June 24, 2013


  • $118,500- 304 River Laurel Drive- Terrance D. Barbary and Wendy Barbary to Robin D. Smith

  • $251,000- 1360 Radden Court- Robert and Terri Halvachs Jr. to Robert and Peggy Neff Sr.

  • $6,500- 813 North 2D Street- Bank of Springfield to Michelle M. Trentman

  • $158,000- 25 Commodore Drive- Pamela Thurston to Al and Amy Long

  • $82,000- 142 Crest Haven Drive- Marcel Mueller Revocable Trust to Marjorie Rustio

  • $44,546- 319 N 7th St.- The Private Sales Corporation to The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development


  • $15,000- 719 St. Nicholas Drive- Barry Simmons to Jon Hammond

East St. Louis

  • $100- 3829 State Street- Vernell L. Mosley to Vernell Mosely and Troy Mosley

  • $100- 611 N. 39th- Vernell L. Mosley to Vernell Mosely and Christopher R. Mosley

  • $100- 3827 State Street- Vernell L. Mosley to Vernell Mosely and Pamela Ward


  • $6,032- 703, 705, and 707 South Meek- Patrick Geralds and Milissa Johnson to Curtis W. Killen


  • $185,000- 1004 Oak Tree Court- William J. Eckert and Janet W. Eckert to Susan Eckert

  • $170,000- 107 West Brittany Lane- Peter J. Flick and Dawn Flick to Wayne E. Keck

  • $48,500- 1314 Arbor Green Trail- The Parcs at Arbor Glen LLC to Huntington Chase Homes Corporation

  • $48,500- 1310 Arbor Green Trail- The Parcs at Arbor Glen LLC to Huntington Chase Homes Corporation

  • $215,000- 920 Bird Dog Lane- Matthew and Christina Lanahan to Cary and Deborah Heyden

  • $236,900- 6825 Ridge Pointe Drive- Apex Homes to Patrick and Melissa Decicco


  • $234,000- 4025 Sassafras Lane- Michael and Karyn Kipp to Tiffany McCaughtry


  • $219,900- 520 North Lincoln- Richard C. Schilling to Landon Branch and Mackenzie Branch


  • $380,000- 27 Wolf Creek Drive- Todd Favre and Sharon Favre to Jay and Laurie Hoffman

  • $262,000- 4366 Shelfield Court- Daniel R. Nelson and Christine R. Nelson to Amanda M. Sater and Boyd Walker Jr.

  • $155,000- 2800 Old Caseyville Road- Norma J. Dodds Revocable Trust to David and Catherine Helm


  • $350,000- 3924 Floraville Rd.- Randy and Shawn Heinlein to Jena Larsen Krueger and Davonna Sjurseth

June 25, 2013


  • $112,245- 42 Janet Drive- Yu Hui Zheng to Arctic Food Service INC.

  • $75,000- 419 East C Street- Julie T. Ruckman to Brandon Downs

  • $44,000- 716 South 74th Street- Donald J. Casey to Patrick L. Wells

  • $35,000- 1801 N. 16th Street- JPMorgan Chase Bank to Robert J. Huelsman Sr. and Georgia L. Huelsman

  • $168,500- 785 Cedar Mill Drive- Mark Andrew Pitchford and Keitha E. Pitchford to Kenneth Kersting and Amanda Kersting


  • $900- 1927 Fleur De Lis Blvd.- E. LeChien to Dennis L. Gischer


  • $599,999- 7786 County Line Road- Dennis G. Blumberg and Maureen J. Blumberg to Bradley J. Kreisler

East Carondelet

  • $64,000- 714 S. 7th Street- Sec. of Housing and Urban Dev. to Melanie Gore

Fairview Heights

  • $10,000- 21 Judith Lane- Estate of Edith Waterman to Justin Clark


  • $139,000- 413 West South Street- Robert T. Stookey and Melissa L. Stookey to Brian E. Haas and Kim M. Haas

  • $13,500- 174 St. Christopher Court- Plaza Developers LLP to JLP Construction Co.

