Madison County Chief Judge Ann Callis has ruled in favor of a number of O'Fallon School District #203's objections to discovery requests in a suit involving a former music teacher's sexual relationship with a teenager.

Callis found that plaintiff Jane Doe's requests for closed meeting minutes and recordings of such were not discoverable in litigation.

The chief judge also granted the school district's pleas for a protective order governing certain student records and personnel records.

Jane Doe is suing the O'Fallon school district and the O'Fallon Federation of Teachers along with former music teacher Matthew Lang.

The plaintiff alleges that the O'Fallon defendants concealed information about Lang's inappropriate relationships with students when officials from the Alton school inquired about Lang during a job hunt.

Lang was eventually hired by Alton and then had a sexual relationship with Jane Doe's teenage daughter.

Lang later pled guilty to criminal charges connected to that relationship.

O'Fallon has tried unsuccessfully to have the case moved to St. Clair County.

According to the orders Callis signed Friday, Jane Doe is not entitled to the closed meeting minutes and recordings.

Any personnel and student records produced must be disclosed in accordance with the applicable state laws.

The plaintiff is not allowed to re-disclose student records and must either destroy or return them at the end of the litigation.

In the case of the student records, parents or the student involved must be notified about the production.

The parents or student may object and production will be halted until the objection is resolved.

Callis also ruled on a motion to compel filed by Jane Doe.

The judge sustained objections to vague parts of the motion and modified some of the language.

A motion to dismiss the case filed by the O'Fallon teachers' union was continued.

All of the documents governed by the order are to be produced by March 4.

Thomas Falb represents Jane Doe.

James Craney represents the O'Fallon school district.

Chris Kolker represents the teachers union.

Lang does not have an attorney listed in the civil suit.

he case is Madison case number 09-L-886.

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