Woman sues over bus injury

By Steve Gonzalez | Sep 8, 2008

A woman injured while exiting a Madison County Transit (MCT) bus has filed a personal injury suit, alleging the driver closed the bus doors on her while exiting.

Mattie Walker Bennett alleges she was exiting the bus at the Granite City Terminal on May 24, when she was pinned by the doors, which had closed before she was able to exit.

She filed the suit on Aug. 22, in Madison County Circuit Court.

"That Defendant, in operating a public transit system, is charged with exercising the highest degree of care, consistent with the mode of conveyance used in the practical operation of its business as a common carrier by bus," the complaint alleges.

Bennett alleges MCT was negligent by:

  • failing to provide a safe means of egress onto the bus;

  • closing the door on her before she cleared its threshold;

  • failing to provide assistance to passengers exiting the bus; and

  • failed to warn passengers that the door was closing.

    She claims the doors closing on her caused injuries to her chest, neck, shoulders and left hand which caused and continues to cause pain of the body and mind, medical expenses and lost earnings.

    Bennett is seeking a judgment against MCT in a sum less than $50,000, plus costs of the suit.

    She is represented by Samuel Mormino, Jr., of Mormino, Velloff, Edmonds & Snider in Alton.

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