St. Clair County Associate Circuit Judge Heinz Rudolf on June 21 dismissed a lawsuit without prejudice over a car accident in St. Louis that was allegedly caused by a Village of Caseyville employee.

Casey Johnson and Crystal Keith claim Johnson was northbound on N. 10th St. in St. Louis in June 2012 when Jeffrey Wilkinson, an employee of the Village of Caseyville, who was also northbound on the same street, crashed into Johnson’s vehicle. At the time, Keith was a passenger in a car.

The suit was filed and dismissed June 21.

Because of the collision, Johnson suffered headaches, cervical muscle cramps and right shoulder and neck pain, according to the complaint. She also incurred vehicle repair costs and medical costs of $4,690.55.

Meanwhile, Keith suffered right hip injuries and has been required to spend $7,583.10 on medical costs, the suit states. Johnson and Keith both suffered great physical pain and lost income, the suit states.

In their complaint, Johnson and Keith blame Wilkinson for causing the collision, saying he negligently drove too fast, failed to keep a proper lookout and failed to provide warning of his impending approach.

They also name the Village of Caseyville a defendant, because it employed Wilkinson at the time of the collision.

Patrick L. Mickey of Brown and Crouppen in St. Louis was to represent them.

St. Clair County Circuit Court case number: 13-L-310.

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