April 29, 2013


  • $30,000- Rozier St.- Edward C. McPike to James B. and Julie M. McPike

  • $6,100- 1010 Milnor Avenue- Joseph, Richard, Gregory, and Victor Burton to Magnolia James

  • $28,599- 1118 College Avenue- Sec. of Housing and Urban Dev. to Claudette W. Kirk

  • $212,000- 8201 Grance Terre Pl.- Stanley C. Hammond and Christy L. Hammond to Jeffrey L. Matthies and Juliana M. Matthies

  • $30,000- 8420 Paradise Key- Ralph G. Paslay and Marsha K. Paslay to Jacob M. Smith and Holly B. Smith

  • $149,000- 430 Bluff St.- Derek Barnard and Krista Barnard to Gregory R. Harden and Deborah S. Harden

  • $59,893- 925 Washington Ave., Also includes 927 Washington Ave.- Rodger W. Jennings to Jennings Family Trust


  • $75,000- 1009-1011 West Corbin Street- Michael Paslay to Richard A. Mendez Jr. and Gayle A. Mendez


  • $125,700- 1682 Straube Lane- Sec. of Housing and Urban Dev. to Michael Millsay and Sarah Moyer


  • $105,000- 102 Gauen Avenue- Deanna L. Long-Fonner to Kerry Ritter


  • $30,000- 7219 Renken Road- Gary Bernhardt to Ryan Bernhardt and Virginia Singleton

East Alton

  • $84,900- 840 Oakdale Drive- Kristen Schmidt, Dillon Brown and Betty L. Schmidt to Ryan Bethel


  • $50,000- 3 Sharpsburg Court- Pamela D. Renken to John and Leonard Rankin

  • $115,000- 1 St. Andrews Place- A. Marie Phillips to Shea Lovell

  • $300,000- 1 Richmond Court- Christine and Matthew Diehl to SIRVA Relocation LLC

  • $300,000- 1 Richmond Court- SIRVA Relocation LLC to Douglas D. Shapiro and Kimberly A. Shapiro

Glen Carbon

  • $125,000- 2 Kaman Drive- Paul Edward Colarusso to Kaman Construction LLC

Granite City

  • $40,000- 2218 Edison Ave- Terrell E. Johnson Sr. to James B. Amos and Kristin L. Amos

  • $130,000- 4204 Lake Dr.- Harvey F. Scarsdale and Mary Scarsdale to James D. Podner

  • $71,500- 2733 Willow Ave.- Gilmore Properties and Investments Ltd. to Randall Hardy

  • $96,000- 2332 Cardinal Avenue- Ronnie L. McCoy Jr. and Jennifer L. McCoy to John F. Venne

  • $99,500- 2444 Woodlawn Ave.- Jason R. Talley and Darold Talley to Mary Lou Robeen

  • $54,000- 2922 Buxton Ave.- Jeremy Rubenacker and Brian Crippen to Randall Faulkner

  • $45,000- 3336 Village Lane- Sec. of Housing and Urban Dev. to Jonathan Steward and Jamie Schaefer

  • $56,500- 3033 Willow Ave.- James Odom and Robert Dudley to Kenneth L. Cooper and Chelsea B. Cooper


  • $283,500- 40 Tara Trail- Richard J. Quinn and Janet M. Quinn to Joseph R. and Jennifer R. Koenig

  • $149,000- 805 Sycamore Street- Edward Armbruster and Sarah Armbruster to Wesley Martindale

  • $296,500- 11759 Hickory Flat Road- Bonnie J. Seitz and Jimmy D. Seitz

  • $1,000- State Route 160- Amber J. Tallman to Knackstedt Enterprises LLC


  • $80,000- 812 Westwood Road- John J. Biscan to Alpha Beta Gamma LLC

  • $44,000- Lot 37 Tuscany Ridge- Milburn Road LLC to Musec Homes INC.

