A man claims he lost his job as a security officer after his ex-wife allegedly made false, libelous statements against him.

Dominic C. Dunnavant filed a lawsuit Sept. 6 in St. Clair County Circuit Court against Carolyn A. Dunnavant.

In his complaint, Dominic C. Dunnavant alleges his ex-wife accused him in an emergency order of protection of uttering many violent statements.

Alleged threats Carolyn A. Dunnavant alleges Dominic C. Dannavant to have made include: "I will kill you, your son and your sister; Let's die like Romeo and Juliet. Our love will last in the eyes of God; I am going to enjoy killing you; How do you want to die wife -- do you want me to strangle you, stab you or just shoot you in the heart?; How are you enjoying breathing your last few hours? Time is near, my wife."

However, Dominic C. Dunnavant contends he made none of the statements. Instead, Carolyn A. Dunnavant created the fictitious statements, according to the complaint.

Because of Carolyn A. Dunnavant's accusations, Dominic C. Dunnavant lost his job as a security official in the St. Louis area, the suit states. Since then, Dominic C. Dunnavant has experienced substantial difficulties in obtaining alternate security work, the complaint says.

"Carolyn A. Dunnavant has misused legal proceedings, namely the function of an Emergency Order of Protection, in that she had an ulterior purpose or motive, namely to intimidate or embarrass Dominic C. Dunnavant by hauling him into court by use of statements she made to herself by creating online accounts to not only conceal her identity, but also attribute said statements to Dominic C. Dunnavant when he made no such statements," the complaint says.

Because of Carolyn A. Dunnavant's actions, Dominic C. Dunnavant claims he suffered damage to his reputation.

In his three-count complaint, Dominic C. Dunnavant seeks compensatory damages of more than $150,000 and punitive damages of more than $150,000.

Dominic C. Dunnavant will be appearing pro se.

St. Clair County Circuit Court case number: 11-L-495.

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