June 24, 2013


  • $114,225- 2626 Judson Avenue- The Judicial Sales Corporation to The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development

  • $92,000- 2302 Fairview Drive- Robert D. Larson to Michael T. Connolly and Sharon Connolly


  • $210,878- 7655 Hilltop Lane- The Judicial Sales Corporation to The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development


  • $396,000- 1040 Collinsville Crossing Road- Wal-Mart Stores INC. to Baboucar N. Njai

  • $9,600- 3311 Amherst Ave.- Dion L. Starkey to Erik Garcia Ortiz and Raul Osorio Morales

  • $32,500- 436 S. Chestnut St.- Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Ashlee Lynn Satterthwaite

East Alton

  • $37,500- 310 Kingshighway- The Estate of Shirley A. Blasa to Greenwood Property Investment INC. and Brad Donley


  • $205,000- 25 Dunlap Cove- Gary G. Cross to Scott Henkhaus


  • $73,000- 3406 Emma Lane- Joseph R. Ursprung to Jennifer Gillson


  • $25,000- 1544 2nd St.- Mattie Willison to Elaine Holmes

  • $3,000- 1717 Third Street- Intercounty Judicial Sales to Secretary of Veterans Affairs


  • $15,000- 10 Maple St.- Michael W. Ladd to William G. Stranquist


  • $79,900- 222 Reller Street- Marissa Bradley and Curt Bradley to Tina M. Fairless


June 25, 2013


  • $59,900- 1708 Lucille Avenue- U.S. Bank to Clifford Evans

  • $84,500- 3420 Glenn Drive- David L. Kinder to Shymekia L. Rogers

  • $174,000- 6302 Wenzel Rd.- Kelly Lee and Cheryl A. Cranmer to Mark E. and Brenda Jo Rynders

  • $400- 104 E. 12th St.- Great Southern Bank to Brian B. Arendt and Rosaria Rena Ciaramitaro

  • $3,000- 700 & 735 6th Street- Mary Gross to CNB Bank & Trust


  • $114,000- 405 Sanders Street- Robert Meintrup III and Suzanna Meintrup to Joyce Gayle Sitze

  • $205.000- 21 Woodcrest Drive- Joyce Gayle Sitze to Justin B. and Amber L. Newell


  • $159,000- 3 Kingston Road- Ralph D. Compton and Opal F. Compton to Patsy R. Aden

  • $105,500- 204 West Country Lane- Saumel J. Hall Jr. and Megan Hall to Beverly A. Gibson

  • $207,500- 4 Cedar Point- James J. Williams and Jeanette Williams to Kenneth Tharp

  • $147,000- 1970 Raintree Trail- Dennis D. Staley to Lauren Halde

  • $95,000- 114 E Country Lane- Michael T. Griffin to Andrew Thompson

East Alton

  • $125,000- 101 Cedar Lane- Patricia A. Blanton to Ronald E. Stull and Darlene Stull

  • $21,000- 132 Charlene St.- U.S. Bank to Impact Ventures LLC

  • $121,000- 125 Stolze Drive- Carolyn Sue Hill to David B. Voils

  • $131,500- 492 Valley Dr.- Jamie L. Joiner to Joseph L. and Ralynne Case


  • $167,500- 4510 Drda Lane- Richard E. Nolle Jr., John F. Nolle and Jean Marie Nolle to Joshua Meyer and Miranda Meyer

  • $148,900- 411 Cass Avenue- Eric Steinhauff and Ginger Steinhauff to Luke Wittman and Riley Wittman

Glen Carbon

  • $188,000- 201 Aspen Point- Kristopher R. Henkhaus and Jennifer S. Henkhaus to Samuel A. Bennett and Alexandria A. Bennett

  • $254,000- 3112 Birmingham Drive- Remington Properties LLC to Jeffrey T. Russell and Julia M. Russell

  • $280,000- 25 Waterford Lane- Joseph E. Feldmann and Elizabeth Ann Feldmann to Jason Lunsford

Granite City

  • $67,000- 213 Briarwood- William Alan Evans, Joyce Ann Evans and Judith Ann Goodner to Dustin Brooks

  • $145,000- 31 Mikel Drive- Jack W. Rhoads and Alice L. Rhoads to Jeremy J. Hawk

  • $65,500- 2332 Zippel Ave.- Secretary of Veterans Affairs to HOMEiNVESTORS LLC

  • $25,299- 302 Wilson Park Lane- Deutsche Bank National Trust Company to HOMEiNVESTORS LLC


  • $195,500- 6748 Oxford Lane- Louis Rigo Jr. and Chandra Rigo to Sarah Hughes and Charles E. Hughes III

  • $187,000- 2716 Stone Valley Drive- Jared B. Arico and Angela L. Arico to Sam Hall


  • $85,500- 415 N. Central Avenue- Jason Thatcher and Emily Thatcher to Roy Patton and Linda Patton


  • $3,500- 1101 Adams Ave.- Jared W. Jones to Gary Lee Kiselka


  • $177,500- 620 Meadowlark Drive- Cadagin Homes INC. to John Quinn and Stephanie Quinn

June 26, 2013


  • $125,000- Lot 11 Industrial Dr.- CV Investments LLC to Challenge Unlimited INC.

