June 10, 2013


  • $66,000- 436 14th St.- Daniel Hornsey to Kerri M. Harbers

  • $63,000- 2406 Mills Ave.- Estate of Guy V. White to Nikki M. Herrod

  • $654- 2226 Seminary Street- Harbour Portfolio VI LLC to Nivine Soltan


  • $177,000- 40 Oakside Drive- Sec. of Housing and Urban Dev. to Martin Reichmuth

  • $88,000- 101 Julia- Scott Demay to Steve Bartos and Christine Bartos

  • $137,000- 9 Fairlane Drive- Christopher M. Nevenner and Alanna M. Nevenner to Joshua R. Mehring and Brenna M. Mehring

East Alton

  • $30,000- 133 Virginia- Shirley A. Day to Dennis Day


  • $480,000- 2025 Golf Course View- David Croft and Catherine Croft to Watler Bazarnik and Ava S. Bazarnik

  • $115,000- 1324 Eberhart Avenue- Chad J. Morris to John W. Coulter

  • $437,000- 3329 Snider- Niccol Development Co. INC. to Brent Rakers and Jessica Rakers

  • $164,500- 715 Amherst Place- Matthew L. Feldmann and Kristin E. Feldmann to Donald R. Perry and Kim R. Perry

  • $109,000- 420 Plum Street- Jason Reinneck and Stephanie Reinneck to Alissa Orris

Glen Carbon

  • $337,000- 2 Wildwood Ct.- Justin Oliver to Huzaifa Quaizar


  • $12,000- 131 W. Watkins Street- Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Therese Campbell LLC

  • $42,000- 123 Watkins Street- Heirs of Geraldine Mae Thornburgh to Hartford LLC


  • $88,900- 3258 Giger Road- Michael Korte to Cayla A. Welchlen

  • $191,500- 25 Whistling Straits Drive- James J. Winet to Michael J. Korte


  • $16,000- 1547 A and B 6th Street- John A. Greco to Emmitt L. Loving


  • $135,000- 1029 Meadows Court- Sec. of Housing and Urban Dev. to Joseph Brian Martinez

  • $195,000- 5 Annebriar Drive- Jeffrey T. Slaby and Jennifer L. Weis to James P. Freeman and Susan D. Freeman

  • $178,000- 616 Birch Lane- Gary L. Kee and Jan L. Kee to Betty J. Risse

  • $215,000- 1 Pin Oak Ct.- Wayne C. Ford and M. Virginia Ford to Lyle Scott Brannon and Lesa K. Brannon


  • $103,500- 216 Sterling Drive- Floyd R. Worthen to Mathew Henke


  • $38,500- 280 Sunnybrooke- Joseph E. Osborn and Donald P. Osborn to Penn Builders LLC

  • $39,500- 247 Sunnybrooke- Joseph E. Osborn and Donald P. Osborn to Sundance Home Development INC.

  • $172,500- 622 Meadowlark Street- Cadagin Homes INC. to Robert C. Vaughn

Wood River

  • $37,000- 331 Park Avenue- Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to James William and Fonda Dianne Knuth

June 11, 2013


  • $138,000- 205 East Elm Street- Phillip G. and Cara L. Weiss to Robert A. and Erin L. Dewall


  • $145,000- 629 High School St.- Vicky L. Roberson and Michelle Roberson to Robert J. Hayden and Tammy L. Hayden

  • $30,000- 1 Moonlight Ct.- Robert L. Pickerell and Jennifer K. Pickerell to Michael T. Verning and Brooke N. Verning

  • $5,000- 3337 Alrington- Beneficial Financial I INC. to Oscar Cortez and Victoria Gomez

  • $10,100- 510 N. Morrison Ave.- Judge Stephen Stobbs to James Stinchfield


  • $565,000- 7412 Creek Ridge Lane- Josh A. Hobick and Melissa A. Hobick to Speed Lube LLC

  • $280,000- 317 Shea Court- Michael Greene and Dana L. Greene to Christopher Michael Nevenner and Alanna Marie Nevenner

  • $226,000- 7029 Stallion Drive- Timothy Heckler and Julie Heckler to Jeffrey G. Alexander and Leah Z. Alexander

Glen Carbon

  • $274,100- Ellington Ct.- Lerch Homes INC. to Steven M. Ziebka and Emileigh S. Ziebka


  • $165,000- 4721 Blu Fountain Drive- Donald M. Barton Jr. to Jamie S. Shirrell

  • $133,000- 4636 North Aley Road- Jon D. Collman Jr. and Agnes E. Collman to Cory M. Zippmann and Casta M. Zippmann

  • $193,000- 1110 Taylor Avenue- Bernard R. and Carol J. Springman to John D. and Agnes E. Collman

Granite City

  • $76,900- 2505 Edison Ave.- Thomas Herd to Rosemary M. Beckham


  • $160,000- 6214 North Route 160- Deutsche Bank National Trust Company to Joseph R. Green

  • $165,000- 50 Sunset Drive- Joseph W. Severs and Mary A. Severs to Donna J. Martin

  • $300- Mill Street- Thomas R. Huff to Easy Street Enterprises of Marine INC.

