May 28, 2013


  • $500- 143 South 50th St.- Randy L. Saxton and Queen E. Saxton to David Edwards


  • $352,000- 1809 Tenth Fairway Drive- Daniel D. Gotwald and Donna Jane Bellis to Marc S. Jarlsberg and Kari L. Jarlsberg

  • $21,000- 812 West Harrison Street- Jeffery Shawn Tyler and Kari Tyler to Patrick J. Brydon and Kelleen M. Stokes

  • $13,000- 4 Periwinkle Circle- Peggy Beal and Tahnissa R. Means to Hersche Parrish and Elaine Parrish

  • $340,000- 6 Red Fox Road- Margaret May Katt to Matthew and Renee Gomric

  • $70,000- 6, 8, and 10 S. Church- Katie B. McDaniel and Edmund R. McDaniel to Colonial Group INC.

  • $33,000- 502 N. 28th Street- Sec. of Housing and Urban Dev. to St. Clair County IGD

  • $33,000- 502 North 28th Street- St. Clair County IGD to Reliable Building Services

East St. Louis

  • $61,500- 113 North 88th Street- PJ’s Pet Guardians to Image Recovery Service INC.

Fairview Heights

  • $129,500- 104 Chateau Drive- Eric M. Fryman and Jamie Fryman to Brian W. Banks and Gabrielle A. Banks

  • $195,000- 821 Saybrook Falls Drive- Aldi INC. to Brittany Hettenhausen


  • $259,000- 24 Bernhardt Road- Bruce E. Reno and Robin L. Reno to Jason M. Boone and Rebecca L. Wilson

  • $260,000- 10326 US Highway 50- Frank and Norma Avry to Jody A. Goldsberry


  • $186,955- 9909 Cessna Court- New Tradition Homes LLC to James Philip Eugene Serrett and Mary Christina Serrett


  • $45,000- 6504 Cypress Court- Margaret J. Deibel to Jeffery J. Biermann and Elizabeth A. Biermann


  • $210,500- 1101 Edgewood Drive- Dorothy Blackwell and James A. Blackwell III to Michael H. Mayo and Brianna C. Mayo

  • $312,000- 716 Longfellow Drive- Huntington Chase Homes Corporation to Scott Riley and Barbara J. Riley


  • $186,196- 3524 Barton Drive- McBride Eagles Landing LLC to Michael K. and Kathy Davenport

  • $130,000- 134 Maple Street- Rebecca Albers to Catherine Hungate


  • $217,700- 4827 Ledgestone Drive- Smithton Development Company to Thad D. Lucas and Rebecca L. Lucas

  • $280,773- 5177 White Oak Drive- D & F Contracting INC. to William R. Thompson III


  • $205,000- 3882 Michael John Drive- Christopher Jones and Marissa Jones to Eryc Fryman and Jamie Fryman

  • $284,000- 1519 Caleb Court- David M. Rakers and Leslie E. Rakers to Robert E. Schultz and Stephanie L. Schultz

May 29, 2013


  • $120,000- 240 Julia Place- Matthew Gomric and Renee Gomric to Jason Herley

  • $39,500- 36 Lucinda Avenue- Norma R. Wright to Jonathan Cook and Kaycie Cook

  • $209,272- 2245 Arnold Palmer Drive- Myron O. Stamps and Kimberly S. Stamps to United States of America, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

  • $18,000- 137 Paulette Drive- The Estate of Jerome A. Kurz to Dawn McElroy and Richard McElroy

  • $72,267- 1409 Salem- The Private Sales Corporation to Secretary of Veterans’ Affairs

Fairview Heights

  • $42,750- 9705 Mark Trail- Federal National Mortgage Association to Walter W. Hendricks and Patricia R. Donato

  • $39,300- 209 Vale- Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance INC. to Edward Frawley Sr. and Edward A. Frawley Jr.