  • $150,000- 607 North 10th Street- John C. Shackelford and Catherine L. Schackelford to Cory W. Smith and Kathryn M. Smith

  • $234,000- 1126 Whimbrel Run- Florek Homes INC. to John M. Krystyniak and Cameron Krystyniak


  • $85,000- 1201 East Highway 50- Sandra J. Schempp to Jason E. Schempp

  • $189,000- 110 Greentree Court- Thomas R. Tschudy and Kathleen A. Tschudy to Jeffrey J. Schrum and Megan M. Schrum

  • $152,500- 503 Westfield Dr.- Joseph Elliott to Ronald Harper and Vicki Harper

  • $250,000- 920 Stone Briar Drive- D & F Contracting to Gwendolyn L. Randolph

  • $259,000- 1429 Clifton Way Court- D & F Contracting INC. to Johnathon L. Smith and Julie A. Smith

June 26, 2013


  • $70,000- 509 N. 16th Street- Robert DeLaria and Richard DeLaria to Henry L. Grayson and Marcie A. Moore

  • $55,000- 16 Windsor- Herbert Dorsey and Jazma Dorsey to John Weis

  • $79,000- 11 Sherwood Forest- Brian William Gasawaki and Karel Marie Gasawaki to Holly M. Kane

  • $100,000- 175 Orchard Drive- Bonita Foeller Jackson to Larry J. Scott and Sharon Heath Scott

  • $219,000- 1909 Hawksbill Drive- Arvilla D. Richardson to Floyd Hargrove and Patricia Hargrove

  • $162,500- 3214 Fox Hunters Court- Glenn E. Rainer and Pegga A. Rainer to James and Kennabeth Hopkins

  • $35,000- 31 S. 77th Street- Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Lucille A. Schrage


  • $29,000- 717 St. Barbara Drive- Metro Property Partners LLC to Mollie Duclos

  • $25,000- 733 St. Nicholas Dr.- Metro Property Partners to K & E Homes LLC


  • $25,000- 808 Illinois Avenue- Sec. of Housing and Urban Dev. to Terry Mobbs and Cheryl Mobbs

East Carondelet

  • $15,000- 127 S 6th St- Cynthia Farr and Robert Farr to Thomas Godier

East St. Louis

  • $500- 1415 Tudor Ave.- Arneeda Green to Nyo Loveless

Fairview Heights

  • $150,000- 500 Liberty Road and 323 Munger Street- Robert G. Fairchild and Shirley J. Fairchild to Michael Meyers and Jessica Meyers


  • $20,100- 102 S. Vine St.- JPMorgan Chase Bank to CR Capital Group LLC

  • $240,000- 901 State Street- Estate of Bea Ann Fries to Dawn Davis and Daniel Kimme


  • $35,000- 514 Hunter Street- Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to P K Properties and Management LLC

  • $10,000- 409 McAllister St.- Ethel M. Johnson to Anthony C. Buhl and Karen S. Buhl


  • $178,000- 9924 Cessna Court- Steven and Kelley Kerling to Mary M. Rundquist


  • $397,000- 1111 Rutherford Ridge- Everett and Connie King to Andrew M. English and Terica L. English

  • $38,500- 941 Stone Bridge Drive- Southern Illinois Land Investments LLC to D & F Contracting INC.

  • $37,500- 6811 Cabot Court- Southern Illinois Land Investments LLC to D & F Contracting INC.

  • $35,000- 6820 Ridge Pointe Drive- Southern Illinois Land Investments LLC to D & F Contracting INC.


  • $172,000- 4830 Rockledge Trail- Sec. of Housing and Urban Dev. to Anthony J. Gass and Whitney N. Gass


  • $188,000- 3306 Jared Drive- David Boyer to David C. Volkman and Carolyn A. Volkman

June 27, 2013


  • $265,000- 418 Tupelo- Harlan H. Ferry Jr and Mary T. Ferry to Jeffery L. Hall and Pamela D. Hall

  • $35,000- 52 Gatewood Court- The Bank of New York Mellon to Robert McTearnen

  • $50,000- 31 Signal Hill Boulevard- Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Mike Corriveau and Janean Corriveau


  • $38,000- 678 Vinci Drive- Mar-Kel Group LLC to Dennis W. Keller


  • $150,000- 1436 Mule Road- Charles L. Brooks to Joseph G. Koppeis

East St. Louis

  • $8,500- 842 N. 74th Street- Sec. of Housing and Urban Dev. to James Vaughn

Fairview Heights

  • $86,500- 24 Debra Drive- Bernice W. Benton and William R. Benton to Dale Carter and Glenda Carter