St. Jacob

  • $140,000- 60 State Route 4- B.A. Church to Robert L. Martin and Kimberly A. Martin

June 12, 2013


  • $33,104- 2516 Denny Ave.- Home America LLC to SFAH LLC

  • $28,651- 1124 East 5th Street- Home Resources LLC to SFAH LLC

  • $65,000- 2519 Sanford- Aaron L. Broyles and Kelly L. Broyles to Robin Blankenship


  • $208,000- 8100 Bethalto Rd.- Jeffery Duncan to Scott W. and Laura M. Manns

  • $174,500- 100 Eisenhower Drive- Donald W. Partridge and Melinda K. Partridge to Dana M. Scarff

East Alton

  • $20,000- 248 Ohio Street- Donna R. Smith to Martin M. Pilcic and Charlote Jean Pilcic


  • $375,000- 109 Winters Trail- N.P. Dodge Jr. to Jonathan and Claire Fowler

  • $211,000- 1816 Butler Blvd- Federal National Mortgage Association to Tanner F. Alexander and Nichole R. Alexander


  • $140,000- 8002 Godfrey Road- Donald Greeling to Roger Greeling and Lisa Mitchell

  • $120,000- 317 Neptune Ln.- Sherry Michele Batts to Artura D. Dobbins

  • $144,000- 1213 Ranworth Dr.- Laura M. and Scott W. Manns to Kenneth M. Majors

  • $215,000- 5204 Godfrey Rd.- Seniker-Edwards INC. to Thomas L. Edwards Self-Declaration of Trust

Granite City

  • $121,000- 5116 Buena St. HOMEiNVESTORS LLC to Matthew Whitehead and Amy Whitehead

  • $6,900- 1924 Grand Avenue- Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Timothy Thesis


  • $75,000- 9070 State Route 162- Michael and Carol Reagan to Russell Loomis

June 13, 2013


  • $85,000- 926 Langdon St.- Ellen B. Naujokas to Christopher and Julie Massey


  • $186,000- 211 Country Club View- David V. McFarland to Marjorie P. Bogart

Granite City

  • $17,357- 2334E 24th St- Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Michael R. McGuire


  • $194,000- 20 North Porte Drive- Angela E. and Matthew T. Powers to David A. Prange

Wood River

  • $96,900- 830 E. Acton- Mark S. Carnes and Cynda D. Carnes to Leighton Hiller and Alicia Partridge


June 14, 2013


  • $180,000- 609 East Main Street- Robert M. Dauderman and Carol L. Dauderman to Jay W. Boulanger


  • $7,500- 1822 Belle- Julius R. Morgan to Monroe Memorial Church


  • $72,000- 501 Josh Drive- Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Nicholas R. Fencel

East Alton

  • $141,000- 110 Stolze Drove- Kenneth Springer and Kelly Springer to Jacob Koch and Courtney Koch

  • $80,000- 776 E. Rosedale Drive- LaVerl Hilyard Living Trust to Brian and Brandy Taylor


  • $630,000- 8 Warwick Park Lane- Harold L. Madsen and Jeanie R. Madsen to Jon Scott Thomas and Joanne M. Thomas

  • $341,500- 3469 Wilderness Drive- Clay K. Williams and Noelle B. Williams to Timothy Robert Heckler and Julia Machuca Heckler

  • $375,000- 7407 Conner Lane- Andrew G. Conner and Julia A. Conner to Leonard H.A.Volling III and Sara A. Volling

  • $165,000- 506 Jamie Lynn Court- Len S. Austin and Deanna Austin-Horvat to Jenny Daniels and Eric Daniels

  • $268,000- 7111 St. James Drive- Michael M. Saboff to Michael and Sheryl Saboff

  • $134,900- 241 Coventry- Julie A. Mayfield to Robert H. and Diana L. Yost

Glen Carbon

  • $169,000- 319 East Ingle Drive- Daniel E. Nelson and Karie A. Nelson to Stephanie Reinneck and Jason Reinneck

  • $362,500- 6241 Timberwolfe Drive- Joseph F. Froehlich and Jayna C. Froehlich to Michael K. McKinzie and Laura E. McKinzie

  • $55,500- 116 Meridian Oaks Dr.- Meridian Manors Development LLC to Lerch Homes INC.

  • $57,500- 132 Ellington Ct.- Meridian Manors Development LLC to Lerch Homes INC.

  • $54,000- 120 Meridian Oaks Dr.- Meridian Manors Development LLC to Lerch Homes INC.

  • $178,500- 368 Jo Lee Lane- Donald E. Corbett to Daniel McGaughey

Granite City

  • $112,000- 1717 Garfield Ave.- Arlayne Milton and Eunice Hermes to Jose R. Brackins Jr.

  • $30,000- 2305 Benton Street- Federal National Mortgage Association to Gregory M. Whitehead

  • $69,400- 2640 Benton Street- Jesse Richard Harris to Leland A. Keel

  • $50,000- 2829 E. 24th Street- Matthew A. Whitehead and Amy L. Whitehead to William Cass and Mia Cass

  • $65,500- 2846 Grand- Glindon Mathis to Cassandra James

  • $115,000- 5155 Old Alton Road- HOMEiNVESTORS LLC to Linda Reeves and Michael Reeves

  • $79,000- 3208 Aubrey Ave.- Margaret C. Maczura to Tasha M. Dittamore


  • $15,961- 115 Weston Street- Amy R. Mogelesky and Jason L. Bode to Kevin R. Long

Wood River

  • $45,000- 216 North 9th Street- Joe Unverzagt to Steven L. Cummings


  • $71,000- Waikiki Drive- Bette C. Yates to Kenneth W. Lewis

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