag is representing a junk-food-and-spring-water connoisseur who claims he bought two bottles of H2O and a bag of Cheetos from a St. Clair County QuikTrip and was overcharged nearly a dime in tax.

Listen carefully to what Mr. Maag has to say, kids. Stay in school, study hard, and follow his example -- and you can have a brilliant career just like his.

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