  • $222,500- 25 Wellesley Pl- Terry W. and Cynthia S. Ahlers to Marshall H. and Laura M. Beckman

  • $155,000- 4847 Azalea Pl.- Azalea Gardens LLC to Terry W. and Cynthia S. Ahlers

  • $37,000- 631 Liberty Street- Federal National Mortgage Association to Jeffrey E. Dunnagan and Linda S. Dunnagan


  • $77,944- 5107 Lee Rd- Donna L. Lohman to Daniel Thole


  • $50,000- 61 Woodcrest Drive- Eric and Lesta Lame to Kevin and Stacy Geiger

  • $117,500- 502 Courtesy Lane- Bryan M. Benton and Casei J. Benton to Timothy Brown and Crystal Brown

  • $84,000- 429 Texas Blvd- Brittney B. Clark and Darrin L. Clark to John Bonnell and Sharon Bonnell


  • $118,500- 908 Indiana Ave.- James D. Harris and Michael J. Moulds to Erik M. Illies

  • $86,410- 703 Illinois Avenue- Intercounty Judicial Sales to Secretary of HUD

Cottage Hills

  • $8,100- 809 Walnut Drive- Sec. of Housing and Urban Dev. to Robert Trimm


  • $196,000- 933 Esic Drive, Unit 8- Elio Reyes Rosales to Russell C. Soloman III and Lela F. Soloman

Glen Carbon

  • $290,448- 137 Meridian Oaks Drive- Spencer Homes LLC to Lisa M. Henricks and William E. Henricks Jr.


  • $102,800- 426 Keller Street- Susan E. Ruckman to David F. Cloninger Jr.

  • $79,900- 205 Bachman Lane- Federal National Mortgage Association to Gregory T. Elliott and Patricia L. Fischer


  • $78,000- 146 W. Tydeman- Cheryl A. Sullivan to Michael Anderson and Lindsey Anderson


  • $167,000- 2281 Tramore- Brent A. Stanley to Chicago Title Land Trust

  • $156,000- 2281 Tramore- Chicago Title Land Trust to Paul Frohnert

  • $155,000- 24 Ashbrooke- Paul A. Lazerson and Deborah A. Lazerson to George F. May III and Lauren A. May

  • $182,000- 7312 Graythorn, Unit C- CMG Custom Construction LLC to Michelle L. Simms

June 27, 2013


  • $106,050- 7572 Best Lane- Cheryl L. Ferguson to Jordan Lilley


  • $86,000- 3306 Agnes Blvd.- Susan D. Koehne to Barbara Ann Schacher


  • $115,000- 293 Harding St.- Joe D. Villines III and Chondell Villines to Marcus Wagner and Laura A. Wagner

  • $89,900- 1542 Franklin Ave.- Michelle L. Simms to Shannon Kunkel

  • $100,000- 703 Victory Dr.- Jerold D. Amsbury to Jennifer L. McKim

  • $110,000- 1115 Carlace- Vincent L. Niemeier and Danielle A. Niemeier to Lindsey Hahn

East Alton

  • $89,900- 509 Monroe Street- Kevin Goodman and Rebecka Goodman to John P. Miller and Victoria B. Miller

  • $90,000- 41 West Woodland- Joan Roberts to Jean P. Kainz


  • $302,500- 3963 Staunton Road- Robert Ronger to Andrew W. Rawson

  • $83,000- 8405 Stone Ledge Dr.- Black Oak Development LLC to Phelps Construction INC.