  • $226,000- 1307 Keck Ridge Drive- LF & Son Construction LLC to Andrea L. Haider and Jordan A. Roper

  • $252,000- 412 Larkway Drive- Lonnie E. Dooley and Brenna J. Dooley to Andrew D. Gross and Amy M. Gross

June 28, 2013


  • $26,000- 501 South 6th Street- Household Finance Corp III to Ali Kitchell

  • $180,201- 3521 Capri Lane- McBride Eagles Landing LLC to Chris and Melanie Nesbit

  • $210,000- 2632 Ambridge Drive- McBride & Son Residential Illinois LLC to Hamze and Casey Fares

  • $555,000- 331 West Waters Edge Drive- Steven and Patti Wittenauer to Scott and Katherine Mountford

  • $395,000- 313 West Waters Edge Drive- Connie Sinn to Steven and Patti Wittenauer

  • $149,000- 316 Harrisburg Drive- William Garner II to Ronald Myers and Cheryl Garner

  • $120,000- 7309 Town Hall Road- Donald A. Pellmann and Vicki D. Pellmann to Joshua P. Terry and Amy B. Terry

  • $85,500- 35 Wedgewood Drive- Thera H. Farmer to Daniel R. McCrary Jr.


  • $11,000- 226 Judith Lane- Timothy M. Palmisano to Jose L. Perez Valdes


  • $31,500- 434 S 4th Street- HSBC Mortgage Services INC. to Sky Blue Development INC.

  • $323,036- 1016 Crooked Stick Drive- McBride and Son Residential Illinois LLC to Jacob and Aimee Nieroda

  • $263,1920 127 Buckington Ct.- McBride & Son Residential Illinois LLC to Marlon K. and Chrystal D. Griffin


  • $150,000- 121 Echo Valley- Thomas K. Priddy to Dale E. Whittaker and Sharilyn K. Whittaker

Fairview Heights

  • $32,000- 6 Bluff Court- John Schoate to B.J. Diversified

  • $113,000- 225 East Lexington Drive- James M. Bigham and Alyscia L. Bigham to Craig P. McKinney and Lynn McKinney

  • $246,513- 744 Willow Spring Hill Drive- McBride & Son Residential Illinois LLC to Kenneth and Karen D. Melusky

  • $262,500- 701 Wild Horse Creek Rd- McBride & Son Residential Illinois LLC to John and Barbara Lunnemann Sedivy


  • $186,000- 548 Streamstone Lane- Joan M. Nunn to Trinity Foundation

  • $115,000- 10070 Jefferson Road- Bret M. Rasch Sr. and Susan D. Rasch to Bret M. Rasch Jr. and Megan R. Rasch


  • $52,000- 123 Main Street- Nancy A. McCaw to Jeffrey A. Koesterer

  • $20,000- 121 Main St.- Jeffrey Alan Koesterer to Kenneth Earl Koesterer

  • $287,500- 1049 Chapel Hill Drive, #25A- Stone Bridge Villas LLC to Harry and Shirley Tourville

  • $258,899- 809 Sturbridge Trail- McBride Stone Briar LLC to Patrick G. and Natalie D. Johnson

  • $223,213- 916 Stone Briar Drive- McBride Stone Briar LLC to Ricky W. and Deborah L. Berg

  • $220,000- 125 Summerlin Ridge- John T. Clatanoff and Carla J. Clatanoff to Eric C. Marshall and Anna E. Marshall

  • $105,000- 601 Rain Hollow Drive- Victorias A. Roth, as Successor Trustee of the Martin H. Roth Revocable Living Trust to Jimel Enterprises LLC

  • $324,359- 1322 Arbor Green Trail- Huntington Chase Homes Corporation to Fred Kornett


  • $312,500- 106 South High Street- Sanman Properties LTD to Hale Properties LLC

  • $209,000- 2275 Birmingham Drive- Jasmine Liburd to Jessie D. Walker Jr. and Berniece Walker


  • $0- 413 W. Peeples St.- Dean T. Huelsmann to SLM Water Commission

  • $0- 100 Faitz St.- Darlene A. Haukapp to SLM Water Commission

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