Two Beckemeyer residents have filed suit against a bar in their neighborhood, alleging the bar is attracting unwanted visitors to the area who make loud noise throughout the night.

Gary L. Reimund Jr. and Amie R. Reimund say patrons at Main Street Saloon have interfered in the couple's ability to enjoy their house, where they have lived for more than five years.

Because of the way Main Street markets itself, many young adults are drawn to the bar, resulting in "nuisance or unreasonable activities or conditions occuring on and beyond the boundaries of the property," states the complaint filed May 14 in Clinton County.

Bar patrons are also trespassing on the Reimunds' property, they say.

"That the operations of the Main Street Saloon result in excessively loud noise, cussing and/or altercations in the streets," the complaint says.

In addition, the operation of the bar is extremely dangerous, the suit states.

"By drawing large crowds of young people, including from outside the Beckemeyer area, and appealing to matters which stimulate them, including in regard to drinking, raucous behavior, and basically partying inside and outside Main Street Saloon until the early hours of the morning, these patrons who have been drinking and/or may be under the influence of alcohol, and who may not live in the Beckemeyer area, then have to return to their homes or other locations possibly in a physical, emotional and/or mental state, which is not conducive to the safety and the well-being of others, including of the general population of Clinton County," the suit states.

Although the Reimunds have voiced their complaints to the Beckemeyer Police Department, city councilmen and the mayor of Beckemeyer, nothing has been done to remedy the situation, according to the complaint.

The couple believes conflicts of interest between the Beckemeyer Police Department, the Beckemeyer mayor and Main Street Saloon may be the reason for their reluctance to cure the problem.

The Reimunds are requesting the court grant a temporary restraining order, preliminary injunction and, eventually, a permanent injunction ordering the saloon to take remedial measures to reduce the noise coming from the bar into the surrounding neighborhood.

Edward J. Blake Jr. of Blake and Allen in Belleville will be representing them.

Clinton County case number: 09-CH-28.

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