  • $56,000- 333 South Benton- Premier Bank of Jacksonville to Ranae Harris Properties LLC

Glen Carbon

  • $49,500- 140 Meridian Oaks Drive- Meridian Manors Development LLC to S2 Homes LLC

  • $49,500- 145 Ellington Ct.- - Meridian Manors Development LLC to S2 Homes LLC

  • $283,000- 120 Meridian Oaks Dr.- Lerch Homes INC. to Jeffrey B. Stark and Lisa M. Stark

  • $195,000- 33 Matterhorn Drive- Janis Zoelzer to Jeremy R. Lange and Angela C. Lobdell

  • $125,000- 170 Hillcrest Dr.- Houses LLC to Charles Kirk and Cyndi Kirk

  • $103,000- 17B Cougar Drive- Scott Henkhaus and Michele Henkhaus to Michael L. Richardson


  • $189,000- 1901 Jerome Dr.- Dennis R. and Sally Ann Holleran to Gregory S. and Alyssa K. Burnett

  • $124,900- 1357 Normandy Dr.- Estate of Jacquelyn L. Gaddy to Patricia Howell

  • $118,000- 5001 Clara Dr.- Glen E. Carter to Judith and Robert Doerr

  • $98,500- 1301 Mormandy Dr.- Eden B. Peterson Living Trust to John E. Lindsay

  • $68,000- 2716 Ridgedale Dr.- Farkas Family Real Estate Preservation Trust to Susan E. Ruckman

Granite City

  • $99,900- 2322 Cleveland Blvd.- Wise Choice Properties INC. to Joseph W. Robbs and Cristal E. Robbs


  • $136,220- Wellen Road- Grace M. Leder and Jean M. Leder to Ty and Kathleen Leder

  • $130,000- 723 Zschokke Street- Jared G. Goestenkors to William F. Floan

  • $68,000- 1314 Pine Street Unit A-1- Barbara Van Voorden to Jennifer Huelsmann

  • $189,900- 200 Baneberry Drive- Highland School District Foundation to Roberty T. and Brend L. Leihser


  • $57,500- 100 Stonebridge Bluff Dr.- Donald P. Osborn and Joseph E. Osborn to David Tennant and Susan Oller

  • $139,000- 6832 Hampshire Ct.- Curtis E. Berger to William Wulfing


  • $31,500- 132 W. 2nd Street- U.S. Bank to Bradley Alsop

St. Jacob

  • $90,000- Lake Road- Rogier Joint Recovable Trust to Todd R. Kapp and Ashley B. Kapp


  • $370,000- 5 Matthew Allen Court- Dale D. Doyle and Mary Beth Doyle to Leander J. Mathews and Karen R. Mathews

  • $45,000- 803 South Main Street- Evelyn L. Aebel to Madison County Mass Transit Dist.

Wood River

  • $103,251- 305 Edwardsville Road- James A. Ragus to Richard L. Campbell

  • $107,500- 305 Edwardsville Road- Richard L. Campbell to Kenneth D. Herrin Sr. and Lori L. Herrin

June 28, 2013


  • $45,900- 424 Short Street- Kenneth H. Hoback to Christina E. Fischer

  • $53,000- 3301 VFW Lane- Carol A. Bean to Shari B. Thurnau

East Alton

  • $125,000- 1200 Cardinal Drive- Tyler B. Pitchford and Janna L. Pitchford to Dennis E. Mouser and Cathy J. Mouser

  • $90,000-420-426 Ohio Street- Ladon Mick to East Alton Development

  • $67,205- 636 Monroe Street- Intercounty Judicial Sales to Secretary of HUD


  • $249,900- 5015 Indian Hills Drive- Lisa R. Swafford and Christina N. Linden to Deirek Boyd and Kris Boyd

  • $245,000- 2104 Appomattox Ct.- James M. Creighton Jr. and Janice L. Creighton to Robin A. Rongey

  • $100,000- 1917 Esic Dr.- Marc B. Melvin and Karen K. Melvin to Robert S. Reid, Jean M. Reid Scott Reid

  • $651,961- 3318 Snider Ave.- Superior Home Builders INC. to Clay K. Williams and Noelle B. Williams

Glen Carbon

  • $248,000- 7 Ginger Creek Dr.- Russell C. Soloman III and Lela F. Solomon to Jane A. Michener and Jeffer Leston


  • $94,365-719 Winter Lane- Paul V. Stumpf and Amy Bohn to Jerome G. McGee and Carol Lee Mcgee


  • $148,900- 6913 W. Main St- Larry H. Huffman and Rachel L. Huffman to Thomas J. Collmann

St. Jacob

  • $49,000- 8746 Cardinal Creek- Wendell Creek Estates LLC to Paoli Builders INC.

  • $11,000- 400 Summerfield Rd.- The Roberta L. Meiners Living Trust to Russell T. Rudy Energy LLC


  • $42,000- 27 Claybrooke Court- Joseph E. Osborn and Donald P. Osborn to Askew Homes INC.


  • $27,500- Captains Drive- Alice J. Graham to Dixie L. Lohse

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