First time voter Anthony Parker, III, an African American from Cahokia, decided this morning to vote for John McCain.

"I did not make up my mind until I woke up this morning," the college freshman said while leaving the Camp Jackson Fire Department after placing his vote near 2:30 p.m.

Parker is attending St. Louis University and said he voted for McCain because he is pro-life.

"I struggled emotionally with this because I really wanted to vote for Obama," Parker said.

"But, I believe if I vote for him, I would be sinning because of my religious beliefs."

"I guess I am in the one percent of blacks who did not vote for him."

Parker said some day he hopes to run for public office. He is not sure what his major will be, but is certain he wants to be in public service.

"I have always thought I would run for some public office," Parker said. "Some day I will."

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