  • $177,000- 1109 Robert Drive- John Wayne Nicol Jr. and Jamie Nicol to Joseph T. Watson and Emily E. Watson

South Roxana

  • $8,250- 211 Poag- The Bank of New York Mellon to Victor Faithinschi and Claudia Maria Faithinschi


  • $173,500- 13253 Lee Road- Christopher Nobe to Jimmy D. Seitz and Bonnie J. Seitz

Wood River

  • $130,000- 778 Purvis- First National Bank in Staunton to Angela M. King


April 30, 2013


  • $15,000- Fosterburg Road- George W. Carroll to Benjamin Ashby

  • $68,900- 2316 State St.- Meaghan L. Fessler to Dakota and Rebecca Grindstaff

  • $72,000- 2611 Davis St.- Jeffrey R. Olds and John R. Olds to Nicole, Charles, and Caroline Nasello

  • $2,000- Gillis Street- Angela McLaughlin to Anthony C. Phillips


  • $132,000- 104 Abbott- Darrin Singleton to Marcus Lee Lane and Patricia Marie Lane


  • $95,000- 701 St. Louis Road- Vincent G. King to Robert Williams and Debbie Williams

East Alton

  • $106,000- 196 Airline Dr.- Justin B. and Amber L. Newell to Harry L. Reed III


  • $159,500- 839 Wilson Dr.- Mitchell D. Rentfro and Sarah Rentfro to Jennifer M. Wagner

  • $730,000- 3021 Sunset Hills Blvd South- James Ernahiser and Nancy Ernahiser to Fred J. Whitworth and Sherri L. Whitworth

  • $134,900- 4620 Horseshoe Lane- Babington Properties INC. to Robert J. Ham

  • $265,000- 13 Eagle Court- Donald L. Deters and Kathleen A. Deters to Gloria Reading

  • $292,000- 8 Julie Lane- John Wories Jr. and Joan C. Wories to Thomas S. Crutchfield and Carrie L. Crutchfield

  • $60,000- 319 and 320 Westview Drive- James A. Hayes and Beau Thomas Hayes to Terry Bowser and Barbara Bowser

Glen Carbon

  • $51,000- 3141 Birmingham Drive- Savannah Crossing Development INC. to Jonathan and Elizabeth Reader

Granite City

  • $138,000- 2296 Gary Ave.- Douglas S. Tuhro and Tricia A. Tuhro to Travis Tyler

  • $72,500- 2165 Woodlawn Ave.- Edward P. Davis and Mary L. Davis to Angelica Krupco

  • $49,000- 2824 Pershing Boulevard- Fred A. Elmore and Charlene M. Elmore to Yeager Properties INC.

  • $55,000- 2600 22nd Street- Margaret A. Dycus to Brandon A. Rushing and Fable S. Rushing

  • $124,000- 24 Meadowlark Court- James L. Poole and Karen L. Poole to Donald L. Johnson and Barbara A. Johnson

  • $52,000- 2909 Dale Ave.- Michael L. Dawson to Jacob M. Russell

  • $65,000- 4812 Warnock Avenue- George Wolfe and Kimberly Wolfe to Herschel R. Harris and Mary K. Harris


  • $110,000- 55 Chase Way- Letizia L. Lowe to Dalton E. Box and Linda A. Box

  • $565,000- 113 Verrazanno Drive- John J. and Shelley L. Geiger to Kevin C. and Abbey L. McGinley

  • $172,000- 12730 Iberg Road- Robert S. Michael to Rick L. Broske


  • $27,000- 478 School Street- Treva J. Chartrand to Douglas L. White


  • $15,001- 6316 E. Main Street- Foreclosure Sale Conducted by Mad Co. Cir Ct. to Dawn Wooley


  • $106,500- 224 Vine Street- Justin Steward to Ronald Buecker and Amanda Buecker

New Douglas

  • $62,500- Libbra Rd.- Audrey S. Kays to Jason G. Lilley and Crystal D. Lilley


  • $127,000- 516 Oakwood Drive- Robert A. Bass and Adrian E. Bass to Joseph Plasters and Joanne Plasters

  • $165,000- 5 Oakbrooke- Joyce E. Scaturro to Randall Luber and Sara Luber


  • $140,000- 7404 State Route 4- Timothy A. Ridens and Buffy M. Ridens to Brian Wiegmann

May 1, 2013


  • $188,000- 4623 Wisteria Drive- Priscilla McTizic to Matthew and Meaghan McIntyre

  • $112,000- 6 Avon Place- Quan H. Nguyen and Michelle Nguyen to Priscilla McTiziz

  • $33,600- 1201 Spaulding Street- Judicial Sales Corporation to The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development


