December 17, 2012


  • $227,362- 410 Sherman Street- Town’s Edge Car Wash INC. to Super Wash INC.

  • $60,000- 840 Wilshire Dr.- Heirs and Legatees of John W. Lawrence Jr. to David Kronk

  • $200,000- 2626 Meridian Lake Drive- Federal National Mortgage Association to Jan V. Fiss and Marsha Weston

  • $142,000- 186 St. Sabre Drive- Keith Schell and Mary Dahm Schell to Matthew Lanter

  • $149,613- 2645 Cedar Grove Drive- Fulte Homes of St. Louis LLC to Joseph R. Becholdt

  • $49,000- 28 Kirby Lane- Federal National Mortgage Association to Chris Word

  • $132,000- 3011 South Illinois Street- Amy Lynn Siebert and Raymond C. Asbridge to Jason R. Sprengel

  • $180,000- 1401 S. 74th Street- Pierron Technologies LLC to Keith Anderson

  • $75,000- 110 Mascoutah Ave.- Associated Bank to The Nucleus: Training Center LLC

  • $115,000- 24 Woodside Drive- Steven R. Sperry and Kathy A. Sperry to Judith R. Lockhart


  • $32,000- 32 Fox Meadow Lane- HSBC Mortgage Services to Gregory and Reyna Harmon


  • $78,150- 3 Claydale Place- Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Peggy Russell, Jeffrey Baer, and Donna Baer


  • $32,000- 115 South 3rd Street- Dortha Mae Adams Estate to Russell A. Walster

East St. Louis

  • $6,500- 7402 State Street- Bobby Henderson to Tiaa M. Harris


  • $104,000- 201 Urbanna Drive- Vanessa Peterson to John Garland


  • $30,000- 10057 U.S. Highway 50- Estate of Allan C. Viguerie to William J. Muench


  • $38,000- 412 S. Main Street- Evelyn Matson to Forrest G. Matson and Patricia Matson



  • $75,000- 5950 State Route 4- Carol A. Wier, Administrator of the Estate of Esper Karly Howard to Foxfire Landtrust

  • $135,000- 10070 Jefferson Road- Thelma J. Cameron to Bret M. Rasch Sr. and Susan D. Rasch


  • $157,500- 839 M & O Station Road- Cave Creek Properties INC. to Jeanne Crain-Sorgea


  • $83,744- 700 Eric Run Drive and 1307 Keck Ridge Drive- LeAnn Ozler to LF & Son Construction LLC

  • $175,000- 651 West Highway 50- Easy Street Auto Wash INC. to Keith Anderson


  • $84,000- 1605 North 16th Street- Steven and Glenn Mueller to Chester R. Noble and Theresa I. Noble

  • $366,555- 1027 Barteau Drive- Homes by Design INC. to Richard Ireland and Karen Ireland

December 18, 2012


  • $126,700- 2505 Chippendale Drive- David T. McKnight and Gail L. Reich-McKnight to Cartus Corp.

  • $127,000- 2505 Chippendale Drive- Cartus Corporation to Diane Earhart and Stephen King

  • $166,500- 2646 Meridian Lake Drive- Joshua T. Terry and Julie K. Terry to Briana M. Coffer and Craig S. Coffer

  • $63,000- 128 & 130 Kensington Road- The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod Foundation to Jeffrey M. Fludo and Michele D. Fludo

  • $36,500- 1903 North 17th Street- The Bank of New York Mellon to Mohammed R. Adil

  • $109,000- 719 Country Meadow Ln.- Tygracon Properties INC. to Sherman and Destiny Cox-Ellington

  • $106,000- 2900 Frank Scott Parkway, Suite 936A- Steven M. and Mary Ellen Hoffman to Copper Bend Family Dental Corporation

  • $20,500- 1813 Page Avenue- Ruby Buettner to Groves Investments

  • $13,500- 2054 Woodsong Way- GS-RE Holding LLC to MLP Real Estate Acquisitions LLC

  • $80,000- 2024 West A Street- Julia Elizabeth Kostelac to Lindenwood University


  • $25,719- 29 St. Ambrose Dr.- Home Solutions Partners IV REO LLC to Transportation Alliance Bank INC.


  • $58,850- 100 Blackwolf Run Ct.- Steven Lidisky and Kelli Lidisky to Diamante Capital LLC

Fairview Heights

  • $73,000- 217 Candlelight Drive- Daniel and Jo Ann Fineran to Daniel Harms

  • $40,000- 112 Susan Court- The Mary Ann Pospehil Living Trust to The Minisky Land Trust


  • $35,000- 10130 Hickory Hollow Road- Gloria J. Monroe to James Bailey and Diane Bailey


  • $175,000- 37 Josiah Lane- Vericrest Financial INC. to Dustin G. Trankle and Nicole Trankle


  • $189,000- 1102 Buran Drive- Luke H. Burke and Carolyn Sue Burke to Robert R. Cylkowski Jr.

