A plaintiff who won $100,000 from East County Transport in a retaliatory discharge case tried earlier this year in Madison County is asking for $130,000 in bond while the defense appeals the verdict.

Plaintiff Frank Cantlon is asking for the bond while East County's appeal of the verdict he won is with the appellate court in Mount Vernon.

East County has also asked that the enforcement of Cantlon's judgment be stayed until the appeal is decided.

Associate Judge Thomas Chapman is set to hear the motions Dec. 30 at 8:30 a.m.

Cantlon claims that he was fired after seeking workers compensation for a knee injury he suffered on the job.

East County argues that Cantlon was fired for not following proper drug screening procedures.

The suit was tried in June.

The jury awarded Cantlon $26,000 in lost wages and $36,000 in emotional distress damages. Jurors also added $36,000 in punitive damages to the verdict.

East County asked to have the verdict set aside in July.

Chapman denied the motion.

East County's notice of appeal was received by the Fifth District Dec. 1.

Michael Brunton represents Cantlon.

Stephen Mudge represents East County.

Chapman oversaw the June trial although the case was assigned to
Madison County Circuit Judge Dennis Ruth at that point.

Chapman has since been assigned the suit.

The case is Madison case number 06-L-435.

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