December 17, 2012


  • $87,500- 1620 Clawson Street- Scott Borman and Angela Borman to Charles E. Camp and Leslie F. Camp


  • $147,000- 7373 Bethalto Rd.- Dominic J. and Mariann P. Schandler to Paul Huber


  • $86,931- 3339 Drysdale Court- Vicksburg Development INC. to Carrington Custom Homes INC.


  • $146,500- 5200 Shannon Dr.- Martha R. Rende to Scott A. and Angela G. Borman

  • $260,000- 1900 Summerfield Lane- Joyce J. Kane to Brenda S. Estes and Carr P. Estes

  • $169,000- 5011 Castlegate Lane- Lucy F. Younger to The Donald Ornellas Revocable Living Trust

  • $309,000- 1208 Bethany Ln.- Michael P. and Lisa R. Funk to David and Julia Hilkemeyer

Granite City

  • $115,000- 5177 Stacey Drive- Lawrence E. Kulp to Benjamin Orris and Sara Orris

December 18, 2012


  • $268,120- 7525 Alhambra Road- Vernon L. Blom Declaration of Trust and Judith A. Blom Declaration of Trust to Gary and Dana Hosto


  • $78,900- 548 East 9th Street- Rickie A. McKenzie to Ellen B. Naujokas

  • $5,000- 918 Danforth- First Clover Leaf Bank to Patrick and Cynthia Miller

  • $3,400- 234 Virginia Avenue- Deutsche Bank to Darrin Kaufmann and Tammy Kaufmann

  • $45,101- 3862 Omega Street- Fannie Mae to Michael Kuhnline


  • $73,021- Roosevelt St/West Drive- Sara A. Williams to Peter Scott Moelling


  • $91,000- 112 Chestnut Street- Laci C. Jankowski to Jeffre W. Nail

  • $110,000- 825 Victory Drive- Kevin Wrigley to Heather Jeffreys

  • $160,000- 138 and 142 A & B Summer Blvd.- Dana M. Heinritz to Dennnis A. Tarrant

  • $165,000- 1975 Dogwood Trail- David M. Anderson and Barbara J. Anderson to Robert A. Simmons and Tara J. Simmons

  • $60,000- 239 N Herperia Street- U.S. Bank to Garon D. Cooper

Cottage Hills

  • $50,000- 23 Ray Street- Seven P. Yotter and Deborah A. Yotter to Carol S. McElyea

  • $105,000- 638 California Avenue- Timothy M. Hartweger to Ameren Illinois Company


  • $135,000- 248 Lincoln St.- Pamela R. Gamble to Michael P. Keefe

  • $250,000- 421 Country Club View- Robert Meurer to Michael Moore

  • $373,000- 134 Barnett Dr.- Roy St. Pierre to Brian P. Downes and Denise A. Downes

Glen Carbon

  • $220,000- 396 Barkwood- Howard L. Cremier and Donna M. Cremier to Renee L. Davidson and Gregory F. Taylor

Granite City

  • $86,500- 2929 Wayne Ave.- Christine M. Vivod to Frank M. Greenwald

  • $50,000- 2149 Bern Ave.- Gary A. Boyer to Jeffrey T. Boyer and Lauren Boyer

  • $73,799- 3166 Yale Drive- U.S. Bank to Michael Jones


  • $75,000- 701 A 4th Street- Robert D. Carpenter to Cheryl Tebbe

  • $218,000- 70 Whistling Straits Drive- Jimmy Daryl Fuller Jr. and Heather Hankammer-Fuller to Richard R. Lynch III and Laura A. Lynch


  • $10,500- 2004 Harris Street- Jeannette Watson to Victor Brooks


  • $120,000- 10 Brase Court- Laura A. Lynch to Adam Hendricks and Kayla Hendricks


  • $171,500- 405 Birch Lane- Bonnie G. McArther to Mary Jo Moor

New Douglas

  • $557,608- Libbra Road- Harold E. Knackstedt to Alan and Janice Libbra

  • $56,460- Libbra Road- Harold Knackstedt to Robert N. and Karen H. Bodner

St. Jacob

  • $244,100- 2037 Grandview Dr.- Penn Builders LLC to Steven A. Hilton and Melissa A. Hilton


  • $285,000- 9220 Rezy Road- Louis Foster and Christine Foster to David Volentine and Rebecca Greeling Volentine


  • $172,000- 121 Sugarmill Road- Kevin M. Bush and Robin L. Bush to Alissa D. Fuhrmann and Benjamin L. Fuhrmann

  • $195,000- 973 Lakewood Ct.- Steven Paul Artz and Jerie Ellen Artz to Daniel Knabe and Karen Knabe

Wood River

  • $160,000- 1251 Cedar Drive- Kenneth W. Jouett to Michael and Susan Roark

  • $135,000- 102 Big Bend Drive- Randall and Brian Tucker to Richard and Linda Martin

  • $130,000- Far Street Apt 155- Mississippi River 4 Wheel Drive- ATV’s to S. Shafer Excavating INC.