  • $225,380- 1200 Pepperidge Drive- Intercounty Judicial Sales to Secretary of HUD

  • $185,000- 1105 Creekside- David M. Iacono to Benjamin L. Sewell


  • $40,000- 205 Kay Street- Fannie Mae to Jason Smith


  • $226,900- 4118 Knab Road- D&F Contracting INC. to Jeremy R. Sherman and Renee L. Sherman


  • $102,500- 32 Meta Drive- Rita M. Bauer Trust to Dean and Margaret Powers


December 19, 2012


  • $80,579- 221 Big Bend Blvd.- Federal National Mortgage Association to Brian A. Welsch and Rona L. Welsch

  • $535,000- 501 Lake Christine Drive- Maria A. Luehder to Charles L. Joley

  • $12,500- 19 S. 56th St.- Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Chris Abatgis


  • $1,500- 129 Art- Linda Dunham to Jose Zarco

Fairmont City

  • $10,000- 2854 44th Street- Billy J. O’Dell Jr. to Oscar A. Roman and Alma G. Roman


  • $10,069- Jacks Run Road- Clement J. Wittenauer to John K. Stein and Stacy A. Stein

  • $199,388- Jacks Run Road- Susan J. Wilkinson, Cecilla M. Coller, Annamay A. Feurer, Rita C. Huch, Regina L. Dobbs, and Timothy Wittenauer to John K. Stein and Stacy A. Stein

  • $15,902- Jacks Run Road- Clement J. Wittenauer to Vernon L. Hamm Jr.

  • $314,901- Jacks Run Road- Susan J. Wilkinson, Cecilla M. Coller, Annamay A. Feurer, Rita C. Huch, Regina L. Dobbs, and Timothy Wittenauer to Vernon L. Hamm

  • $149,800- 18 Commerce Dr.- Robert L. Hang to Jerry Trent


  • $44,300- 9661 Weatherby Street- AKS Developments LLC to Kappert Construction Co. INC.

  • $44,300- 9671 Weatherby Street-  AKS Developments LLC to Kappert Construction Co. INC.


  • $119,000- 706 Country Oaks Lane- Brian C. Hum and Amber Hum to Sylvester McWherter and Phyllis McWherter


  • $64,200- 1106 North 17th Street- Jamal Mahmood and Fatmeh Matmood to Jameel I Mahmood

December 20, 2012


  • $11,100- 609 E Garfield- Deutsche Bank to Bat Holdings Two LLC

  • $415,000- 306 W. Eaters Edge Drive- CitiMortgage INC. to Mark Keel and Carolyn Keel


  • $8,250- 251 Saint John Drive- Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Dawn Crisp

East St. Louis

  • $20,000- 21st and Broadway- Curtis Paradise to Terminal Railroad Association

Fairview Heights

  • $87,000- 9540 Holy Cross Road- Edward A. Frawley Sr. and Edward A. Frawley Jr. to Tyler D. Mattmiller


  • $20,906- Heron Cove- Clement J. Wittenauer to Edward J. Wittenaur and Benjamin E. Wittenauer

  • $414,004- Heron Cove- Susan J. Wilkinson, Cecilla M. Coller, Annamay A. Feurer, Rita C. Huch, Regina L. Dobbs, and Timothy Wittenauer to Edwards J. Wittenauer and Benjamin E. Wittenauer


  • $90,000- 501 W. Mill Street- Earl S. Shondy to Helen M. Vigna


  • $283,300- 1116 Hightower Place- Homes by Design INC. to Gary R. Dial and Peggy S. Dial

  • $129,000- 408-410 Nancy Drive- Ironman Holdings LLC to Justin Reno


  • $175,000- 11205 Old US Route 50- William L. Wichern to George W. Obernagel III

December 21, 2012


  • $24,798- 13 Fenwood Drive- HSBC Mortgage Services INC. to Donald and Suezette Kniepkamp

  • $27,500- South Belt West and South Second Street- Commerce Bank to IOFFII Belleville LLC

  • $20,000- 124 N. 82nd Street and 304 St. Kevin Dr.- Bank of O’Fallon to Jeremy J. Hodgson

  • $110,500- 2003 Llewellyn Road- Dana Blue to Diana Kaye Regh

  • $18,299- 521 East B Street- Deutsche Bank to Allison L. Babcock and David F. Nagle

  • $80,000- 912 Wabash- Arlow Lowe Trus to William R. Howell and Nancy A. Howell


  • $16,000- 16 Delores Drive- CAC Investments LLC to Robinson Realty LLC

East Carondelet

  • $37,900- 110 N. 10th Street- William Cotton and Carolyn Cotton to Carol E. Palmer

East St. Louis

  • $1,612,478- 2318 State Street- Family Dollar INC. to Realty Income Properties 18 LLC

Fairview Heights

  • $29,000- 2011 Minter- Federal National Mortgage Association to Eric N. Huff


  • $127,000- 205 North Walnut Street- Joseph and Kristin Robarge to Joseph and Kelly Boyle


  • $65,000- 10941 Town Hall Road- Scott and Lydia Foushee to Trevor and Kelly Whitaker

  • $65,000- 9624 Teal Court- Brent C. Bergheger and Kim D. Bergheger to Brian P. Rongey and Stacey A. Rongey


  • $127,500- 703 West Harrison Street- Verna L. Martin and Diana L. Sorce to Deborah H. Meise

New Athens

  • $170,000- 870 New Baldwin Road- KLP Development LLC to Casey’s Retail Company


  • $170,000- 334 Moultrie Lane- Anthony T. Hart and Denise A. Hart to Scott A. Smith

  • $147,000- 704 Titan Drive, Bldg 15, Unit 96- H & L Builders LLC to Linda Walker


  • $212,350- 4911 Cobblefield Pass- John S. Fulford and Calista Fulford to Dwight D. Espenschied and Megan R. Espenschied

  • $86,000- 110 East Fischer Street- Brenda and Ronald Reuss to Katie A. Reaka


  • $238,000- 6 Bronze Pointe- Regions Bank to H & S Properties 001 LLC

Washington Park

  • $4,000- 2322 North 48th Street- Robert McCartney and Elsie McCartney to Jimmy J. Leezy

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