  • $89,900- 812 Wildwood Drive- Fannie Mae to Ryan Armstrong

  • $68,000- 229 St. Marys- Charles R. Higgins to John Huber


  • $21,000- 714 E. Clay St.- Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Hayley Davidson and Edward Marsh


  • $59,500- 605 Westview- Fannie Mae to Kathleen Schneider

  • $90,675- 856 Madison Avenue- Larry Best to Noel E. Cooper and Joann M. Cooper

  • $137,000- 511 Hillsboro Avenue- Keith Jansen and Janis Jansen to Matthew C. Meyer

  • $328,000- 3470 Manassas Drive- Brian P. Rudd and Krista J. Rudd to Eric Wigton and Katie Wigton


  • $105,000- 4810 Paris- Leif Anderson to Rand and Shirley Springman

  • $64,500- 114 Clarence Drive- Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Larry and Matilda Stark

  • $41,000- 5805 Vollmer Ln.- Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Stacey Danyel Rulo

Granite City

  • $16,000- 2309 E. 23rd St- Gilmore Properties and Investments Ltd. to Jason T. Gan

  • $16,500- 3160 Jill Avenue- U.S. Bank to Nabil Jbour and Nimush Patel

  • $49,500- 3109 Myrtle Avenue- Sec. of Housing and Urban Dev. to Elizabeth Rodriguez

  • $34,500- 27 Moorland Drive- Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Michael S. Ginter

  • $7,126- 2432 Iowa St.- Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Thomas Cook


  • $178,000- 515 Coventry Road- Jimmie D. Evans to Brian Butts and Brittany Sauget

Wood River

  • $15,000- 853 State Street- Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Linda Romano

May 2, 2013


  • $21,000- 2615 Maxey- Charles and Judith Silver to David Grisham and Lowell Grisham

  • $350,000- 5036 Valleyview Drive- Linda Carrow to David and Lisa Marshall

  • $30,000- 3401 Lincoln Street- Vicki Miller, Lawrence, Danny, and Robert Turner to Jospeh L. Baze

  • $79,000- 810 Logan Street-Kenneth Church to Kacie Bendtsen

  • $87,000- 3501 Fullerton Avenue- Nancy Landry to Joshua and Lisa Pogue

  • $19,700- Seiler Road- Ragsdale Family Limited Partnership to County of Madison

  • $60,000- 110 E. 12th St.- David C. Kilduff to Matthew Hicks

  • $45,000- 132 E. Elm St.- The Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Dennis I. and Judith K. Jarden


  • $62,500- 408 Sanders St.- Bryce E. Ash to Richard L. Forsythe

  • $180,000- 74 Brooks Drive- Genevieve A. Mazzoni and Mary Sonntag to Eunice C. Johnson


  • $142,100- 310 Rosemary Drive- Sec. of Housing and Urban Dev. to Scott Gordon Biggers and Maria Zsoter Biggers

  • $91,000- 514 Forest Dr.- George A. Kruse and Meadrith E. Kruse to Trenton Wieties and Sarah L. Zanotti

  • $115,000- 125 Summer Blvd.- Paul Hemenway and Karen Hemenway to Kathryn M. Lakiotis


  • $498,000- 3618 S. Arbor Lake Drive- Robert and Kelly Ozmun to Leonard R. Hawkins

  • $116,200- 917 Randle- Ann Brown, Martha Taber, Julia Vitalie, Paul John Burrus, Janae Mason, and Marcus Mason to Shawn Huff and Amanda Warren

Glen Carbon

  • $260,000- 3115 Alexandria Dr.- Remington Properties LLC to Ryan Mahoney and Katie Mahoney

  • $120,000- 155 S. Main St.- Kenneth D. Herrin Sr. and Lori L. Herrin to Patrick O. McDill


  • $110,000- 3517 Rosenberg Lane- Georgia L. Fairbanks to Mark A. Wombles and Lajune Hallman

Granite City

  • $80,000- 1933 Pontoon Road- Joseph T. Watson and Emily E. M. Watson to Carlos Belmontes


  • $60,000- 104 Joan Drive- Mary Tant to Lucas Hale and Alysha Hale


  • $105,125- State Rte. 160- Jason M. and Rebekah J. Petty to Greg S. and Paige M. Basler


  • $242,000- 21 Pink Oak Ct.- Michael S. Matikitis and Linda S. Pfeffer to William G. Ray and Marsha M. Ray