  • $32,500- 504 East Penning- HSBC Bank to Kari and Michelene Nalley

December 19, 2012


  • $148,000- 7207 Alhambra Road- Michael Meyers and Caroline Leathers to Mathew and Erin Bloemer


  • $62,000- 252 Herbert St.- John L. and Carmen L. Mackelden to Lauren C. Decourcey

  • $39,000- 9325 Wehrman Ln.- Marilyn and Keith Arnold Living Trust to Christopher J. Maher

  • $5,000- 2803 Viewland St.- Great Southern Bank to M & H Management INC.

  • $62,500- 3537 Fullerton Ave.- Fred Shaw and Jeri Shaw to Christopher D. Kiser and Keri E. Kiser


  • $115,000- 758 2nd Street- Austin and Margaret OPP to Elijah Haycraft

  • $200,000- 136 Crestmoor Court- Stephen A. Earnhart and Joanne M. Earnhart to Darren M. Phelan and Jessica I. Phelan

  • $140,000- 523 North Prairie Street- Lisa Devoto Costin to Ryan Parker and Megan Parker

East Alton

  • $114,500- 305 Kutter Dr.- Estate of Rosa S. Balent to Tiffany Moore

  • $40,000- 611 Wood River Ave.- Rose Arterberry, Lisa Mancewicz, and Julie Lombar to Paul Moses


  • $44,000- 825 Klein Avenue- Federal National Mortgage Association to Fox Land Development LLC

  • $12,000- Lot 57 in Home Addition- George C. and Phyllis B. Metcalf to Thomas Brooke Property LLC

  • $349,500- 7364 Kindlewood Drive- Douglas M. Hann to Carlos M. Delgado and Lisa R. Delgado

  • $400,000- 5 Fairway Drive- Michael John Braun to Keith Page and Kelly Page

  • $194,000- 1605 Maplewood Court- Michael Starr and Valerie Vartanian to Zachary Schlechte

  • $87,500- 134 North Filmore Street- Carol J. Ellsworth to Justin Fraley


  • $207,500- 5314 Dover Dr.- Jeffery Scott and Veronica Sue Gruhn to Choice L. Shepperd

Granite City

  • $72,000- 2325 Delta Avenue- Michael L. Austin and Laura A. Luehmann to William Bernard Pritchard

  • $74,900- 5 Georgetown Drive- Jay Warren to Guadalupe Salazar

  • $66,000- 49 Georgetown Drive- U.S. Bank to HOMEiNVESTORS LLC


  • $6,000- 567 Cora- First National Bank in Staunton to ARDJ INC.

  • $57,000- 214 Livingston Ave.- Susan I. Hettinger to Jamie and James Herendeen

St. Jacob

  • $330,000- 1401 Cypress Road- Leonard W. McKay and E. Elaine McKAy to Raymond Earl Smith and Maria M. Smith

  • $20,715- 209 Olyvia Drive- JED LLC to Lindow Contracting INC.


  • $10,000- 424 Parkside- Floyd and Lynn Klaus to Daniel B. Jones

  • $287,000- 1 Bullseye- David and Rachel Hampl to Steve and Gwenn Buesching

Wood River

  • $60,000- 532 South 9th Street- Jason C. Garner to Patrick and Cynthia Miller

  • $212,500- 212 Sage Creek Drive- Terry L. Allen and Cathy Allen to Matthew A. Newton and Kathryn M. Newton


  • $135,000- 3 Waikiki Drive- Robert R. Coppersmith Jr. and Kimberly M. Coppersmith to Justin Grider and Hope Grider

December 20, 2012


  • $115,000- 3408 McArthur Blvd.- Cecil J. Ledbetter to David L. Kinder


  • $21,300- 420 Sheridan- Larry K. and Marilyn S. Meisenheimer to Charles A. Ray


  • $53,500- 1511 California Avenue- Estate of Virginette Cannon to Sade Investments LLC

East Alton

  • $78,000- 462 Plainview Drive- Stephanie Kingston to Greg Kamp


  • $75,000- 3725 N. Arbor Lake- KJ Development LLC to Kevin H. Jones

Glen Carbon

  • $138,000- 26 Oakdale Lake- William D. Paterson to PSKT Partnership

  • $129,900- 207 Glenlake Dr.- Karen M. Knabe and Daniel Knabe to Eriberto Guzman


  • $65,000- 1213 Winter Lane- Cynthia K. Medford to Ron Burns

  • $22,000- 5906 Rosebud Lane- Bethcor INC. to Comfort Homes INC.


