Madison County Associate Judge Ellar Duff is the only one of 26 associate judges in Third and Twentieth Judicial Circuits who will not re-take her seat on the bench.

Duff failed to secure the votes needed from Madison County's nine circuit judges to serve another term as an associate judge.

The retention of her 25 colleagues in the two Metro-East circuits was announced Friday by the Administrative Office of the Illinois State Supreme Court.

The tallies of votes received by the associate judges are not made public.

A total of 378 associate judges around Illinois filed the paperwork needed to be re-appointed to their seats and were eventually retained.

Duff had received the lowest marks for meeting "the requirements of office," in a recent Illinois State Bar Association poll that examined its members' observations of their judges.

Duff received a rating of 77.01.

Duff presides over traffic, DUI, and domestic violence cases.

The rest of Madison County's judges were retained as were all of the associate judges in the Twentieth Circuit.

The retention of associate judges is determined by a vote of the circuit judges. A candidate for retention as an associate judge must get three fifths of the circuit judges' votes in order to remain on the bench.

The retained judges in the Third Judicial Circuit are:

Duane Bailey
Thomas Chapman
David Grounds
James Hackett
Clarence Harrison
Janet Heflin
Keith Jensen
Elizabeth Levy
Nelson Metz
Kyle Napp
Stephen Stobbs
Dean Sweet

The associate judges who will continue in their roles in the Twentieth Judicial Circuit are:

Laninya Cason
Julie Katz
Vincent Lopinot
Stephen Rice
Ellen Dauber
Randy Kelley
Zina Cruse
Heinz Rudolf
Brian Babka
Walter Brandon
Richard Aguirre
Andrew Gleeson
Eugene Gross

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