  • $107,400- 118 Dee Street- Kathi L. Cooper to Danielle A. Clayton


  • $177,500- 22 Wheat Drive- Joseph A. Reeves and Ruth E. Reeves to George Kruse and Meadrith Kruse


  • $112,000- 8429 Prairietown Rd.- Zachary Schilling to Brandon and Whitney Triplett

May 3, 2013


  • $47,000- 3203 Franor Street- Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Aaron M. Mahlandt


  • $37,500- 1040 Lafayette Court, Unit E- Mary C. Mulcahy to Michael E. Otten and Matthew E. Otten

  • $205,000- 19 Somerset Place- Willliam L. Brayton Jr. and Martha E. Brayton to Ann Peters

  • $6,524,937- 605 Belt Line Road-  American Realty Capital Trust to Realty Income Corporation

  • $116,000- 1029 West Clay- Carl A. Courtright Jr. and Patt Courtright to Roy Miller and Chassidy V. Miller

East Alton

  • $138,500- 203 Kutter- Ronald E. O’Neal to Stanley Hammond and Christy Hammond


  • $275,000- 10 Sharpsburg Ct.- Sarah Allen Lund to John W. Skivers and Kaethe Skivers

  • $129,900- 1515 Madison Avenue- David A. Krouse and Judy M. Klopmeier to Betty Geremia

  • $93,500- 233 Commercial Street- Daryl K. Hall and Mary B. Hall to Paul Brown and Linda Brown

  • $485,000- 3720 Ridgeview Rd.- Cornel H. Broenner to Edward Adelman

  • $25,000- 105 First Avenue- Jimmy D. Holshouser to Kevin M. Kahrig

Glen Carbon

  • $156,000- 60 Lucinda Dr.- Richard Thompson and Ashley Thompson to James Goodman and Shelley Goodman

  • $238,000- 13 Lantern Court- Elaine B. Michlitsch to Dennis D. Staley and Patricia A. Staley

  • $189,500- 11 Oakshire Drive West- HSDC Bank to Robert L. Carpenter and Connie K. Carpenter


  • $112,000- 915 Robert Drive- Susan E. McAninch to Galen White

Granite City

  • $10,000- 2811 Roosevelt Ave.- VI INC. to Christopher L. Swisher

  • $62,000- 200 Voight Place- Jackie and Madeen Cook

  • $30,000- 3148 Davis Ave.- Kathryn Faulkner to Harold Bellinger


  • $115,000- 12359 Highland Road- Ronald J. Linenfelser to Julianna M. Linenfelser to Mettler Development LLC

  • $342,500- 13788 Frey Acres Drive- Jason A. and Jessica Huck to Nicholas R. and Angela R. Lappe

  • $197,900- 15 Augusta Drive- Nicholas R. and Angela R. Lappe to Jacob R. Bickline

  • $122,000- 2406 Lakeshore Drive- Alfred E. Culp and Joan C. Culp to Keith F. Koch and Norene A. Koch

  • $67,900- 40 Independence Drive- Wellen Homes INC. to Thomas H. and Jeanne Lynn Robards

  • $151,900- 4826 Cedar Spring Drive- Corey Frey and Edyth Reinacher to Dave D. Wilson II

  • $124,000- 12737 Pocahontas Road- Claudia Hofer to Nathan A. R. Schoen


  • $238,000- 600 S. Oregon Street- Charles W. Owens to Leroy Deunger


  • $28,500- 2105 Tuscany Ridge Court- Milburn Road LLC to Michelle L. Corey

New Douglas

  • $7,000- 315 4th Street- Kimberly Schneidewind to Roy Matulewic


  • $35,000- 404 North Maple Avenue- Carol J. Stanfill to Rosemary A. Yates


  • $138,649- 402 Oakwood Drive- Intercounty Judicial Sales to Secretary of HUD

Wood River

  • $34,500- 60 East Penning Avenue- Jodie Shaw Lutz and Cole S. Lutz to James Brenton and Lisa Brenton

  • $20,522- 926 Whitelaw Ave.- SI Securities LLC to Cambridge Properties LLC

  • $12,578- 928 Whitelaw Ave.- Sabre Investments LLC to Cambridge Properties LLC

  • $116,000- 104 Crestview Drive- Mark and Jackie Stinson to Zachary Raube

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