  • $38,000- 814 Cypress Street- David G. and Danette K. Daiber to Robert A. Fischer

  • $200,000- 2825 & 2838 Final Dr. and Trestle Rd.- Great Land Development INC. to David and Therese Korte

  • $238,000- 4853 Cedar Springs Drive- Brandon W. Potthoff to Laura & V.C. Boulicault

  • $100,000- 1413 Olive Street- LAverna Ammann to Teresa M. Poss


  • $155,000- 2401 Copper Creed Rd.- John H. Vincent and Peggy E. Vincent to Aaron Hoback and Kathryn Hoback


  • $142,500- 523 Mockingbird St.- Todd Lindow to Michael F. Pingsterhaus and Nancy J. Pingsterhaus

  • $195,000- 207 Bristol Drive- David L. Lauer, Tami Lauer, and Brandi L. Lauer to Kevin Bush and Robin Bush

December 21, 2012


  • $61,000- 921 Logan Street- Jennifer Reazer to Anthony J. Black

  • $62,000- 2130 State St.- The Estate of Lenora Aughenbaugh to Willliam Henry Stewart

  • $37,500- 2118 Johnson- Amax G Corp. to Christian Masiero

  • $94,400- 3548 Aberdeen Ave.- Dean Zimmerman and Linda Zimmerman to Megan L. McGuire


  • $69,500- 605 Arrowhead Drive- Home Federal Savings and Loan to Andrew Birch

  • $137,500- 584 Watch Hill Road- James Powers II to Bryan Crawford

  • $175,000- 1983 Mapleleaf Drive- Gary R. Dial and Peggy S. Dial to Maria L. Santos and Juan Santos

  • $547,440- W. Mill Creek Road- Roger H. and Eileeen L. Westfall to John L. Sedlacek and Linda A.F. Sedlacek

  • $130,000- 380 Bethel Road- Madeline Weil to Gail F. Declue

  • $138,000- 305 Monticello Dr.- James R. Grobmeier and Michiko Grobmeier to Daniel Crivello and Lynnette Crivello

  • $69,000- 929 Vivian- Joan Ann Luebbers to Sarah L. Gibson


  • $262,500- Renken Rd.- Wilma L. Renken to Sandra M. Balsters


  • $85,000- 425 Aldrup Street- Barbara L. Sisson to Charles W. Meadge III and Amanda Meadge

  • $159,000- 821 Ann Street- Meridian Construction Services INC. to Joseph M. Allaria and Jaqueline M. Hoffman

  • $395,000- 3329 Karros Court- Ethan A. Flint and Lauren T. Flint to Stephen A. Earnhart and Joanne M. Earnhart

  • $45,000- 316 Shea Court- Sean Feco and Cheryl Feco to Matthew L. Feldmann and Kristen E. Feldmann

Glen Carbon

  • $200,000- 6560 Athens Drive- Timothy J. Byrnes and Rachel N. Byrnes to Shadrack G. Msengi and Neema Msengi

  • $2,993,087- 4804 State Route 159- Southwestern Illinois Health Facilities INC. to Anderson Real Estate LLC

Granite City

  • $21,500- 2825 Edwards Street- Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to 2012100158092825 Trust


  • $156,790- State Route 111- Gregory Farrell to Helmkamp Construction Co.


  • $406,000- US Highway 40- Anne Marie Molloy to Victor Munie and Karen Munie


  • $10,000- 1228 State St.- James Riskovsky to Kris Riskovsky


  • $698,580- Marine Road- Kent Messmer and Kay Kessinger to Don Becker and Russell Becker


  • $95,000- 2664 Staunton Road- Scott H. Pratt to Richard O. Robinson III and Lisa Vezzoli

  • $255,000- 93 West Lake Drive- Richard W. Schaubert and Lorna L. Schaubert to Dennis O. Westfall and Cynthia A. Westfall


  • $159,220- W. Frontage Rd.- Engelke INC. to Grandview Farms LP

  • $57,000- 413 Park St.- Kathy Lynn Gillihan to Brett Gillihan

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