Another hearing is set in the settlement of a personal injury suit against Raging Rivers of Grafton.

This time, Madison County Circuit Judge Barbara Crowder has ordered the parents of the injured boy, Wendy and Eric Kerr, to show cause as to why they failed to show up for two previous settlement hearings.

The Kerrs were initially to appear at an April 29 hearing on
the approval of their $30,000 settlement with the water park.

The Kerrs' son, Gage Kerr, injured his mouth on a water slides in 2006.

Another defendant in the suit, Vaughn Pools Inc., settled last year.
Two other defendants in the case, H. Adams Development Co. and E.W. Development, have not entered appearances in the suit.

The Kerrs did not appear at the April settlement approval hearing and they again failed to show up May 10.

The Kerrs also failed to produce their son. Crowder entered an order requiring that April 29.

After the Kerrs did not appear at the May 10 hearing, the judge entered an order requiring them to show cause for their no-shows or face contempt of court sanctions.

The next hearing in the case is June 2 at 9 a.m.

The plaintiffs are represented by Thomas and Peter Maag.

Raging Rivers is represented by James Craney and others.

Attorney James Drazen serves as guardian ad litem for Gage Kerr.

The case is Madison case number 08-L-521.

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