One of the top five lawyer ads "that make any Supreme Court candidate look brilliant" is a St. Louis-based Brown & Crouppen commercial, according to Esquire magazine.

"Ah, the dramatic walk-in-stride-down-a-hallway-three-abreast-while-exchanging-Charlie's-Angels-inspired-banter scene minus the spandex spin kicks and signature cleavage," writer Steven Yaccino observes in a May 18 article. "Though there's probably a man-boob under there somewhere."

Yaccino ranked the Brown & Crouppen commercial, "The Good Guys," third on the list after the "Hammer" who empathizes with victims of everyday life and the "Bitter" divorce lawyer whose ad earns distinction as "tackiest ever."

While the lawyer commercials "have escaped the local echo chamber for YouTube immortality (where they will continue to garner zero interest from clients)," Yaccino points out that some potential candidates to replace Supreme Court Justice David Souter could face confirmation problems because of video clips and archived articles.

For example, he points to federal appeals judge Sonia Sotomayor who says on camera that appellate courts make policy. Yaccino also refers to constitutional law professor and Obama advisor Cass Sunstein who stated the Clinton White House wanted to authorize wiretapping.

"Unfortunately, we couldn't unearth the self-promotional clip in which Elena Kagan drives a forklift while promising to lift the U.S. Constitution to new heights if President Obama appoints her to the high court," Yaccino wrote. "But if such a video was filmed and a crew member was injured on site, well, you can bet one of these five guys will be chasing his ambulance."

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