  • $400,000- 9510 Pister Road- Robert A. Moore and Diane L. Moore to Allen Kreke

  • $200,000- Pister Road (Vacant Land)- Robert A. Moore and Diane L. Moore to Brent Kreke and Patti Kreke

  • $133,500- 9922 Tad Street- Brent Kreke and Patti Kreke to Derek R. Tracey


  • $171,500- 636 Fallen Timber Lane- Huey L. Hawkins JR. to Tonya M. Kucharski


  • $15,000- 720 Adm. Wendt Parkway- William H. Albert and Herschel E. Johnson to Daniel G. and Kimberly B. Vogel


  • $315,000- 1407 Arbor Green Trail- One Source Relocation LLC to John D. Portenbery and Julie K. Fortenbery

  • $139,500- 812 Forest Green Drive- Lynne R. and Marnita Perkins to Mark W. Delaney and Kassie Elizabeth Delaney

  • $230,000- 210 W. Deer Creek Rd.- National Residential Nominee Services to Nathaniel A. Kaley

May 30, 2013


  • $144,000- 1602 Classen Drive- Alvita and Preston Leflore to Nancy and William Jany

  • $231,000- 2239 Mallard Bend Court- Todd and Mary Wemhoener to Ellen E. Keefe

  • $48,000- 210 Sheraton Drive- U.S. Bank to Anthony T. Quinn Jr.

  • $69,500- 225 N. 74th Street- Sky Blue Development INC. to Stephen C. Williams

  • $18,600- 1210 N. Charles Street- Federal National Mortgage Corporation to James L. Alexander

  • $80,000- 501 S. Pennsylvania Avenue- Allegra J. Wamser to Ricky A. Morton and Julie J. Morton


  • $27,500- 7949 North Illinois St.- Elmer R. Hogan to Stanton Chatman and Shirley A. Chatman

Fairview Heights

  • $100,000- 10614 Lincoln Trail- Abdalla Abraham to Steven M. Giger and Jenifer A. Giger

  • $173,000- 5431 Temple Dr- Steven A. Berger and Catherine L. Berger to Chicago Title Land Trust

  • $161,600- 5431 Temple Dr- Chicago Title Land Trust to Kristen and Scott Barrett


  • $210,000- 1886 Old Park Lane- Heartland Home Builders INC. to Marie Stamm

  • $300- 305 N. Belt East- Bob and Maurine Toombs Family Trust to Ameren Illinois

  • $44,201- 4 Meta Drive- Sec. of Housing and Urban Dev. to Shannon Bridges

May 31, 2013


  • $202,500- 2605 Commons Parkway- Christopher R. Rapp and Amanda S. Rapp to Matthew T. Vann and Sara L. Vann

  • $75,000- 625 Wabash Avenue- Reliable Building Services INC. to Christopher T. Reaka

  • $34,000- 5900 Rolling Hills Road- Katheryn M. Katz Living Trust to Corey Ford and Brittany Ford


  • $17,500- 501 N Main St- Bank of America to RVFM 7 LLC

East St. Louis

  • $12,500- 515 North 46th St- Jesse W. Miller and Vera Miller to David G. Crockett Sr.


  • $220,000- 22 Charles Trail- Michael D. Gilkerson and Tanya R. Gilkerson to Harley Hicks


  • $1,000- 0 Grodeon Road- Robert D. Moody to Gerald R. Grodeon and Christine W. Grodeon


  • $63,299- 304 W. Laurel Street- Ocwen Loan Servicing LLC to Lynn Rohwedder

New Athens

  • $8,000- 509 South Clinton Street- Sondra S. O’Hara to Jessica M. Ruff


  • $93,000- 317 E. Jefferson- Joseph A. Lehman to Logan Greene

  • $152,000- 115 N. Lincoln Ave.- Mike’s American Speedy Printing INC. to Paul W. Portell and Cathy M. Portell

  • $71,000- 419 Ponderosa Avenue Apt 7- Jessica A. Flowers to Charity Braden and David Braden


  • $317,000- 213 Woods Edge Drive- Patti Ann McElaney to Cort O. Hacker and Evonne M. Hacker

  • $916,200- LP-1 North Three Springs- Havenhills Investment Company LLC to American Eagle Credit Union


  • $475,100- 1505 Renoir Avenue- Leon Hall and Marjorie M. Hall to Erik M. Day and Craig R. Bowman

  • $168,000- 217 Lake Lorraine Drive- Jeffrey A. McCarty to Megan J. Hoelscher


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